Server maintenance on Sunday and summary of technical issues

cable spaghetti

On Sunday morning the server hosting will be updated to the latest version of Debian GNU/Linux. The update to Squeeze is scheduled for the virtual server which hosts linksunten as the physical host has already been updated on the 15th of May.


We'd like to inform you about some technical problems of that occured during the last days and weeks:

  • A broken switch resulted in bandwidth problems and therefore speed problems during the last weeks. It was replaced in the computer centre in which the linksunten server resides.
  • On the 30th of May, the secondary DNS server of has been shut down without prior notice. This may have resulted in problems to load but problem should be solved by now as a new secondary DNS server has been set up.
  • On the 2nd of June the https certificate for * has been revoked without prior notice. The effect was that https was not working any more so we installed an intermediate self-signed https certificate until a new cacert certificate for is obtained.
  • Our Apache Solr search server was prone to stability problems due to sporadic overload. We have installed a monitoring system to automatically solve these issues when they occur.