From lucy to yser − linksunten is moving!

Gegen Spende

During the night preceding the 20th of February 2012, after three militant years, Indymedia linksunten has moved to a new server. We heartily thank our hosting collective May First/People Link and the radical tech collectives of Tachanka!, immerda, the Riseup birds and the techies of the Indymedia network. Indy linksunten would not exist without you! The hosting needs funding and Indymedia linksunten is dependent on your donations. As we don't have a bank account please donate directly to Tachanka!

We replaced linksunten's built-in search engine by an Apache Solr powered search on a dedicated server only after one and a half year. Now resides on a dedicated server and we can make use of the Alternate PHP Cache (APC) because "almost every one knows that running high traffic sites powered with PHP applications is impossible without a PHP op-code cache." And linksunten surely is a high-traffic website by now. That's why we switched to Pressflow and that's why we refactored our Varnish module. Vers beaux temps !

But we'd also like to thank you who shape linksunten's appearance with your reports and campaigns like nothing else. Whether the next Nazi rally has to be sabotaged or another house is squatted or yet another court case had to be monitored – all of this can be found on linksunten. Go on! And don't forget our fighting comrades in Greece: send gas masks to Athens!

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