Ticker: Magdeburg 15.01.2011 (en)

29.12.2010 17:02 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will support the protests against the Nazi march on Jan 15 2011 in Magdeburg with a ticker
06.01.2011 00:55 [MD] Three information events are scheduled for today and tomorrow: one in Magdeburg, one in Jerichower Land, and another one in the city of Berlin
06.01.2011 04:06 [MD] Yesterday, an unannounced demonstration took place in Salzwedel. Purpose was to inform the public of the upcoming Nazi marches in Magdeburg and Dresden. Also information was spread about a Nazi attack on the social center in Salzwedel last year
Demonstration in Salzwedel
07.01.2011 00:23 [MD] Fight racism - not only on the streets on Jan 15: Six years ago today, Oury Jalloh burnt alive in a police cell in Dessau. The trial against the police officer who was on duty at the time will start next week
Start of the appeal trial in the case of Oury Jalloh
07.01.2011 02:36 [MD] The activist coordination staff's rally will not take place at Ulrichplatz (as planned originally), but at Alter Markt
07.01.2011 17:23 [MD] There is a radio interview with an Antifa activist regarding the Nazi march in Magdeburg
Interview by Radio ZUSA
07.01.2011 17:43 [MD] Tonight, information events will take place in Infoladen ("infoshop") Magdeburg and in Jerichower Land
07.01.2011 17:49 [MD] Tomorrow a demonstration in remembrance of Oury Jalloh, who burnt alive in police custody, will take place in Magdeburg: 1 pm at the main station. The appeal trial against the officer on duty back then will start next Wednesday
Start of the appeal trial in the case of Oury Jalloh
09.01.2011 18:04 [MD] We just published an overview map
Overview Map
10.01.2011 12:47 [MD] An article on right-wing Hooligans in Magdeburg has been published
Right-Wing Hooligans In Magdeburg
10.01.2011 17:03 [MD] On Jan 14 a concert with Holger Burner will take place in the social center "AZ Kim Hubert" in Salzwedel in support of the antifascist acitivies on the next day; on Jan 15, 9 pm, a drum'n'bass party will be hosted at "Heizhaus" in Magdeburg
11.01.2011 00:43 [MD] Tomorrow, Wed, the appeal trial in the case of Oury Jalloh will begin. Starting from 9 am, a solemn vigil will be held in front of the regional court of Magdeburg. During last Friday's remembrance demonstration in Dessau, Nazis were trying to provoke
YouTube Video: Racist Provocateurs Near The Demonstration
11.01.2011 09:26 [MD] A large banner has been mounted at "Campus Tower", located on the main campus of the university of Magdeburg
Picture: Banner at the "Campus Tower"
11.01.2011 09:41 [MD] Antifa also means: Struggle for autonomy. Tonight: Information event on Zapatismo. 7 pm at Einewelthaus (Schellingstraße 3/4)
Picture: Flyer
11.01.2011 10:42 [MD] Press release of the University of Magdeburg: "Magdeburgian Students Commit For Democratic Society"
Press Release
11.01.2011 14:17 [MD] Middle-class protest against radical criticism? On the campus, a poster promoting the "Meile der Demokratie" has been glued exactly upon one of the Autonome Hochschulgruppe ("autonomous students group")
Picture: Criticism unwanted?
12.01.2011 15:42 [MD] Another press article on the Meile der Demokratie ("mile of democracry") has been published today
Press Article
12.01.2011 15:56 [MD] Holger Burner will perform on Jan 14 in Salzwedel but Chipko will not. From 6 pm on vegan food and coffee will be offered, followed by a drum'n'bass party
13.01.2011 16:58 [MD] The panel "Nazis at universities: That doesn't have to be accepted!" is starting soon. The room is packed and two cops of the political police are at the door to check out who participates
14.01.2011 15:32 [MD] Last night in Magdeburg some people were attacked by half a dozen masked nazis.
14.01.2011 15:40 [MD] The central meeting point at the antifascist rally of FAU will bei on 15th of January, starting at 10 am at Alter Markt (behind Sparkasse)
14.01.2011 15:43 [MD] From tomorrow, 8 am, the info phone can be reached at (+49) 1577-1874530 and the legal team at (+49) 160-95819088. The ticker will be looked after from 10 am.
