Ticker: Magdeburg 12.01.2013 (en)

04.01.2013 03:57 [linksunten] We support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 12th of January 2013 in Magdeburg with breaking news
09.01.2013 23:38 [MD] The car of Sascha Brauman, who is responsible for the rally scheduled for Jan 19, burnt down last weekend
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09.01.2013 23:42 [MD] According to recent information, the Nazis might try to march east of the Elbe. The districts Herrenkrug, Brückfeld and Cracau come into question
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10.01.2013 10:51 [MD] Tomorrow evening a demo will take place in Magdeburg. The rally starts at 6 PM at Magdeburg Central Station
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10.01.2013 18:25 [MD] Authorities do not approve of any counter-protest rallies in Cracau or at the Herrenkrug railway station. It is therefore very likely that the Nazis will march east of the Elbe
10.01.2013 18:38 [GÖ] Last bus tickets from Göttingen can be acquired today 7.30-8.00 pm and tomorrow 4.00-4.30 pm at Juzi
11.01.2013 16:00 [MD] You will be able to reach the legal team tomorrow at +49151-21957577. Paramedics can be contacted at +49177-6218242
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11.01.2013 16:05 [MD] Also, two info phones can be reached tomorrow at +49151-21934630 and +49151-21934650
11.01.2013 16:29 [MD] Action maps have been published
Action maps
11.01.2013 17:15 [MD] Meeting point for the demo tonight is Magdeburg Central Station at 6 pm
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11.01.2013 17:19 [MD] The legal team can from now on be reached at +49151-21957577. This line will be on call until one hour after the demo has ended
11.01.2013 20:33 [MD] The loud evening demonstration has finished. There were about 250 people. There is a spontaneous demonstration to Stadtfeld-Ost
11.01.2013 20:37 [MD] These spontaneous demonstration consists of about 70 people
12.01.2013 00:10 [MD] The Nazi route has leaked: Jerichower Platz - Jerichower Straße - Georg-Heidler-Straße - Friedrich-Ebert-Straße - Cracauer Staße - Turmschanzenstraße - Brückstraße - Herrenkrugstraße - Jerichower Platz
12.01.2013 00:13 [MD] The Nazis will arrive via the Herrenkrug railway station
12.01.2013 00:14 [MD] The Green Party's rally at Jerichower Platz has been approved by authorities
12.01.2013 00:16 [MD] The ticker team will be serving you from 8 am. Weather forecast: temperatures around zero degrees, cloudy, no precipitation
12.01.2013 02:35 [MD] The most current action map has been published
Current map (18 MB)
12.01.2013 07:58 [MD] Good morning! We're looking forward to an exciting day
12.01.2013 08:22 [MD] There are ID checks everywhere in Cracau. Sternbrücke is blocked. Strombrücke still looking good. Jerusalembrücke is fenced off. Come to Jerichower Platz and try to get through to Fachhochschule
12.01.2013 08:29 [MD] To get to Cracau, use public transport lines 4, 5, and 6
12.01.2013 08:35 [MD] Just now lightrail line 6 has been stopped by police. They are dragging out all people wearing black clothes
12.01.2013 08:37 [MD] At Sternbrücke 30 persons are being held captive
12.01.2013 08:43 [MD] 70 antifa activists are at Herrenkrug railway station. They will stay there for the time being
12.01.2013 08:48 [MD] Cars coming from Burg on B1 are sent back by police in Heyrothsberge
12.01.2013 08:51 [MD] The persons who were held captive at Sternbrücke are free again. The bridge itself is fenced off now, however
12.01.2013 08:53 [MD] In Cracau at Jerichower Platz the Green Party will hold a rally from 9 am. Behind this spot, in Tessenowstraße, another rally will take place from 9 am and can serve as a meeting point
12.01.2013 08:57 [MD] A stop-and-search operation on a bus revealed some flags. These people got a ban of residence
12.01.2013 09:08 [MD] Three busses just got seached by police on A2, exit Magdeburger Ring
12.01.2013 09:09 [MD] At Hasselbachplatz a police control has been set up. All cars coming from Sternstraße are being searched
12.01.2013 09:12 [MD] Attorneys at Jerusalembrücke are trying to allow activists to get to the rally at Tessenowstraße
12.01.2013 09:18 [MD] The first counter-protesters' bus has arrived at Jerichower Platz
12.01.2013 09:21 [MD] Busses who state their destinatin is the rally at Tessenowstraße are allowed to pass
12.01.2013 09:30 [MD] To all those close to Jerichower Platz: gather at Jerichower Platz, you will get further information there
12.01.2013 09:38 [MD] The loudspeaker van of the "365 Tage" demo is still being delayed due to a police control
12.01.2013 09:42 [MD] The ban of residence because of the flags, as mentioned earlier, affected only four persons
12.01.2013 09:43 [MD] Three busses with counter-protesters have arrived at Jerichower Platz
12.01.2013 09:48 [MD] Here is a picture of Jerichower Platz
Picture by MDR Sachsen-Anhalt
12.01.2013 09:54 [MD] Info phone: 0151-21934630 & 0151-21934650; for legal assistence, call the legal team: 0151-21957577. Please do NOT call the legal team if you only want general info!
