Police provocations at the No Border camp

26.06.2009 4 pm - No Border Camp Calais

This is a short summary of the Friday, 26.06.2009 on the No Border camp.


Lots of things happen at the same time at different places so if you ve got something to add please write a comment.


Pictures | Video from the Police ath the Camp | Video from the Lock on action early in the morning | Pictures from IndyUK


Early in the morning one person locked himself to the town halls porch.

Unfortunatelly the police seems to be quite well prepared for this kind of actions and the person was cut off the door pretty soon.


At around 3 pm the police partially closed the camp and the entry was denied to activists and visitors.

An hour later more police forces arrived and some of the activists gathered.

The activists were chanting slogans like "No Border No Nation" "Police pour tout - Justice nulle pas" etc.


Until 7 pm there have not been seriouse confrontations. The migrants, who in big numbers participate in the camp, remain astonishingly relaxed. In fact they are the ones who are primarily threatened by the police presence.


At 9 pm about 20 activists tried to make a peacefull blocade on the highway right next to the camp. The police attaced them violently and shot tear gas on the camp. In the following minutes hundrets of police units showed up and blocked the highway for about an hour.


During the day  the radio started its transmission and the cinema is showing documentaries. People are playing soccer and a workshop about the situation in the detention camp and the No Border Camp in Lesvos took place. The kitchen provided awesome food for lunch and dinner and there have been uncountable meetings.


Thanks to all the Volunteers.


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it's "Police partout, justice nulle part" and means police everywhere and justice nowhere