Ticker: Magdeburg 18.01.2014 (en)

04.01.2014 11:51 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will support the acitivities against the Nazi demo in Magdeburg on Jan 18, 2014 by providing a live ticker
15.01.2014 22:52 [MD] Preliminary maps for the Nazi march in Magdeburg 2014
Karten Magdeburg
15.01.2014 23:20 [MD] Please mind the unnanounced demonstration on Friday at 6 PM. It will start at Central Station
Demo persists unnanounced !!
16.01.2014 18:55 [MD] Magdeburg Nazifrei has published up-to-date information about Nazi activities in Magdeburg in the last days
Pressemitteilung von Magdeburg Nazifrei
16.01.2014 20:49 [MD] The Rote Hilfe Magdeburg has announced today that an antifascist has been convicted this week to a suspended sentence because of last year's protests
Meldung Rote Hilfe Magdeburg
16.01.2014 21:07 [MD] This evening about 30 Nazis have tried a torch-rally at the Domplatz. As the police came the nazis disappeared
17.01.2014 09:19 [MD] The promoters of the eve-demonstration has published informations for this evenning
17.01.2014 14:20 [MD] The Volkstimme (local paper) reports today in their printed editon that the number of police officers which are to be deployed tomorrow has been increased to 3,300
17.01.2014 14:33 [MD] Magdeburg Nazifrei has published the ambulancenumber (0157 31870427) and the Informationsnumbers (0176 93528165 / 0176 93529714). All numbers are activated on Sarurday at 7:30 AM
17.01.2014 14:40 [MD] The EA Number for today evenning is 0151 17787876. The EA is available for you at 5 PM
17.01.2014 16:07 [MD] Actual maps for tomorow are now online
17.01.2014 17:11 [MD] The Warm-Up in the Infoladen starts
17.01.2014 17:23 [MD] The Warm-Up in the Infoladen is over. The visitors are moving to the meeting place of the eve-demonstration
17.01.2014 19:10 [MD] The unanounced demonstration moved with about 500 people through the city center and a few minutes ago it was terminated at Olvenstedter Platz in Stadtfeld
17.01.2014 20:27 [MD] Photos from the eve-demonstration are published
18.01.2014 07:05 [linksunten] Good morning! The ticker will start momentarily. We wish you all a successful day!
18.01.2014 07:42 [MD] There are stopping restrictions at the parking lot near Petriförder (I9) throughout the whole day
18.01.2014 07:43 [MD] There are police checks at the bridges towards "East Elbia"
18.01.2014 07:51 [HH] A group of Nazis has been spotted at Hamburg Central Station
18.01.2014 08:02 [MD] Current weather: 1 °C und clear. During the day up to 6 °C with slight chance of precipitation
18.01.2014 08:04 [MD] The Antifa rally at Central Bus Station (ZOB - F10) has just begun
18.01.2014 08:04 [MD] The Antifa rally at railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) has started
18.01.2014 08:06 [MD] The legal team can from now on be reached at +49 151-17787876
18.01.2014 08:09 [MD] Currently there are no more police checks at Jerusalembrücke (L8)
18.01.2014 08:11 [MD] The Antifa rally in Herrenkrug (N7) has begun
18.01.2014 08:24 [MD] Larger numbers of police officers are gathering at the airport (below E21)
18.01.2014 08:30 [MD] The first busses have arrived in Magdeburg without any trouble
18.01.2014 08:35 [MD] Police checks are taking place at the back entrace of Magdeburg Central (F10)
18.01.2014 08:50 [MD] There are 2 police vans at Libertäres Zentrum (L20); police are performing checks on everyone entering or leaving the place
18.01.2014 08:52 [MD] Two busses are being checked on the federal highway coming from Oschersleben (left of A10)
18.01.2014 08:53 [MD] The medical service is now fully operational and can be reached at +49 1577-0669654
18.01.2014 08:56 [MD] The Antifa rally Central Bus Station (ZOB - F10) is currently being kettled with crowd control barriers
18.01.2014 09:10 [MD] There is increased police presence in the SKET area (H18)
18.01.2014 09:11 [MD] We observe high police presence between railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H6) and Nicolaiplatz (H4)
18.01.2014 09:13 [MD] Currently we have no verified information regarding the Nazis' actual marching route
18.01.2014 09:17 [MD] There is a riot police squad at railway station Magdeburg-Sudenburg (B12)
18.01.2014 09:29 [MD] Police have kept people from leaving the rally at railway station Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (N7). In any case, some of you should stay there and wait until we have more information regarding the Nazis' planned route!
