Join the rally against deportation: “Stop the deportations! Fight fortress Europe!”

Kein Mensch ist illegal

On Tuesday, the 09th of December 2014, there will be again a mass deportation at Baden-Airpark to Belgrade, Serbia. At the 18th of November 2014, 54 people were deported against their will by airplanes starting from Baden-Airpark. This racist law enforcement against refugees is not acceptable. Stop deportations! United against the fortress Europe! 


Deportations of refugees from Baden-Airpark

For many years, people are deported to their countries of origin after their asylum request has been rejected several times a year from Baden-Airpark (airport Karlsruhe / Baden).


The German Deportation practice is a terrible and unreasonable demand for the refugees and comes equal to a second persecution! People are caught unannounced in the middle of the night at their shelter and are taken into detention against her will, optionally also under physical duress. Thereby, all procedures are organized in a way that it is hidden from the public gaze. Accordingly, deportations often take place in the early hours of a morning during working days. The responsible governmental office (Regierungspräsidium 8) in Karlsruhe and the reception camp for refugees (Landeserstaufnahmestelle für Flüchtlinge) at Durlacher Allee 100 are unwilling to share information and details of impending deportations with the public. Also affected refugees are usually informed only at very short notice or are even not informed at all.


Circumvention of asylum law and of the European freedom of movement

In 1993, In reaction to the pogroms, especially in Rostock-Lichtenhagen, Hoyerswerda and Mölln, the right to asylum has been abolished in fact in Germany. The recent change in still follow the same logic, e.g. the re-assessment of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia as “safe countries of origin’ or the further tightening of asylum law which allows now to held nearly all refugees in detention when they arrived in Germany by an overland route, arguing for with a so called pending deportation. In addition, the residence rules as well as the European free movement have been undermined by the possibility of cuts in social services, work bans and entry locks.


The Green-Red Government contributes their part to this development and disregards the rights of refugees. Shortly after the inauguration, the deportation stop during winter times was lifted off. Recently, this government agreed on the to the so-called asylum compromise. Today, refugees have barely a chance to be granted asylum in Germany. On the contrary, mostly they experience more trauma and stigmatisation by trying to be recognized as a refugee. Often refugees live in wretched conditions constantly fearing an impending deportation back to war, poverty, persecution and death.


Currently approx. 12 000 refugees threatened by deportation

In Baden-Württemberg about 12 000 refugees, including many Roma, currently hold a tolerance status (Duldung) and are therefore threatened by deportation.
Since end of summer mass deportation regularly take place at the Baden-Airpark (26th September 30, 28.10, 18.11, 09.12.).


During the year 2011, 304 persons were deported from Baden-Airpark. In 2012, 301 persons were deportend and in 2013, 392 persons.

From Stuttgart Airport, 246persons were deported in 2011, 282 persons in 2012 and 447 persons in 2013. In 2014, the number of deportees will continue to increase.


Unlimited solidarity

We call for a rally and demonstration to express our solidarity with all refugees worldwide. We do not accept racist law enforcement in Germany nor in Europe any day longer! The classification of human beings in useful citizens and useless, worthless subjects is not acceptable for us.

We stand for the removal of all frontiers and the global freedom of movement for all people!

Stop all deportations – immediately!


There are no safe countries of origin! Whoever wants to come should come.
No human being is illegal!
No border, no nation!


Dec 9, 2014 | 6 pm Platz der Grundrechte