Ticker: Dresden 07.06.2014 (en)

28.05.2014 22:51 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will support the activities against the "Tag der deutschen Zukunft" in Dresden on the 7th of June, 2014 with a news ticker
02.06.2014 15:34 [DD] The big question: Prohlis, Gorbitz, Pieschen or will it be Neustadt? More accurate information will be available during the next days
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04.06.2014 13:30 [DD] A first version of the action map was published
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06.06.2014 10:41 [DD] The Antifascist Investigation Team (ART) will provide an infoticker that refers to nazi-activities in particular
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06.06.2014 10:43 [DD] Current scenario and new action maps have been published
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06.06.2014 10:45 [DD] The police plans to insert 2000 police officer for tomorrow, all in all they plan the operation from friday evening to sunday morning
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06.06.2014 20:09 [DD] An other Point to go for tomorrow at 10 a.m.: Demonstration Robert-Matzke-Straße 16 to Streetcorner Rehefelder Straße. This Point could be part of the Nazis' way and serves the protection of the Robert-Matzke community
06.06.2014 23:03 [DD] There are widespread ID controls around Leipziger Straße (incl. cycletrack along the Elbe river). Following a statement of the controlling police ID controls will last until sunday
07.06.2014 08:47 [DD] Massive force of police at Trachenberger Platz (P3), at Bahnhof Neustadt (S9), and at Robert-Matzke-Straße (O4)
07.06.2014 08:56 [DD] Good morning, the ticker is now online. We wish you all a successful day. Take care!
07.06.2014 09:10 [DD] At the rally at Alexander-Puschkin-Platz (Q7) there are already 50-60 counter-demonstrators and 4 police vans
07.06.2014 09:12 [DD] In case of arrests, the legal team can be reached via +49 351 89960456. In case if injuries, call the demo medics via +49 1575 7664862
07.06.2014 09:43 [DD] Heavy police presence, esp. in Pieschen and around Bahnhof Neustadt. But you still can pass
07.06.2014 09:59 [DD] At Trachenberger Platz (P3) crowd control barriers are being discharged
07.06.2014 10:00 [DD] At Leisniger Platz (O4) and Robert-Matzke-Straße (N4) Antifas are gathering; meanwhile there are about 150 counter-demonstrators at Puschkinplatz (Q7)
07.06.2014 10:01 [DD] 20-30 Nazis are moving in direction of Altpieschen from Rehefelder Str. nr Robert-Matzkestr (N4) - without any police
07.06.2014 10:06 [DD] Barabastraße (P3) is blocked off in both directions
07.06.2014 10:09 [DD] At Robert-Matzke-Straße (N3) about 100 counter-demonstrators have gathered. There are 2 police vans at the spot; they are trying to block off the corner on Rehefelder Straße
07.06.2014 10:20 [DD] Quite some movement between Trachenberger Platz (P3) and Robert-Matzke-Straße (N4): At Leisniger Straße (O3/4) the first Nazi busses have arrived, and counter-protestors are being pushed from Leisniger Platz (O4) in direction Robert-Matzke-Straße
07.06.2014 10:23 [DD] Rehefelder Str. nr Robert-Matzke-Str. (N4) is blocked off now. The corner Wurzener Str. is still free to pass. There is a high police presence but only few Nazis in this area. Take care!
07.06.2014 10:28 [DD] A hint from the demo-medics: Beware of sunstroke! Don't forget to drink enough and protect your head!
