CasaPound and Neo-Fascism in Italy

with: Emma Gi, author of: Millenial Fascism. An anthropological Study on CasaPound Italia.

17.06.2014, 19.00 Antifa-café @DasBaeckerei, Tannengasse 1, 1150 Wien


CasaPound is a neofascist association spreading out in Italy since 2003, especially in the context of the economic crisis in in Italy. It defines itself as a representative of the “third millenium fascism” and refeers on the historic fascism in Italy in the stage of movement, before coming into power. Their Self-image is a national-revolutionary mass-movement „from below“.

Besides their political prapaganda they try to create an neo-fascist, pseudo-rebelious lifestyle. Therefore they use also left scene's traditional topics as squating, autonomous city-politics and anti-crisis protest. In serveral italian cities they have squats, bookstores, a theater, bars etc. They pretend to be rebelious and „non-conform“ (a term often used by CP). But behind the aura of rebellism, this association hides racism, nationalism, and violence. They agitate against everything that they do define as „not-italian“. Mostly migrants, but also leftist initiatives, are the goals of their direct violence. At the moment CasaPound is one of the most successful and dangerous neo-fascist organisations in europe. But there is also also resistance.