Ticker: München 13.11.2010 (en)

05.11.2010 17:55 [M] On November 13th, 2010 the Antifa Action Day in Munich will be supported by Indymedia linksunten with a ticker
Antifa Actionday Munich
07.11.2010 19:09 [M] The legal team for the Antifa Actionday on November 13th can be reached at +49 89 448 96 38
10.11.2010 15:42 [M] The number of the info phone for the Antifa Actionday 2010 is +49 151 21397022
10.11.2010 16:20 [M] This evening at 8:30 pm the last info event for the Antifa Actionday will take place at Kafe Marat (Thalkirchnerstrasse 201, Munich)
10.11.2010 18:08 [M] Just now the Infoshop of Kafe Marat has been raided by cops. The reason was, as happened before, the latest issue of Interim
10.11.2010 19:07 [M] Article about the house search of Kafe Marat (in German)
Indyartikel: [M] Infoladen durchsucht
11.11.2010 00:49 [M] There have been around 100 people at the last info gathering tonight. This quickens the appetite
11.11.2010 00:52 [M] Media: Deputy police president warns of 600 autonomous activists on Saturday. Citizens are called upon not to participate in riots
Article in Abendzeitung (German)
11.11.2010 17:19 [M] Media: Phillip Hasselbach, cadre of "Freie Nationalisten München" has been sentenced to one year and eight months in prison
Article in Süddeutsche Zeitung (German)
11.11.2010 22:37 [M] Media: Deputy police president Kopp fears rioting
Video by München TV (German)
12.11.2010 00:03 [M] According to police headquarters, 1,800 cops will be around to force throught the Nazi march. They are not mistaken: The major focus will be to prevent the march of "Freie Nationalisten München". And: We are well prepared
Propaganda of police headquarters Munich (PDF) (German)
12.11.2010 13:11 [M] Just now an article documenting direct action related to the Antifa Actionday has been published (in German)
Indyartikel: [M] Direkte Aktionen rund um den Actionday
12.11.2010 19:57 [M] The Convergence Center at Kafe Marat (Thalkirchnerstrasse 102) is open from now on! There you can find information, warm meals, beverages and a place to sleep, if needed
12.11.2010 21:24 [M] Here you find directions to Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus (starting point of the demo): Go from Odeonsplatz (subway 3/4/5/6) down Brienner Strasse, turn left at the second street. The square's official name is Maximiliansplatz
12.11.2010 21:39 [M] And here directions from Stachus (subway, tram): Go from Karlsplatz in north-eastern direction towards Lenbachplatz, then around 400 metres towards Maximiliansplatz
12.11.2010 22:54 [M] Sleep well everyone, we'll see us tomorrow at 10:30 am at Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus (Square of the Victims of National Socialism)
13.11.2010 09:25 [M] Hello and most welcome to the Live Ticker for the Antifa Actionday 2010
13.11.2010 09:29 [M] In one hour the Antifa demonstration will start at Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus, the weather is particularly suitable for sunglasses and scarves
13.11.2010 09:36 [M] The legal team can be reached at +49 89 448 96 38
13.11.2010 09:41 [M] The number of the info phone is +49 151 21397022
13.11.2010 10:32 [M] Watch out, large scale police controls around the starting point of the demonstration
13.11.2010 10:41 [M] There are already around 100 persons at the Antifa demo
13.11.2010 11:02 [M] The cops established a checkpoint between Odeonsplatz and Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus! They check IDs of everyone and search most. It makes sense to come via Stachus
13.11.2010 11:11 [M] There are 400 people at the starting point of the demonstration by now
13.11.2010 11:23 [M] The Antifa demo starts moving now
13.11.2010 11:45 [M] There are 500 people at the Antifa demonstration; the first 20 rows are surrounded by police lines and being taped
13.11.2010 11:48 [M] Anti-Antifa photographers of the racist weblog PI are taking pictures of the demonstration
13.11.2010 11:50 [M] There are around 30 Nazis at the main train station
13.11.2010 12:00 [M] At the main fire station, the USK (riot police) set up their operations center. There are lots of undercover cops in the byroads around the Antifa demo. There's a battlesome atmosphere at the demonstration
13.11.2010 12:03 [M] The non-radical citizens' rally started at Sendlinger Tor with around 500 persons
13.11.2010 12:18 [M] The Nazis' loudspeaker van, a red Opel with "AIC" (Aichach) license plate, is already standing at Isartor
13.11.2010 12:21 [M] The cops blocked off the route from Marienplatz via Tal to Isartor, it's impossible to get through there
13.11.2010 12:29 [M] The non-radical citizens' rally is attended by 2,000 people already
13.11.2010 12:32 [M] About 60 Nazis are taking the S-Bahn (city train) from Munich main station to Isartor
13.11.2010 12:39 [M] The Antifa demonstration has ended