12.01.2013 09:58 [MD] Police say they will not let the Nazis get off at Herrenkrug railway station
12.01.2013 10:01 [MD] The loudspeaker van of the "365 Tage" demo ist now on its way and will arrive shortly
12.01.2013 10:04 [MD] The people at Jerichower Platz should stay there
12.01.2013 10:09 [MD] The police told the press that the Nazi demonstration will not be in Cracau. We cannot confirm this. Please stay where you are!
12.01.2013 10:14 [MD] Some Nazis are gathering at Stendal main station
12.01.2013 10:33 [MD] The police attacked several counter-demonstrators who wanted to cross a bridge at Industriehafen
12.01.2013 10:38 [MD] The "365 Tage" demonstration is still at the starting point. There are 150 people. They will wait some more time before they start
12.01.2013 10:41 [MD] The Green party are holding a rally at Magdeburg Central Station
12.01.2013 10:43 [MD] Coming from A14, exit Magdeburger Ring, passengers of 'suspicious' cars are subject to police controls
12.01.2013 10:47 [MD] The Jerusalembrücke to Cracau is passable. Bans of residence were canceled
12.01.2013 10:51 [MD] In cases of bans of residence or other restraints on gatherings, ask the police which officer is responsible (ask for the badge number), and ask for the reason. Please contact the legal team
12.01.2013 10:56 [MD] 300 persons are blocking off Herrenkrugstraße
12.01.2013 11:05 [MD] If you are east of the Elbe, stay there. If you are west of the Elbe, stay there too. It is not yet clear where the Nazis will march
12.01.2013 11:13 [MD] Nazis are gathering at ZOB (central bus station) behind the Railway Central Station and are strolling around town in small groups. Almost no police at the spot. Watch out!
12.01.2013 11:16 [MD] Two water cannons were spotted in Brandenburger Straße (near Central Station)
12.01.2013 11:16 [MD] The "365 Tage" demo is now moving to Magdeburg Central Station
12.01.2013 11:17 [MD] The Nazis are gathering: Heidestraße (Sudenburg), Eiskellerplatz (Sudenburg), Netto parking spot in Lostau
12.01.2013 11:19 [MD] There are 15 police vans at Neustädter Bahnhof
12.01.2013 11:37 [MD] At the blockade at Fachhochschule (400 activists) the police ordered demonstrators to clear the street
12.01.2013 11:40 [MD] About 600 persons attended the Antifa demo
12.01.2013 11:50 [MD] There are no Nazi groups being spotted in Stadtfeld Ost anymore
12.01.2013 11:52 [MD] There are about 140 Nazis of northern structures at main station rail 4d
12.01.2013 11:54 [MD] To be clear: The Fachhochschule is at Breitscheidstr. / Herrenkrugstraße
12.01.2013 12:00 [MD] Ein Teil der Nazis vom HBF (Gleis4), ist in den Zug Richtung Halle mit Halt in Buckau, eingestiegen
12.01.2013 12:02 [MD] In the area of AMO/Steubenallee (near city park Rothehorn) police horse squads are present
12.01.2013 12:04 [MD] The antifa demonstration at Heckelstraße is being chase to Magdeburg main station by the police
12.01.2013 12:11 [MD] Breaking news: The Nazis got in trains in direction Buckau. It is very likely that they will go to station Buckau
12.01.2013 12:13 [MD] A dark blue Volkswagen Passat with Nazis drives around Stadtfeld Ost. They are searching for antifascists. Be on the look-out!
