2nd antimilitaristic Counsel


Already 4 times the “war-starts-here-Camps” has taken place in the Altmark: the several day lasting gathering under the slogan “war starts here” was a try to make the Army`s Combat Training Center (GÜZ) as a place of war preparation, more visible and to break through in discussions and actions the military Normality. In addition is the work of the regional “BI Offene Heide”.


We decided to keep up with this continuity and want to give the possibility in this war-starts-here-Camp 2016 of diverse and necessary Action against militarisation and warmongering. If you are interested to prepare and help organizing this discussion and action Camp, we invite you to the organisational meeting:


Welcome to the 2nd antimilitaristic Counsel

for a war-starts-here-camp 2016 at GÜZ

at December 12th + 13th in Magdeburg


It should be not a copy of the old camps - gatherings are anyway not possible to copy. At the first Counsel we had intensive discussions like the fact, that many people coming from war zones have arrived in Germany, which might affect the character of this camp. Many ideas about for example war, power, economy and migration and their relations and connection to each other were exchanged. We did not - of course - finish this discussion. We want to continue it at the next meeting and hope that you and many others will enrich these discussions.


About the last composition you could say: we are people of different views, kinds of discussion culture and action spectrum. It might be hard, but it can also be amplifying. It is important for us, to get out and antagonize our learned patterns of thoughts and behaviour of racism, sexism and many more. We would be happy, if this Camp in the Altmark is a place, which is not only for anti-militaristic engaged people, but also for people of the left spectrum, who are working to the topic of migration.


Until now we talked at our meetings in German. We can extend this. English is always possible spontaneously. If you use another main spoken language, please inform us previously, so we can organize a translation. If possible, it would be helpful if you could already bring a person, who can translate in your language.


Does it interest you and is possibly a field you want to work on? Or further: do you know interested people? Do they need translation? Do you want to translate? Do you have questions? Or do you want to apply?


When: Dec. 12th from 12 h to 18 h + Dec. 13th from 9 h to 13 h

Where: Rooms of “BUND Sachsen-Anhalt” , Olvenstedter Straße 10 , 39108 Magdeburg


Sleeping places and food will be organized (working with donation).

Please get in touch with: info@war-starts-here-camp-2015.org
pgp-key at http://www.war-starts-here-camp-2015.org/index.php/kontakt.html