On the 5th of february our deadline to leave our house on our own is running out. We will not move! Therefore a demo is taking place at 4pm that day. Meeting point is the Pizzeria. We will explain the situation and will show you examples for the methods of real estate companies, but also the role of the city government and the courts on our demoroute.

If people would join us earlier that day (or even the days before, we have guestrooms!), we would be happy because we don't know what exactly to expect. A lot of stuff is happening in the pizzeria every day. A lot of work and a lot of fun, we'd love to share with you. Information about how you can help us you find on our blog: or directly at the pizza. Every sunday we organise a public supporters meeting, start at 5pm.


Spread the word! Haltet Augen und Ohren offen! Squat the world!

Demonstration - Mittwoch 05.12. / 16h - Pizzeria Anarchia, Mühlfeldgasse 12, 1020 Becs