07.06.2014 10:33 [DD] At Trachenberger Platz (P3) there are 100 counter-demonstrators, 30 Nazis were escorted by the police
07.06.2014 10:48 [DD] The buses in Leisniger Straße (O3/4) were no Nazi busses. There are yet some Nazi groups in this area
07.06.2014 10:56 [DD] The underpass between Leisniger Platz and Mälzerei (P4) is closed. Police controls at Rehefelderstraße nr Robert-Matzke-Straße (N4)
07.06.2014 11:00 [DD] Am Trachenbergerplatz (P3) befinden sich stadtauswärts rechts 100 Antifas und links 100 Polizist_innen
07.06.2014 11:01 [DD] The ART notifies that 100 Nazis arrived at breakpoint Pieschen (P4) and came over Riesaer in the Barbarastraße (O/P3)
07.06.2014 11:05 [DD] There is a loudspeaker van at Pestalozziplatz (Q5), 50 counter-demonstrators, 50 cops
07.06.2014 11:08 [DD] 150 Antifas are kettled on Robert-Matzke-Str. (O4)
07.06.2014 11:12 [DD] At the rally site at Markuskirche [O5] 150 counter-demonstrators have gathered without police
07.06.2014 11:14 [DD] At Bürgerstraße nr Gehestraße (P5) 200-300 Antifas have gathered, Bürgerstraße is blocked off in direction Markuskirche, Konkoridenstraße is blocked off too. Cops are being reinforced; you are likely to get kettled here
07.06.2014 11:18 [DD] Nazis continue gathering at Pischen station; just now another train with Nazis has arrived
07.06.2014 11:25 [DD] Erfurter Straße towards Alenxander-Puschkin-Platz (7Q) is being blocked off by a chain of geared-up riot police forces
07.06.2014 11:27 [DD] At Robert-Matzke-Straße (O4) multiple Antifas have been singled out by the police. The legal team can be reached via +49 351 89969456
07.06.2014 11:29 [DD] Barbarastr. nr Hubertusstr. (03) is freely accessible, there are crowd control barriers on Trachenberger Platz towards Barbarastraße; there, 50-60 Antifas have gathered. Trachenberger Straße (P3) is blocked off
07.06.2014 11:39 [DD] At Sternstraße [K5/L4] are about 75 to 100 Nazis with direction Mickten, they are escorted by 8 sixpacks. In Barbarastraße (03) are 200 Nazis and at the Trachenberger Platz (P3) 60 Nazis
07.06.2014 11:47 [DD] Leipziger Straße nr Oschatzer Straße (O6) will be locked
07.06.2014 12:05 [DD] Es befinden 300-400 Antifas an der Osterbergstraße/Bürgerstraße (O5), 100 am Pestalozziplatz (Q5), 60 am Trachbergerplatz (P3), 150 gekesselt in der Robert Matzke Straße (O4) und weitere am Puschkinplatz (Q7)
07.06.2014 12:17 [DD] At Alexander-Puschkin-Platz (P7) 20 Antifas are sitting on the streets; there are no cops at the spot
07.06.2014 12:27 [DD] Crossroads at Leipziger Str. from Oschatzer (O6) to zum Goldener Reiter (S11, probably Nazi rally teminus) are free; the crossing Leipziger Str. nr Oschatzerstr. is blocked coming from Leipziger Str. 10 fully occupied police vans at Goldener Reiter
07.06.2014 12:34 [DD] New Nazi groups are arriving at Barbarastraße (O3) time and again; it is yet unclear how many have gathered already
07.06.2014 12:54 [DD] Hubertusstraße at St.-Markus cemetary (O2): 30 Nazis are walking in direction Riesaer Straße
07.06.2014 12:59 [DD] In der Leipziger Str. zwischen Torgauer und Oschatzer (O6) finden Personenkontrollen statt, höhe Bürgerstraße (N5) stehen zwei Wasserwerfer
07.06.2014 13:02 [DD] At Trachenberger Platz (P3) there are currently 160 Antifas. The Nazis are reading out the demo restrictions; they are about to start their march soon
07.06.2014 13:10 [DD] Rehefelder Straße nr Leipziger Straße (N5) is blocked
07.06.2014 13:15 [DD] Meanwhile about 300 counter-demonstrators have gathered at Pestalozzi-Platz (Q5); so far there is a relaxed atmosphere
07.06.2014 13:18 [DD] Small Nazi groups are on the loose in the area around Sternstraße (M5). Watch out!