13.11.2010 12:52 [M] The protest vigil at Lukaskirche (see map - B3) is surrounded by metal fences
13.11.2010 13:02 [M] There are just under 100 Nazis at Isartor, the rally didn't start yet
13.11.2010 13:10 [M] At the crossroads Ländsstraße/Steinsdorfstraße (see map - A3) are relatively few metal fences and cops; maybe something's possible there
13.11.2010 13:14 [M] The Nazis' opening rally has begun
13.11.2010 13:19 [M] Go to the crossroads Ländstraße/Steinsdorfstraße (see map - A3); if anything is possible, then probably there
13.11.2010 13:31 [M] Around 2,000 citizens are moving as a demonstration via Marienplatz towads the vigil at Lukaskirche (B3)
13.11.2010 13:44 [M] The Nazi demonstration just started moving
13.11.2010 13:59 [M] The Nazis just passed by the protest vigil at Lukaskirche (see map - B3)
13.11.2010 14:01 [M] Currently 150 Antifas are trying to get on the route of the Nazi demo at the crossroads Liebigstraße/Widenmayerstraße (see map - C2). Support can't hurt
13.11.2010 14:13 [M] At the corner Wagmüllerstraße/Prinzregentenstraße (see map - B1) people managed to get on the Nazi route, but got pushed back. Something's possible there with more people
13.11.2010 14:27 [M] At the corner Seitzstraße/Prinzregentstraße (see map - B1) people managed to get over the metal fences! Everyone should go there
13.11.2010 14:29 [M] Blockade! At the corner Franz-Josef-Strauß-Ring (see map - A1) 100 people are on the route! Also Seitzstraße is still going on! Everyone should go there, now
13.11.2010 14:35 [M] The blockade at Franz-Josef-Strauß-Ring/corner Prinzregentenstrae (see map - A1 - near Haus der Kunst) is increasing steadily, until now 200-300 people are blocking the street
13.11.2010 14:55 [M] The Nazis finished their speeches at Friedensengel and are now moving on Prinzregentenstraße towards the blockade
13.11.2010 15:01 [M] The Nazis stopped shortly after Luitpoldbrücke and are currentlty not moving
13.11.2010 15:04 [M] The Nazis just started moving! Stay at the blockade at all costs or go there
13.11.2010 15:11 [M] The Nazis still stick with their announced route! But they are still standing at the start of Prinzregentenstraße. Stay with the blockade or go there
13.11.2010 15:26 [M] The Nazis are being redirected through Bruderstraße (see map - A1/B1) towards Staatskanzlei
13.11.2010 15:34 [M] It's not Bruderstraße! The Nazis are turning into Seitzstraße
13.11.2010 15:36 [M] The Nazis will walk through Seitzstraße and after that most likely via Sigmundstraße towards Staatskanzlei
13.11.2010 15:38 [M] Try to get from the blockade via Franz-Josef-Strauß-Ring to Staatskanzlei
13.11.2010 15:44 [M] The cops are trying to escalate! Several arrests also by undercover police, cops use CS-gas, are beating and injuring people
13.11.2010 15:48 [M] More and more arrests are taking place, violent clashes with police and undercover police in the street running parallel to Sigmundstraße (see map - A1)
13.11.2010 15:51 [M] The Nazis are starting their final speeches now
13.11.2010 16:00 [M] The Nazis are reading a poem to finish their rally. All around still violent assaults on Antifas by cops
13.11.2010 16:16 [M] The Nazis have finished their final speech. They are led via Sigmundstraße - Christophstraße - St.-Anna-Straße to the subway station Lehel
13.11.2010 16:20 [M] Until now there have been 30 arrests. Please call the legal team (+49 89 448 96 38) as soon as you are released
13.11.2010 16:24 [M] A large white bus has been set up as a mobile prison between the square of the Nazi's final rally and Prinzregentenstraße next to Café Kitaro
13.11.2010 16:47 [M] The Nazis are at the main station, exit Nord/Arnulfstraße and are being escorted to the subway
13.11.2010 16:50 [M] 25 Nazis are at the S-Bahn (urban railway) platform towards Ostbahnhof
13.11.2010 16:53 [M] The 25 Nazis took the train towards Erding
13.11.2010 16:55 [M] During the police assaults an older man was beaten unconscious with a glass bottle by an undercover cop
13.11.2010 17:14 [M] The Convergence Center at Kafe Marat (Thalkirchnerstraße 102) reopened! Here you can find warm meals, drinks and also space for relaxing
13.11.2010 18:45 [M] Please call the legal team (EA) once you're released
13.11.2010 18:50 [M] Some numbers for the Antifa Actionday: About 1.000 at the Antifa demo, 3.000 at non-radical citizens rally, 90 Nazis, 1.800 cops, 32 arrests
13.11.2010 21:51 [M] Reports about the protests against the Nazi march in mainstream media were almost all negative - don't hate the media, be the media!
Berichte der bürgerlichen Presse
13.11.2010 21:52 [M] A first short report on the Antifa Actionday has been published on Indymedia linksunten (in German)
Kurzbericht vom Antifa Actionday
13.11.2010 22:06 [M] Info phone and legal team finished for today. All those arrested are free again. The ticker says good bye and thank you to everyone who took to the streets today! You were great!