18.01.2014 09:45 [MD] An anannounced Antifa demonstration is moving from Damaschkeplatz (F9) direction Stadtfeld
18.01.2014 09:47 [MD] Police are confiscating action maps
18.01.2014 09:55 [MD] At Große Diesdorfer Straße (area around D10) just now a larger group of Antifas has been attacked by police forces
18.01.2014 10:00 [MD] There are many police forces at railway station Magdeburg-Sudenburg (B12)
18.01.2014 10:09 [MD] Police forces have meanwhile been completely withdrawn from the rally at railway station Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (N7)
18.01.2014 10:13 [MD] All entrances to Magdeburg Central Railway Station (F10) are blocked by police. Even journalists are not allowed to pass
18.01.2014 10:22 [MD] Once again the most important numbers: info phones: +49 176-93528165 & +49 176-93529714 | medics: +49 1577-0669654 | legal team: +49 151 17787876
18.01.2014 10:22 [MD] The legal team reports 3 in custody so far
18.01.2014 10:35 [MD] MDR Sachsen-Anhal (regional news station) reports a cable fire, which leads to interruptions of train traffic at Magdeburg Central
18.01.2014 10:38 [MD] The cable fire is affecting trains coming from the south (Halle/Leipzig). They cannot approach Magdeburg Central
18.01.2014 10:43 [MD] Police are playing the same game as last year, there is no real information regarding the actual route of the Nazi march. Magdeburg Nazifrei holds on to the de-centralized concept
18.01.2014 10:43 [MD] The blockade at railway station SKET (H18) is being evicted
18.01.2014 10:49 [MD] In Magdeburg-Rothensee (above M1) Nazis are gathering. Currently approx. 30
18.01.2014 10:55 [MD] At railway station SKET (H18) approx. 100 Antifas are blocking off the entrances. Police have just issued the 2nd request to clear the area
18.01.2014 11:00 [MD] The blockade at railway station SKET (H18) is NOT being evicted!
18.01.2014 11:03 [MD] According to #blockmd, statesmen and lawyers are on their way to the SKET railway station (H18)
18.01.2014 11:08 [MD] IMPORTANT: The information regarding the allegdly evicted blockade at SKET railway station was a false report! Currently approx. 100 Antifas are at the spot
18.01.2014 11:09 [MD] In the districts Neue Neustadt and Neustädter Feld (above 5) Nazis are gathering
18.01.2014 11:13 [MD] The blockade at railway station SKET (H18) is officially announced
18.01.2014 11:16 [MD] The Nazis recommend that their comrades should travel to Magdeburg from the south via Gommern. The trains would then pass thorugh Herrenkrug (P6)
18.01.2014 11:19 [MD] It appears as if the police are trying to temp Antifas to mouth towards the south. Hence it's possible that the Nazis are going to march in Neustadt (north)
18.01.2014 11:35 [MD] The legal team reports 10 have been in custody so far; one person has been released already
18.01.2014 11:36 [MD] Of those, 5 were taken into custody at railway station Magdeburg-Sudenburg (B12)
18.01.2014 11:37 [MD] Massive police movements in direction "Ost-Elbien", the area east of the Elbe
18.01.2014 11:43 [MD] Am Domplatz (G11) wurden mehrere Antifas von den Bullen aus der Straßenbahn geprügelt
18.01.2014 11:47 [MD] Claim of responsibility: Railway tracks to Magdeburg sabotaged!