07.06.2014 13:21 [DD] The Nazis have started moving from Barbarastraße (O3) to Trachenberger Platz (P3)
07.06.2014 13:25 [DD] The Nazis have made a turn into Großenhainer Straße direction north/outbound (P2), Trachenberger Str. and Hans-Sachs-Straße are entirely blocked off
07.06.2014 13:35 [DD] The 300 people from Pestalozzi-Platz (Q5) are walking north towards the Nazis
07.06.2014 13:38 [DD] The ART reports the route will lead over Boxdorfer Straße/Alttrachau (O1); also, there is heavy police presence at this very site
07.06.2014 13:44 [DD] The cops are setting up things in a way that a marching route via Industriestraße (M1) in direction Hospital Neustadt appears to be likely
07.06.2014 13:49 [DD] Nazis sind in Industriestraße (M1) eingebogen, vermutlich weiter über Achener Straße (M1) Richtung Norden
07.06.2014 13:58 [DD] Nazis are at Achener Straße (M1) and are probably going to walk down Kopernikusstraße (northern end of the action map, where the "M" is printed)
07.06.2014 14:05 [DD] 600 counter-demonstrators are moving northbound on Großenhainer Straße nr Zeithainer Straße (Q4); 500 from Alexander-Puschkin-Platz (P7)
07.06.2014 14:14 [DD] Very uncertain guess: the Nazis could walk on Leipziger Straße southeast-bound to corner Alttrachau (L3)
07.06.2014 14:21 [DD] Currently larger groups of counter-demonstrators are moving on Großenhainer Straße and Leipziger Straße
07.06.2014 14:26 [DD] Nazis are giving an intermediate speech at Kopernikus nr Industriestraße (K1); possible alternative routes back would be via Industriestraße or via Leipziger Straße towards Pieschen
07.06.2014 14:32 [DD] With just about 500 participants, the Nazis have largely failed to meet their proclaimed expectations. Take care. You can reach the legal team via +49 351 89960456, and the medics via +49 157 57664862
07.06.2014 14:32 [DD] ART and Publikative report the current speech is the end of the Nazi demo. It is possible they are going to depart from Trachau station (L1)
07.06.2014 14:41 [DD] There's only few police forces at the Nazi rally (K1)
07.06.2014 14:56 [DD] There is strong police presence at Leipziger Straße, but people can pass through towards the Nazi rally in small groups (K1)
07.06.2014 15:08 [DD] There is a sit-in of about 600 people at Leipziger Str. nr Torgauer Str. (O6), loudspeaker van and police are at the spot too
07.06.2014 15:24 [DD] The Nazi rally is almost over, some Nazis are on the way to their busses in direction Elbepark; the rest is supposed to depart from Trachau station (L1)
07.06.2014 15:31 [DD] Even though the Nazis are now boarding busses and trains, it is still possible that larger groups will re-appear somewhere else, so keep your eyes open and take care!
07.06.2014 15:40 [DD] At the final rally speech (K1) approx. 300 counter-demonstrators have been kettled; a riding squad is currently moving on Leipziger Straße in this direction
07.06.2014 15:47 [DD] The kettle at K1 has dispersed. 200 Nazis at Elbepark are now boarding their busses
07.06.2014 15:52 [DD] At Trachau station (L1), Nazis have boarded the train towards Neustadt
07.06.2014 16:02 [DD] There is going to be a spontaneous demonstration for the counter-demonstrator at 4:15 PM from Trachenberger Platz (P3) to Goldener Reiter (S11)
07.06.2014 16:06 [DD] At Elbepark, Nazis are currently boarding four busses; neither police nor counter-demonstrators at the spot
07.06.2014 16:36 [DD] In the vicinity of the central train station (Q17) some small sporty-looking Nazi groups are strolling around
07.06.2014 16:44 [DD] Approx. 15 action-oriented Nazis are moving from Alaunpark (V7) towards Tannenstraße (U6); another 15 are heading towards Kamenzer Straße (W8)
07.06.2014 16:59 [DD] 350-500 counter-demonstrators with 4 loudspeaker vans are currently at Großenhainer Platz nr Petrikirche (R6). The demonstration is going to move towards Neustadt station (S9)
07.06.2014 17:10 [DD] The small Nazi groups in Neustadt (U6) and (W8) have apparently entered their cars and driven off. Watch out anyway!
07.06.2014 17:17 [DD] The spontaneous demo has reached Neustadt station (S9). All Nazis appear to have left already
07.06.2014 17:42 [DD] The spontaneous demo has reached Goldener Reiter (S11)
07.06.2014 17:43 [DD] Those who are released from custody: Please inform the legal team (+49 351 89960456) so they know you are out
07.06.2014 18:14 [DD] Many thanks to all you out on the streets, the legal team, the demo medics, Coloradio, the loudspeaker van, linksunten and all others
07.06.2014 19:28 [DD] The legal team reports: Several people were grasped by police, two were taken into custody, one of them not yet released. The legal team stays commited to bust out all our comrades ASAP, and they are still reachable by phone