12.01.2013 12:20 [MD] A branch of the ARGE (job center) was attacked by left-wing activists
12.01.2013 12:23 [MD] A journalist posted on twitter, that the Nazis went to train station SKET/Industriepark
12.01.2013 12:27 [MD] There are about 100 Nazis at train station MD-Eichenweiler
12.01.2013 12:29 [MD] Confirmed: The Nazis are heading for train station SKET/Industriepark and leave the trains there. Everybody should go there
12.01.2013 12:32 [MD] Nazis wegbassen leads a spontaneous demonstration from main station to Buckau. There are about 250 people
12.01.2013 12:33 [MD] The train station SKET/Industriepark is one station south of the Buckau train station; it is not explicitly marked on the maps. You can find it in square I18
12.01.2013 12:37 [MD] A police van is parked in front of the L!Z
12.01.2013 12:37 [MD] Please go southern direction to train station SKET/Industriepark, Schanzenweg
12.01.2013 12:39 [MD] At Schanzenweg the police is setting up surveillance cameras and only lets journalists pass
12.01.2013 12:41 [MD] To all activists, please also block off the Nazi route from direction Schilfbreite. It is yet unknown in direction they are going to march
12.01.2013 12:48 [MD] 500-600 Nazis gathered at the SKET train stration and are setting up their loudspeaker van
12.01.2013 12:50 [MD] The MDR broadcasting service reports via Twitter that the Nazis are going to march through Salbke, i.e. they are going to move east, in direction of the Elbe
12.01.2013 12:53 [MD] Four water cannons are on their way to Salbke (south, near Libertäres Zentrum)
12.01.2013 12:55 [MD] At Hasselbachplatz, the police are blocking off the roads. A larger group of activists are held back and some were arrested
12.01.2013 12:58 [MD] There's a big sponteanous demonstration of antifascists coming from Jerichower Platz to City Center
12.01.2013 12:59 [MD] The legal team reports two arrests
12.01.2013 13:06 [MD] Police are attacking counter-demonstrators at Karl-Schmidt-Straße. At least two taken into custody
12.01.2013 13:10 [MD] The left demonstation at Schleinufer is being attacked by the police. They use pepper spray. Legal support is around
12.01.2013 13:17 [MD] The left demonstration at Schleinufer / Allee-Center has dissolved
12.01.2013 13:20 [MD] News on twitter say that 800 Nazis gathered at train station SKET/Industriepark. They are having the first speech right now
12.01.2013 13:24 [MD] The cops attacked several antifascists at the city center
12.01.2013 13:25 [MD] The Alt-Fermerslebener street has been blocked for traffic. It is likely, that the Nazis' demonstration will pass the L!Z
12.01.2013 13:35 [MD] The Nazis are marching on Alt-Fermersleben, directed to the south
12.01.2013 13:40 [MD] The Nazis will walk the Alt Fermerslebener Straße street in direction to L!Z. There are rumours that they will have a speech in front of the L!Z
12.01.2013 13:54 [MD] There are registered antifascist meeting points at train stations Buckau and Salbke. If the police doesn't let you pass, tell them that you want to go there
12.01.2013 14:07 [MD] It's nearly impossible to get through in the direction of Salbke/Fermersleben. Cops blocked almost everything off at corner Schönebecker street/Sülzegrund
12.01.2013 14:14 [MD] Cops are breaking into L!Z with chainsaws and battering rams!
12.01.2013 14:16 [MD] The Nazis will soonly arrive Libertäres Zentrum
12.01.2013 14:21 [MD] The Nazis just stopped in front of L!Z
12.01.2013 14:23 [MD] At this very moment you can not get to L!Z. Show solidarity with the residents and give the appropiate answer to the town Magdeburg and the cops!
12.01.2013 14:28 [MD] The Nazis began with their speeches in front of L!Z
12.01.2013 14:30 [MD] MDR reports on twitter that no trams are running any more in Magdeburg
12.01.2013 14:37 [MD] The police did not break into the L!Z, they were only standing in the neighbor's courtyard and threatened to use the chainsaw
12.01.2013 14:47 [MD] The cops were in front of the L!Z during the speech. They were equipped with chainsaws, battering rams and a flex
12.01.2013 14:51 [MD] The Nazi march is attended by about 800 persons
12.01.2013 14:55 [MD] There are several small groups of Nazis are at "Meile der Demokratie". Watch out!
12.01.2013 14:55 [MD] The nazi group "Freies Netz Harz" is crying about one nazi that got hit by a stone
12.01.2013 14:56 [MD] There's a blockade at Alt Fermerslebenber street with about 25 people, go in direction of square N23 on the action map
12.01.2013 15:00 [MD] The sit-in at N23 is close to the lightrail station "Turmpark"
12.01.2013 15:07 [MD] Police are kettling 150 leftist activists at Hegelstraße
12.01.2013 15:11 [MD] The cops let the Nazis pass by the blockade at square N23
12.01.2013 15:13 [MD] Several hundred comrades have been squared at Hegelstraße. Move in that direction and put pressure on the cops. Build a critical mass!
