Notice of greek prisoners

Raus aus dem Knast!

On June 18, we - prisoners in all prisons - will begin a three-day abstention of our meals. This is only the beginning of the protest against the fascist measure of the prisons type C. The Ministry plans to set up a prison in the prison, one without rights, without visits, without wage labor, without the right to parole ... The purpose of the Ministry is not reformation, but revenge and punishment. If someones right for hope is taken, it is certain that this will not make him a better person. The prisons type C are not a high security prisons, they are prisons of the largest of all despair.


It is no coincidence that the Justice Department is trying to pass the bill in the summer so as not to face the reactions, not only of the prisoners, but also of all aware and sensitive people. The three-day abstention from our food rations is just the beginning. In the case of inflexibility on the part of the ministry and the government, our struggle will be fought with any means necessary, up to its peak. In Greece, the death penalty now is called prisons Type-C. We STRUGGLE and RESIST for DIGNITΥ PS In Greece of poverty and vulnerability, the only solution is solidarity among people. So we've decided that the food rations of the three days should be offered t for the homeless, the poor and the unemployed …