15.01.2011 10:10 [MD] The ticker will most likely start in half an hour
15.01.2011 10:31 [MD] The ticker starts now. Welcome
15.01.2011 10:32 [MD] The info phone can be reached from now on. The rally at Alter Markt, too
15.01.2011 10:33 [MD] The weather is moderate (ca. 10 ° C) and the sun is shining
15.01.2011 10:46 [MD] The legal team is available at 016095819088, the info phone at 015771874530
15.01.2011 10:57 [MD] The whole city center is filled with police. Our rally at "Alten Markt" is covered by cops. The cops control some people
15.01.2011 11:01 [MD] At "Dirk's Kiosk", close to Libertäres Zentrum, there are several Nazis taking pictures of people going towards the city
15.01.2011 11:07 [MD] Some Nazis are coming by car and park them at City-Carree near Hauptbahnhof (central train station). Watch out in this area and be careful at Kaufland, too
15.01.2011 11:09 [MD] Several Nazi hooligans of "Adrenalin" are in the tram from Hasselbachplatz towards Hauptbahnhof
15.01.2011 11:18 [MD] Some few Nazis are at "Meile". Nazis and police are at Otto-von-Guericke-Straße
15.01.2011 11:24 [MD] The rally is surrounded by cops, please go to "Meile der Demokratie"
15.01.2011 11:37 [MD] A group of several violent Nazis is moving by car through Stadtfeld-Ost
15.01.2011 11:39 [MD] Undercover police are monitoring who is coming and going at Libertäres Zentrum
15.01.2011 11:48 [MD] There are about 200-250 Nazis at Hauptbahnhof (central train station)
15.01.2011 12:09 [MD] Two leftists have been attacked by Nazis at City-Carree near the central train station
15.01.2011 12:15 [MD] Around 350-400 Nazis have gathered at the central train station
15.01.2011 12:31 [MD] The Nazis didn't start moving yet
15.01.2011 12:37 [MD] Blockade! Leftists are blocking the Nazi route at Otto-von-Guericke-Straße, near Max-Jos.-Metzger-Straße
15.01.2011 12:41 [MD] 30 leftists who are surrounded by cops at the urban railway station Hasselbachplatz need support. You can still get there
15.01.2011 12:42 [MD] The legal team reports two arrests at a tried blockade in the near of "Breiter Weg"
15.01.2011 12:45 [MD] Up to now, one arrest in the city center and two arrests at the blockade near to "Breiter Weg" were reported
15.01.2011 12:47 [MD] A blockade of about 150 leftists on the Otto-von-Guericke street at the museum was shattered by the police using sticks. There were several arrests
15.01.2011 12:49 [MD] The cops surround people on "Breiter Weg" near Keplerstraße
15.01.2011 12:51 [MD] Successful banner drop behind the main stage at "Meile der Demokratie"
15.01.2011 12:52 [MD] Around 800-900 Nazis have gathered at the central train station
15.01.2011 12:59 [MD] The licence plates of two undercover police cars in the city: H-C72163 and MD-D126
15.01.2011 13:07 [MD] There is a blockade of Bahnhofstraße, near Häckelstraße
15.01.2011 13:12 [MD] The nazis didn't form a demonstration yet; it's likely that it will still take a while until they start
15.01.2011 13:15 [MD] A blockade with about 50 people sits on Bahnhofstraße near Einsteinstraße
15.01.2011 13:18 [MD] The Blockade Bahnhofstraße near Einsteinstraße is being shattered
15.01.2011 13:24 [MD] A few Nazi groups are moving on Breiter Weg, be careful in the side streets
15.01.2011 13:26 [MD] There is a blockade at Schönebecker Straße near the Gruson greenhouses; but there is a lot of police presence
15.01.2011 13:28 [MD] The nazis start
15.01.2011 13:39 [MD] Everybody please move to Hasselbachplatz
15.01.2011 13:40 [MD] The pigs secure the whole Otto-v.-Guericke-Straße. All blockades have been shattered
15.01.2011 13:42 [MD] The cops are preparing a large surrounding at Hasselbachplatz
15.01.2011 13:43 [MD] There are violent nazis on the "Meile der Demokratie", watch out
15.01.2011 13:46 [MD] You can't get through to Hasselbachplatz anymore and if you are on Hasselbachplatz you can't get trough to the "Meile" anymore either
15.01.2011 13:47 [MD] People have been surrounded by cops at "Schleinufer". The nazis are currently on the Otto-v.-Guericke-Straße near museum
15.01.2011 13:52 [MD] Cops are being sent from Hasselbachplatz to Haeckelstraße
15.01.2011 13:55 [MD] The legal team reported an arrest on Humboldstraße. The arrested person has been released in the meantime
15.01.2011 13:56 [MD] At Friedensplatz (=Place of Peace) leftists are violently attacked by cops
15.01.2011 13:59 [MD] There is a surrounding on Haeckelstraße and at Friedensplatz. The nazis a near to Hasselbachplatz. Everybody please move to south now
15.01.2011 14:03 [MD] We finished the rally at "Alter Markt"
15.01.2011 14:09 [MD] People who are near to or north of the Hundertwasserhaus, please go there. There will be a meeting now.