12.01.2013 15:28 [MD] Police are taking comrades into custody at Hegelsraße
12.01.2013 15:30 [MD] Hegelstraße is in area H12
12.01.2013 15:34 [MD] The Nazis are at Alt Salbke near Blumeberger Straße
12.01.2013 15:35 [MD] The blockade at Magdeburg-Südost railway station has been dispersed
12.01.2013 15:35 [MD] Comrades are moving from Hegelsraße in direction Ernst-Reuter-Allee
12.01.2013 15:44 [MD] The Nazis are giving their final speech at railway station Magdeburg-Südost
12.01.2013 15:46 [MD] All persons who are currently in Salbke close to the L!Z should go there to protect it after the Nazi demo has ended
12.01.2013 15:49 [MD] We assume that the Nazis will take a train to Magdeburg Central Station after their rally has ended
12.01.2013 15:51 [MD] There are about 1,500 counter-demonstrators at Ernst-Reuter-Allee. Massive police violence. Police provoke with their riding squad
12.01.2013 15:55 [MD] The legal team reports 20 in custody at this moment
12.01.2013 16:01 [MD] 1,500 persons on Ernst-Reuter-Allee are a critical mass. Use it!
12.01.2013 16:04 [MD] At Magdeburg Central Station water cannons and riding squads are geared-up. Invididual activists are taken into custody
12.01.2013 16:07 [MD] In case you are arrested or are witnessing arrests, call the legal team: 0151-21957577
12.01.2013 16:13 [MD] Arrest units are constantly pulling activists off the crowd and take them into custody. Watch out!
12.01.2013 16:15 [MD] Magdeburg Nazifrei compiled some documents to help those who are subject of repression
12.01.2013 16:15 [MD] The Nazi's final manifestation is now over. They will probably leave via Magdeburg Central Station
12.01.2013 16:18 [MD] CastorTV reports that the first Nazis have arrived at Magdeburg Central Station
Castor TV
12.01.2013 16:24 [MD] It's dangerous for antifascists to go to the main station. Watch out for the police
12.01.2013 16:27 [MD] If the train leaves on time, the Nazis will arrive at the main station at 17:06 and will go for their trains there
12.01.2013 16:37 [MD] Breaking news: At 4.52 pm and 5.06 pm trains with Nazis will arrive at Magdeburg Central Station. Welcome them the way they deserve!
12.01.2013 16:40 [MD] There are attempts to register left-wing rally at Magdeburg Central Station
12.01.2013 16:48 [MD] The legal team reports: police are cruising through town; they are dragging individual persons into their vans and taking them into custody. Take care!
12.01.2013 16:56 [MD] Police are currently running ID checks on demonstrators near Ernst-Reuter-Allee
12.01.2013 17:01 [MD] There will be no rally at Magdeburg Central Station. Please come to Alter Markt at 6 pm, we will try to start a demo from there
12.01.2013 17:21 [MD] The legal team reports: still 19 in custody
12.01.2013 17:30 [MD] Police do net let anyone pass to Alter Markt. "Nazis wegbassen" are currently standing at Otto-von-Guericke-Straße nr Ernst-Reuter-Allee and should serve as gathering spot
12.01.2013 18:05 [MD] The pigs are provoking at Magdeburg Central Station and are taking action against counter-demonstrators. Watch out
12.01.2013 18:06 [MD] The current situation apparently does not allow for any coordinated actions anymore today. Many counter-demonstrators are already on their way home
12.01.2013 18:08 [MD] There are rumours that the Nazis might have registered a rally at Magdeburg Central Station. This information is not yet confirmed, though
12.01.2013 18:14 [MD] Magdeburg Central Station is completely locked down, even old people and children are not allowed to pass
12.01.2013 18:29 [MD] Magdeburg Central Station is freely accessible again, no Nazi rally there
12.01.2013 19:07 [MD] The legal team and their attorneys are taking care of all those still arrested
12.01.2013 19:14 [MD] We are now shutting down this ticker. Thank you to all activists fighting Nazis and racism! We wish you a good journey home. See you next time!
12.01.2013 19:31 [MD] Postscript: all arrested persons are now being released. Thanks go out to the legal team!
12.01.2013 19:38 [MD] We wish all antifascists that got hurt that they get well soon!