[Wien] Miete? Räumung? PizzA! - Demonstration - 05.02.2014

Miete? Räumung? PizzA! Demo 05.02.2014

On February the 5th the ultimatum for an optional move out is running out. We will not leave! That's why a demonstration is taking place on February 5th. At 4:00 pm we will meet up at the pizzeria. We will shed light on the background of our district and show examples along our demo route. As well, we will explain something about the methods of the real estate companies, city politics, and about the court.


We don't focus only on the Pizzeria, because we are not the only ones who are affected by the politics of speculation and displacement. Therefore we see this house more as a possibility to show practical actions against the right of property. While homelessness is getting more criminalized, the rent is growing higher. People get forced to pay rent because they don't have alternative options. Running fees cover maintenance, the rest is the profit of the real estate companies and houseowners. Living is a basic need and shouldn't be a product.




Should the eviction be enforced, the remaining tenants will unprotected to the terror and mental pressure of the owner Castella Gmbh again. That's also a reason why we will stay and defend our house together.


We cannot estimate the situation on Wednesday exactly, so we will be pleased if there are a lot of people join us also during the day (it is also possible to join the day before – we have enough space!) and support us. In general lots of things are happening in and around the house. Much fun and lots of work we want share with you. Information, how you can support us, you get at our blog or directly at the Pizzeria. Every Sunday a meeting for supporters is taking place at 5pm.

Every solidarity action is welcome on this day in every city and in every way!


Demonstration | Wednesday, 05.02.2014 | 4 pm | Pizzeria Anarchia


Pizzeria Anarchia
Mühlfeldgasse 12, 1020 Wien/Mazzes
pizza phone: +43 681 81 85 72 81