Ticker: Stolberg 08./09.04.2011 (en)

09.03.2011 14:52 [linksunten] Indy linksunten will support the protest against the Nazi rally in Stolberg on the 8th and 9th April 2011 with a ticker
28.03.2011 14:12 [ST] Our overview article containing all hard facts is online
Overview Article Stolberg 2011
08.04.2011 13:58 [ST] Today it's time to demonstrate creatively against the Nazi "torch march. You can find the latest news on blockieren.mobi about today's actions
08.04.2011 17:43 [ST] Nazis from direction Cologne are currently at Cologne Central Station on platform 9
08.04.2011 17:54 [ST] First Nazis have left Cologne Central Station
08.04.2011 19:14 [ST] Around 100 Nazis are at Stolberg train station, around 60 at Mühlen train station
08.04.2011 19:50 [ST] Nazis from Stolberg train station are on their way back to Mühlen train station
08.04.2011 20:26 [ST] About 150 Nazis are starting to move from Mühlen train station
08.04.2011 20:43 [ST] Nazis are at Birkengangstr./Rhein-Nassau-Weg. Around 300 counter demonstrators at Birkengangstr./Görlitzer Str.
08.04.2011 21:00 [ST] Nazis now return
08.04.2011 21:21 [ST] Nazis arrive at Mühlen train station
08.04.2011 22:11 [ST] Nazis take the train at 22:07 from Mühlen train station
09.04.2011 09:14 [ST] A very good morning to you! The ticker is online from now on
09.04.2011 09:40 [ST] 250-300 antifascists are on to way from Aachen to Stolberg
09.04.2011 09:51 [ST] About 500 antifascists are on the way from Cologne to Stolberg
09.04.2011 10:07 [ST] There were police assaults in Eschweiler in the train coming from Cologne
09.04.2011 10:22 [ST] The train from Cologne ist still stuck in Eschweiler. Police are making trouble
09.04.2011 10:29 [ST] 5 Nazi cars are at McDonalds in Stolberg (Eisenbahnstr/Europastr). That's top right in grid square B6 on the map
09.04.2011 10:37 [ST] The train from Cologne that was held in Eschweiler arrived in Stolberg
09.04.2011 10:46 [ST] About 80-100 Nazis are in train RE 9 from Cologne, leaving Cologne main station at 10:47
09.04.2011 10:59 [ST] Pictures of Stolberg main station: http://twitpic.com/4imxpn and http://twitpic.com/4in7ls. Twitter Hashtags for today: #st42011 and #stolberg
09.04.2011 11:11 [ST] Around 80 Nazis coming from Cologne got off the train at Horrem and are without police, since cops and train continued. Around 20 Nazis at Düren main station
09.04.2011 11:30 [ST] Around 60-80 Antifas are at the railway tracks at Münsterbachstrasse and would be glad about support. That's B2 on the map
09.04.2011 11:38 [ST] It's possible to reach the Nazi route at Mühle/Eisenbahnstrasse. Map: C6
09.04.2011 11:40 [ST] A train with about 30 Nazis started from Cologne.
09.04.2011 11:43 [ST] A green minibus with Nazis (license plate: SU-VT 825) drove to Stolberg main station
09.04.2011 12:07 [ST] A bus filled with nazis that seems to be replacing a train started from Eschweiler
09.04.2011 12:12 [ST] Media (Aachener Zeitung): "Blockade in Stolberg: Rail Traffic Restricted" (in German)
Blockade in Stolberg: Bahnverkehr eingeschränkt
09.04.2011 12:14 [ST] There are 25 Nazi skinheads walking in Hasenclever street. (Map A2,A3)
09.04.2011 12:33 [ST] The Nazis appear to arrive via regional train at last
09.04.2011 12:37 [ST] A train with Nazis just departed in Eschweiler
09.04.2011 12:46 [ST] In Stolberg main station at platform 27 a "Euregio" train is ready for transit in direction Schneidmühle. Nazis from Aachen have already boarded
09.04.2011 12:55 [ST] The first "Euregio" train with Nazis has departed from Stolberg main station
09.04.2011 13:46 [ST] A small Antifa group is on the tracks south of station "Schneidmühle"
09.04.2011 13:50 [ST] The Nazis at train station Schneidmühle are being told the conditions for the demonstration, although some Nazis haven't arrived yet
09.04.2011 13:55 [ST] The rest of the Nazis at Stolberg main station enter a euregio train towards Schneidmühle
09.04.2011 14:00 [ST] The train with the Nazis at Stolberg main station started but there's a rail blockade at Münsterbach street (B2)
09.04.2011 14:01 [ST] The train with Nazis coming from Stolberg main station can't continue because of the rail blockade at Münsterbach street
09.04.2011 14:14 [ST] Antifascists try to break through at Bierweider street/Roderburgmühle (C6), the euroregio train continues now
09.04.2011 14:22 [ST] The first antifascists are on the nazi route to the north of "Auf der Mühle" (C6)
09.04.2011 14:31 [ST] Note: The legal team is available all the time. If nobody accepts the call someone's talking on the other line (There's no busy tone)
09.04.2011 14:39 [ST] At Salm street/Mühlener Ring (C7) mounted cops are confronting antifascists
09.04.2011 14:47 [ST] About 150 antifascists are encircled by cops at Mühlener Ring/Salm street (C7). The cops check passports
09.04.2011 14:50 [ST] The train with the last Nazis departed from Stolberg main station to Schneidmühle
09.04.2011 15:25 [ST] The Nazis still can't start
09.04.2011 15:42 [ST] There another phone number of the legal team that can be used: 0176-65411488
09.04.2011 16:00 [ST] The Nazis start from Stolberg Schneidmühle towards Eisenbahn street
09.04.2011 16:16 [ST] About 400 Nazis started from train station Stolberg Schneidmühle and currently they are at Eisenbahn street/Kohlbuschweg (B5)
09.04.2011 16:30 [ST] The Nazis will reach the scene of the crime (C6) in a flash
09.04.2011 17:25 [ST] The Nazis go back now
09.04.2011 17:29 [ST] The Nazis go back through Eschweiler street
09.04.2011 17:55 [ST] An antifascist blockade at Schneidmühle station is being cleared by cops at the moment
09.04.2011 18:20 [ST] There's a blockade of the rails south of Stolberg main station towards train station Stolberg Schneidmühle
09.04.2011 18:24 [ST] A lot of antifascists in front of Stolberg main station, the police ends a blockade of the rails after a short time
09.04.2011 19:14 [ST] The departure of the Nazis continues to delay
09.04.2011 19:26 [ST] The Nazis leave in buses of "ASEAG" towards Eschweiler
09.04.2011 19:29 [ST] The Nazis in the buses arrive Eschweiler
09.04.2011 19:36 [ST] Most the Nazis in Eschweiler leave towards Cologne, the rest leaves towards Aachen
09.04.2011 19:54 [ST] 30 Nazis left Stolberg main station towards Aachen
09.04.2011 20:18 [ST] Thanks a lot to all antifascists! The ticker says goodbye
12.04.2011 10:06 [ST] Addition 1: Nazi pictures were published by the left photo album
Fotos vom Naziaufmärschen in Stolberg (NRW)
12.04.2011 10:12 [ST] Addition 2: An Article concerning the protest against the nazi-deployments was published by the Infoteam
[German] Bericht zu den Protesten gegen die Naziaufmärsche in Stolberg am 8. und 9. April 2011