18.01.2014 11:49 [MD] The Nazis are now arriving via trains. They are not exiting at railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H6)
18.01.2014 11:53 [MD] Train service is not interrupted anymore
18.01.2014 11:59 [MD] The bridges to "Ost-Elbien" (area east of the Elbe) have been blocked off by the police (I10+K8)
18.01.2014 12:01 [MD] The medics report no injured so far
18.01.2014 12:01 [MD] There has been a Nazi assault targeting an Antifa near railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt. Police are putting on helmets. Watch out!
18.01.2014 12:07 [MD] The Nazis have boarded a train direction Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (N7)!
18.01.2014 12:09 [MD] #blockmd reports the Nazi route will start at railway station Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (M6)
18.01.2014 12:11 [MD] Crowd control barriers are being set up at both bridges across the Elbe (K8+I10)
18.01.2014 12:16 [MD] Air defense shooters sleeping: airplane with Nazi banner spotted in Magdeburg sky
18.01.2014 12:21 [MD] A Group of 50 Nazis has been spotted in Stadtfeld Ost. Watch out!
18.01.2014 12:36 [MD] At Friedrich-List-Straße (K19) police are performing identity checks on 16 Antifas
18.01.2014 12:38 [MD] #blockmd reports that police are claiming there is no more Antifa rally at railway station Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (N6)
18.01.2014 12:45 [MD] Police checks are being performed on "left-wing"-looking people moving along "Meile der Demokratie"
18.01.2014 12:50 [MD] Everyone who's not a Nazi and trying to move between Jerichower Platz (N9) and railway station Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (O6) receives an area ban
18.01.2014 12:50 [MD] "Left-wing"-looking people receive area bans at "Meile der Demokratie"
18.01.2014 12:53 [MD] Allegedly railway tracks are being blocked off between railway stations Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) and Magdeburg-Herrenkrug (O6)
18.01.2014 12:57 [MD] According to #blockmd the Nazis are setting up their PA van at Jerichower Platz (M9)
18.01.2014 13:06 [MD] Meanwhile, Stadtfeld Ost is Nazi-free again
18.01.2014 13:09 [MD] According to press reports, the Nazi rally is going to start at Jerichower Platz (M9)
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
18.01.2014 13:14 [MD] At railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) 2 trains with Nazis are waiting, supposedly 600. They cannot go on due to the track blockade
18.01.2014 13:20 [MD] At Jerichower Platz (M9) there are 4 Nazis and their PA van
18.01.2014 13:21 [MD] Once again the most important numbers: info phones: +49 176-93528165 & +49 176-93529714 | medics: +49 1577-0669654 | legal team: +49 151 17787876
18.01.2014 13:21 [MD] Police are securing Jerusalembrücke (K8) using at least one water cannon
18.01.2014 13:46 [MD] 500 Antifas are walking through Nordpark (I7)
18.01.2014 13:50 [MD] Police are allegedly attacking the track blockade bear railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) an. Show solidarity!
18.01.2014 13:52 [MD] There are scuffles between police ane Antifas at railway station Magdeburg-Neustädter (H5)
18.01.2014 13:55 [MD] The legal team reports 19 have been taken into custody so far; 5 of them have been released again already
18.01.2014 13:57 [MD] At railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) allegedly 200 Antifas are blocking off the tracks
18.01.2014 14:12 [MD] Railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) is locked down. 200 Antifas are holding blockades in the near vicinity
18.01.2014 14:14 [MD] Approx. 600 Nazis still have to wait at railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5)
18.01.2014 14:22 [MD] The legal team reports 22 taken into custody so fahr;5 have already been released. Legal team: +49 151-17787876, please only report arrests
18.01.2014 14:26 [MD] A Nazi train is traveling in direction Central Station
18.01.2014 14:27 [MD] The Nazis are packing it up at Jerichower Platz (M9)
18.01.2014 14:35 [MD] Please do not come to railway station Magdeburg-Neustadt (H5) anymore, because the Nazis have traveled south
18.01.2014 14:37 [MD] The Nazis have exited the trains at Magdeburg Central
18.01.2014 14:44 [MD] It is yet completely unclear where the Nazis are going to march. All options are still possible!
