Ticker: Stuttgart 30.07.2010 (en)

22.07.2010 15:00 [S] Indymedia linksunten will support the protests against the Ceremonial oath of the Bundeswehr in Stuttgart on 30.07.2010 with a ticker
Gelöbnix Stuttgart
25.07.2010 12:35 [S] The "Eberhardt church", the very site of the oath of the Bundeswehr on Friday, is squatted peacefully since approx half an hour
[S] Gelöbnis-Kirche besetzt
25.07.2010 13:31 [S] The Priest of the St. Eberhard church banned the squatters from the church. Quote priest Brock: "I have authorised the oath of the Bundeswehr"
25.07.2010 14:03 [S] The priest issued an ultimatum: The church must be abandond by the squatters at 2 pm, if not the police is going to evict them
25.07.2010 14:18 [S] The eviction is starting right now. The Police is with at least 10 vans at the site
25.07.2010 14:22 [S] The 8 squatters do not resist to the police while getting pulled outside
25.07.2010 14:45 [S] Eviction completed, all squatters have been detained
25.07.2010 15:27 [S] The squatters are still in custody
[S] Gelöbnis-Kirche besetzt
25.07.2010 17:46 [S] Out of the 8 squatters the younger ones have been released only in companion with their parents. We're estimating that the older ones will be set free around 11 p.m.
28.07.2010 23:24 [S] All squatters from Sunday are free now
29.07.2010 17:56 [S] The Info-Phone is now available (+4915783592068)
30.07.2010 06:27 [S] The preparations for the oath begin at the "Schlossplatz"
Webcam pictures from the Schlossplatz
30.07.2010 07:15 [S] There is police presence at all access ways to the "Schlossplatz"
30.07.2010 07:33 [S] Infophone is availble from 8 am
30.07.2010 08:08 [S] Rallypoints "Holzstraße / Dorotheenstraße" (yellow) and "Palast der Republik" (green) are open now
30.07.2010 08:12 [S] Approx. 30 Soldiers at the "Karlsplatz"
30.07.2010 08:30 [S] Police removes banners at "Holzstraße". Reason: Call for illegal actions (block the oath)
30.07.2010 08:44 [S] 15 police officers at subway station "Charlottenplatz" (Dorotheenstraße/Holzstraße)
30.07.2010 08:53 [S] Undercover police agents at Holzstraße/Dorotheenstraße (Point Yellow)
30.07.2010 08:55 [S] approx. 50 Bundeswehr soldiers travelling in vans from Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt direction downtown Stuttgart
30.07.2010 08:55 [S] Cops are carrying out ID checks everywhere in downtown and at the main railway station
30.07.2010 09:23 [S] 4 motor-coaches, transporting soldiers and military police, just arrived at the "Karlsplatz" (Karl's square), near "Schlossplatz"
30.07.2010 09:31 [S] At "Karlsplatz", the meeting point of the soldiers next to the "Schlossplatz", restraining orders are issued
30.07.2010 09:44 [S] Police now issues restraining orders as well between Schloss- and Charlottenplatz
30.07.2010 09:47 [S] Police enforces intense controls at the main train station, if possible leave at other stations
30.07.2010 09:48 [S] From now on, please join the rally at the "Palast der Republik" (Point Green)
30.07.2010 10:03 [S] There are approx. 25 police vans in the tunnel between "Altem Schloss" and "Neuem Schloss" (Old Castle and New Castle, resp.)