15.01.2011 14:13 [MD] Watch out for undercover cops! Up to now, a group of three men has been detected, one of them is tall and wears a leathern jacket
15.01.2011 14:22 [MD] At "Platz des 17. Juni" (at the court) the nazis are having a rally
15.01.2011 14:37 [MD] Another arrest has been reported
15.01.2011 14:43 [MD] About 300 leftists are in Buckau and need support. The police seems to be overstrained
15.01.2011 14:46 [MD] About 150 people are on Schönebecker Straße within the Gruson greenhouses and Gesellschaftshaus
15.01.2011 14:49 [MD] The cops are arresting people arbitrarily at the Gruson-Gewächshäuser
15.01.2011 14:51 [MD] The Nazis are at the Gruson-Gewächshäuser, too; police is still arbitrarily arresting leftists
15.01.2011 14:56 [MD] 7 people blockade Schönebecker Straße between Gruson-Gewächshäuser and Gesellschaftshaus. Police is stopping anyone from joining the blockade
15.01.2011 15:09 [MD] There has been a blockade at Carl-Miller-Straße which has been dissolved. Nobody has been arrested
15.01.2011 15:17 [MD] The sit-down blockade at Gruson-Gewächshäuser has been dissolved. Police is all over Buckau
15.01.2011 15:20 [MD] Police is trying to push people to Pionierpark at Gruson-Gewächshäuser. Please move if you want to stay flexible
15.01.2011 15:26 [MD] The Nazis are in front of the Gesellschaftshaus and hold a speech. Many antifascists are nearby and try to disrupt
15.01.2011 15:29 [MD] Fruits, among other things apples, are thrown at the police at Gruson-Gewächshäuser
15.01.2011 15:34 [MD] The Nazis are passing Gruson-Gewächshäuser while playing Wagner. Police is protecting them from 100 leftist acitivists
15.01.2011 15:39 [MD] 20 leftist habe succeeded to arrive at Buckau station
15.01.2011 15:44 [MD] There are confrontations between Nazis and antifascists at City-Carree
15.01.2011 15:49 [MD] The leftists at Gruson-Gewächshäuser have not been arrested but their names have been noted and they habe been searched
15.01.2011 16:15 [MD] The Nazis are still standing at Gesellschaftshaus
15.01.2011 16:29 [MD] Since now the nazis will only be escorted to railway station Buckau. The action days ends now. Meeting points are at Libertäres Zentrum (Libertarian Center) and the Infoshop. Thank you for your help and please watch out carefully!
15.01.2011 16:35 [MD] The tram will drive as usual again now
15.01.2011 16:38 [MD] According to the legal team there's one person remaining under arrest
15.01.2011 16:55 [MD] Between the tram stations "Warschauer Straße" and "Budenbergstraße" the nazis are attacking people
15.01.2011 17:18 [MD] The Nazis are trying to overpower the cops at the central train station. Please be very careful if you're close by!
15.01.2011 17:26 [MD] The legal team reports four arrests at the central train station
15.01.2011 18:45 [MD] According to the legal team, all those arrested have been released now
15.01.2011 18:57 [MD] Just now five persons have been arrested at Ulrichsplatz
15.01.2011 22:22 [MD] The info phone is not being maintained anymore from now on. Please do not call it anymore
15.01.2011 22:58 [MD] The 5 captives will probably be released this night
15.01.2011 23:14 [MD] We have published a short résumé on today's actions
Short Résumé
15.01.2011 23:48 [MD] Everybody has been released from custody
15.01.2011 23:49 [MD] The legal team says goodbye; the phone is being switched off now
15.01.2011 23:51 [MD] We'd like to thank everyone for their commitment today! A more extensive evaluation will be published during the next days. The ticker team says goodbye and wishes everyone a good night