[Wien/Bécs] David A. is in Coma

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Read and spread the word: On the night between 23rd and 24th of April, Dave A. encountered three workers of the Wiener Linien (local metro company) in Vienna Hütteldorf-Yard. He was attacked by them and hit with a heavy stone in the head, resulting in a fractured skull. Various injuries all over his body indicate that there has been a massive and brutal act of violence.


The attackers called the police. David was arrested and taken to the nearest police station where he was detained for two hours until they called the ambulance, which moved him to the hospital. He was immediatly transfered to the intensive care unit and placed in an artificially induced deep sleep. 


Since then our friend and collegue David A., 28 years old, father of a 2 years old daughter, is in coma. Four days after the attack he had a life saving surgery on his head. Henceforth he is in a more or less stable condition, but it is still too early to make any prognosis. His condition is yet to be described as very serious.

Where there is no justice, there is no freedom and where there is no freedom there is no justice.

Donations to cover legal costs, therapies and the costs for his rented flat would be
appreciated and can be transfered to the following account:

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