30.07.2010 10:04 [S] Police are preventing demonstrants from leaving the rally point at "Palast der Republik" (Point Green)
30.07.2010 10:08 [S] Rally at "Palast der Republik" has been canceled. Demonstrants are allowed to leave two people at a time only
30.07.2010 10:12 [S] Current rally point for people who want to join in from now on: "Hotel Silber" at "Holzstraße/Dorotheenstraße" (Point Yellow)
30.07.2010 10:23 [S] There are skirmishes between demonstrants and police forces at "Holzstraße/Dorotheenstraße" (Point Yellow), as the demonstrants are not allowed to leave that rally point
30.07.2010 10:31 [S] 2 people got arrested at "Holzstraße/Dorotheenstraße" (Point Yellow). The remaining Demonstrants were dispersed by the police
30.07.2010 10:35 [S] The legal team states that two more people got arrested because of a pocket knife
30.07.2010 10:37 [S] Photograph: Soldiers and military police are gathering at "Karlsplatz"
Webcam shot direction Karlsplatz
30.07.2010 10:46 [S] The Police were dissuaded from taking video shots of the demonstrants at Point Yellow
30.07.2010 10:48 [S] The rally at Point Yellow is dissolving and moving downtown
30.07.2010 10:59 [S] After an unannounced demonstration to the church where the oath service is to take place, the church entrance is now blocked. Police are trying to push away the demonstrants
30.07.2010 11:10 [S] The church entrance is not blocked anymore, but secured by police. An unannounced demonstration is taking place in front of the church right now
30.07.2010 11:20 [S] Special police forces are deploying in front of the "St. Eberhardskirche" (St. Eberhard's church)
30.07.2010 11:26 [S] The unannounced demonstration has stopped at the main entrance to the "St. Eberhardskirche" (St. Eberhard's church); currently there are no demonstrants at the back entrance
Picture of the unannounced demonstration
30.07.2010 11:33 [S] At 12 (noon) there's a rally to take place at "Thouretstrasse"
30.07.2010 11:45 [S] the soldiers now march on the site for final rehearsal
30.07.2010 11:51 [S] The Police is partly interrupting the pedestrian traffic in the "Königsstraße" with barriers around the "Dresdner Bank". The car traffic is already blocked there.
30.07.2010 11:58 [S] The police tell the demonstrants in front of the "St. Eberhardskirche" (St. Eberhard's church) to disperse. There are strong polices forces around
30.07.2010 12:02 [S] The police closed in on the demonstration in front of the church
30.07.2010 12:07 [S] Police are taking action against the demonstrants; stores are closing down at "Königsstraße"
30.07.2010 12:10 [S] Special police forces are pushing away demonstrants towards the railway main station, which causes skirmishes
30.07.2010 12:13 [S] Sit-in protest in front of the church surrounded by police; the remaining demonstration (approx. 150 people) is being pushed away in direction "Mastallstraße"
30.07.2010 12:18 [S] People who want to observe the demonstration are facing restraining orders, issued by the police, for "Königsstraße"
30.07.2010 12:20 [S] Barricades have been set up on the soldiers' access route and military vehicles have been attacked
30.07.2010 12:25 [S] The unannounced demonstration is now partly surrounded by police in "Thouretstraße"
30.07.2010 12:26 [S] Picture: Dress rehearsal for the outh is currently taking place
Webcam picture: dress rehearsal
30.07.2010 12:27 [S] The peaceful sit-in protest is being dispersed violently by the police
30.07.2010 12:34 [S] The sit-in protest in front of the church is being evicted by means of tremendous violence. The participants are excluded by the police from any other rallies in town. Everyone's about to be ID checked
30.07.2010 12:40 [S] The soldiers are done doing the dress rehearsal and are moving back to "Karlsplatz".
