Indymedia linksunten defends itself


It's now the sixth year of movement since Indymedia linksunten first started documenting radical politics. Be it in the refugee policy in Berlin or in climate protests at Hambacher Forst, against Hooligans in Cologne or racists in Dresden, in the uncovering of a police spy in Hamburg years after her deployment – linksunten is always present right at the spot because you are.


Next January once again one of the largest annual Nazi rallies will take place in Magdeburg and we will support the protests on the 17th with bilingual breaking news, as we used to in the past. In order to stay online on days like these, linksunten is protected from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) by the Deflect network since 06.12.2014. The move has been triggered by a DDoS attack on the 28.09.2014 which caused to be unavailable for 20 hours. The friendly Deflect collective, based in Montreal in Canada, is operating a world-wide network of cache servers that buffer requests to websites like Indy linksunten. This allows many more simultaneous requests, and DDoS attacks will gain no traction. Furthermore, the caching network will speed up frequently requested pages and relieve the pressure on the main server.


But Indymedia linksunten is not only attacked online. We do not invite to public meetings anymore after our last publicly announced meeting [i13] at the end of January 2014 in the autonomous centre KTS Freiburg was designated to be video surveilled, presumably by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). But we are thinking about new ways to get in touch with you.


Unfortunately, not only repression is a matter of fact, but also capitalism. Our infrastructure is not for free. The web server, the search server, the bandwidth, the Indymedia domain – all of this costs much money. We depend on your support: let it be private donations, a fund-raising public kitchen or a benefit party event: Indymedia lives through your participation and your support!


Soyons solidaires. !


Indymedia linksunten
Communiqué from 25.12.2014