18.01.2014 14:46 [MD] Approx. 100 Nazis are standing at Magdeburg Central, track 1
18.01.2014 14:49 [MD] Police forces are moving from the city center in direction railway station Magdeburg-Buckau (G15)
18.01.2014 14:51 [MD] A large unannounced demonstration of approx. 1000 Antifas is fighting its way through against downtown (F11) police forces
18.01.2014 14:56 [MD] 40 police vans are lurking out at railway station Magdeburg-Buckau (G15). 2 civil busses are also at the spot
18.01.2014 14:59 [MD] A train full of Nazis is traveling south from Magdeburg Cental (F10)
18.01.2014 15:14 [MD] There is massive police violence against Antifas at the theater (F11)
18.01.2014 15:15 [MD] The Nazis got off the train at railway station SKET (H17) and are setting up their formation
18.01.2014 15:17 [MD] The Nazis are setting up their formation at railway station SKET (H17), direction Schilfbreite
18.01.2014 15:19 [MD] Several small Nazi groups are strolling around SKET (H18), watch out!
18.01.2014 15:28 [MD] To all those who are still full of energy: Try to make your way to Raiffeisenstraße/Leipziger Straße (E15)
18.01.2014 15:43 [MD] At several spots on Leipziger Straße (E14-18) multple small Antifa groups are around
18.01.2014 15:46 [MD] Supposed Nazi route: SKET -> Schilfbreite -> Leipziger Straße -> Brenneckestraße ->Lillienweg -> Kirschweg -> Schilfbreite (everything from H-D 17-18)
18.01.2014 15:48 [MD] The legal team is reporting 32 have been taken into custody thus far; 5 have been released again. Legal team: +49 151-17787876
18.01.2014 15:48 [MD] There is a first blockade by 20 Antifas at Schilfbreite (G18)
18.01.2014 15:53 [MD] The small blockade (G18 ) is currently being evicted by police
18.01.2014 15:55 [MD] Correction: The blockade is not being evicted. The Nazis are lead around the blockade
18.01.2014 15:56 [MD] Several Antifas have been kettled at Raiffeisenstraße (E15)
18.01.2014 15:58 [MD] Sören Herbst MdL (member of state parliament) is sitting in a new blockade (F18) at Schilfbreite, trying to block off the road
18.01.2014 16:12 [MD] The Nazis are currently in the center of Schilfbreite (F18)
18.01.2014 16:12 [MD] Once again the most important numbers: info phones: medics: +49 1577-0669654 | legal team: +49 151 17787876
18.01.2014 16:12 [MD] Antifas are being kettled at Leipziger Str. nr Brennecke Str.
18.01.2014 16:13 [MD] There is massive police violence with batons against Antifas at Brenneckestraße (D17). Several injured
18.01.2014 16:14 [MD] At Wiener Straße (E17) police forces make excessive use of pepper spray against Antifas. Several injured!