30.07.2010 12:41 [S] The legal team states there have been lots of people arrested; exact countings are going to be published later
30.07.2010 12:47 [S] The police partly stopped kettling in "Marstallstraße", people can leave in direction "Königstraße"
30.07.2010 12:53 [S] There has been a battlesome unannounced demonstration along "Königstraße" up to the locked "Schlossplatz"
30.07.2010 12:55 [S] Skirmishes at "Bolzstraße", police want to evict the sit-in protest until 1 PM
30.07.2010 12:56 [S] Paramedics intervened at "Königsbau", the background's yet unclear
30.07.2010 12:58 [S] There have been additional arrests at "Bolzstraße"
30.07.2010 12:58 [S] The ambulance gathering point states there are 20-30 slightly injured persons, and counting
30.07.2010 13:04 [S] The aproposdetention cener is located behind the "Königsbau"
30.07.2010 13:07 [S] 60 to 70 people gathered in front of the aproposdetention center and demand the the demonstrants being releaed. Special police forces are deploying
30.07.2010 13:10 [S] The sit-in in front of the church is now completely dispersed
30.07.2010 13:12 [S] The recruits are marching into the church, undisturbed
30.07.2010 13:18 [S] While the soldiers are entering the church, the Samba band is playing withing the recruits' earshot
30.07.2010 13:22 [S] The police office in charge interrupts the welcoming speech at the "GelöbniX" rally and forces the speaker to read aloud the assembly requirements and police orders; and threatens to shut down the microphone if he won't comply
30.07.2010 13:47 [S] The Info phone states at least 60 have been arrested so far
30.07.2010 13:54 [S] The current situation is rather unexcited; the activists are gathering at "Schloßplatz"
30.07.2010 14:24 [S] The soldiers are gathering at the "Schlosshof" (castle courtyard), the vistor-stages get crowded
30.07.2010 14:58 [S] 150 people at the state museam (at "Schillerplatz") are making noise to disturb the outh
30.07.2010 15:01 [S] One can get as close as 100 meters to where the outh is to take place. There are ID checks at the entrance
30.07.2010 15:02 [S] The outh has started. Vuvuzelas are being used against the military marches
30.07.2010 15:13 [S] The spectators can hardly understand anything of the speeches being held; the protest is vociferous
30.07.2010 15:18 [S] Photograph: The outh is under way
Webcam picture: The outh is under way
30.07.2010 15:32 [S] The Samba band has been temporarily arrested behind the castle; their instruments have been confiscated
30.07.2010 15:39 [S] The members of the Samba group, against which restraining orders had already been issued, are now being arrested. The remaining members are now facing restraining orders, issued by the police
30.07.2010 15:41 [S] The national anthem is being sung. The DFGVK (German freedom association) states that up to 1000 people are participating in the protest rally
30.07.2010 16:00 [S] Photograph: Soldiers are ... clowns!
find the picture here
30.07.2010 16:01 [S] VuvuzelatröterInnen werden von Polizisten belästigt, sie sollen mit dem "Lärm" aufhören
30.07.2010 16:02 [S] The recruits are moving off squad-wise and are being yelled at: "Murderers!"
Webcam picture: Withdrawing recruits
30.07.2010 16:11 [S] According to the legal team, there are currently still 67 people behing held captive by the police; partly in Wasenwache, partly in Hahnemann. They will be kept arrested until 6 PM, at least
30.07.2010 16:17 [S] A black bloc of approx. 50 to 80 persons is moving along "Marienstraße" direction "Schlossplatz"; they carry flares with them
30.07.2010 16:24 [S] The black bloc has dispersed, leaving back somewhat irritated police officers
30.07.2010 16:28 [S] A 15-year-old has been arrested for supposedly insulting
30.07.2010 16:29 [S] The police are doing increased ID checks in the downtown district, and they are very nervous
30.07.2010 16:31 [S] Police are running an increased number of ID checks again, please take care
30.07.2010 16:44 [S] Several persons have been arrested at "Rotebühlplatz", take care
30.07.2010 17:50 [S] The legal team announces 70 people have been taken into custody
30.07.2010 17:55 [S] Police states 500 took part in today's demonstrations
30.07.2010 18:38 [S] captives are released one after another; they are all being recorded (fingerprints, photograph, etc.)
30.07.2010 20:02 [S] All prisoners are released by now; it had been 77 altogether
30.07.2010 20:08 [S] Thanks to everyone for supporting us and the protest! This news ticker is shutting down now. Have a nice day