18.01.2014 16:17 [MD] According to #blockmd 150 Nazis are marching through Herrenkrug (L9)
18.01.2014 16:22 [MD] Medics are on their way to Brenneckestraße (E17)
18.01.2014 16:24 [MD] The Nazis are moving along Brenneckestraße (D17)
18.01.2014 16:25 [MD] Allegedly police chased a smaller group of Antifas at Brenneckestraße (D17) into a basement and beat them up
18.01.2014 16:33 [MD] The Nazis have moved further than initially assumed. Currently they are marching on Brenneckestraße (B16) direction Sudenburg
18.01.2014 16:45 [MD] At 5:15 PM an Antifa demo is to start at Wiener Straße nr Raiffeisenstr. (E15). It will move north, direction city center
18.01.2014 16:52 [MD] At Leipziger Straße nr Kirschweg (E18) there is a blockade with 200 Antifas
18.01.2014 16:55 [MD] The Nazi demo is moving south on Blankenburger Straße (B17)
18.01.2014 17:07 [MD] The Nazi march has made a turn into Kirschweg (E18)
18.01.2014 17:10 [MD] The start of the Antifa demo at Wiener Straße/Raiffeisenstr. (E15) in direction city center is delayed
18.01.2014 17:26 [MD] Currently the Antifa demo from Wiener Straße nr Raiffeisenstr. (E15) is not yet authorized by the authorities
18.01.2014 17:30 [MD] The legal team is reporting 33 have been taken into custody thus far; 7 have been released again. Legal team: +49 151-17787876
18.01.2014 17:48 [MD] Those who are injured or seeking for psychological assistance, please contact the medics at +49 1577-0669654
18.01.2014 17:57 [MD] According to #blockmd the Nazis have lit their torches
18.01.2014 17:57 [MD] All of you who had been taken into custody, but have been released now, please let the legal team know! Legal team: +49 151-17787876
18.01.2014 18:01 [MD] Currently there are 30 Nazis and only few police forces at Magdeburg Central (F10). Watch out!
18.01.2014 18:16 [MD] At Wiener Str./Raiffeisenstr. (E15) several police vehicles and a water cannon are lurking out. People are allowed to pass only in direction of the inner city
18.01.2014 18:35 [MD] If you still have time, consider coming to the holding facility (F12)
18.01.2014 18:39 [MD] There has been no and there will be no Antifa demo from Wiener Straße nr Raiffeisenstr. (E15)
18.01.2014 18:41 [MD] The Nazi march has now arrived at railway station SKET (H18)
18.01.2014 18:48 [MD] Attention, there is a group of Nazis strolling around Reform (G19)! They have assaulted Antifas already
18.01.2014 18:54 [MD] Currently, still 25 Antifas are in police custody at the holding facility
18.01.2014 18:57 [MD] The Nazi group in Reform claim to be undercover police officers
18.01.2014 19:00 [MD] #blockmd report the Nazis are leaving now (H18). Watch out!
18.01.2014 19:08 [MD] The Nazis have to go home now, too; maybe you meet one or the other on your way home...
18.01.2014 19:13 [MD] 30 Nazis are walking from SKET to Schilfbreite (H18)
18.01.2014 19:44 [MD] The legal team reports all who are currently still in custody shall be released by 8:30 PM
18.01.2014 19:49 [MD] Nazis are attacking Antifas at Lübecker Straße, near the Subway restaurant (H5)
18.01.2014 19:52 [MD] At Lübecker Straße pigs are just standing there watching as Nazis are attacking Antifas
18.01.2014 19:55 [MD] Watch out if your're out in Magdeburg tonight
18.01.2014 20:10 [MD] The day is coming to an end. Most out-of-town protesters are already on their way home
18.01.2014 20:21 [MD] From now on only one info phone number is active: +49 176-93528165. The other info phone number has been shut down
18.01.2014 20:31 [MD] 10 Nazis have been removed from the train to Leipzig through anti-fascist intervention
18.01.2014 20:35 [MD] Magdeburg Central is now Nazi-free
18.01.2014 20:48 [MD] The legal team reports only 3 are still in custody at this very moment
18.01.2014 21:34 [MD] The last people in custody are receiving legal aid by our legal team
18.01.2014 21:44 [MD] The Street Medic Team has published their final report on today's activities. We would like to sincerely thank all those involved for their commitment!
Bericht der Sanizentrale
18.01.2014 21:46 [MD] A cop drew his pistol at around 15:30 today as anti-fascists tried to break through at Buckauer Bahnhof (G15), we now learned from a reliable source
18.01.2014 21:47 [MD] This afternoon, anti-fascists showed practical solidarity at the Sudenburger Bahnhof (A12) when a comrade was held in custody because of a 500 euro fine. The money was raised within minutes and the comrade has been released subsequently
18.01.2014 21:48 [MD] The ticker is shutting down now. All phones have been powered off. We would like to thank all activists. You were great! Good night, and take care!