Ticker: Köln 09.05.2009 (en)

04.05.2009 23:55 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will be setting up a live ticker in German and English against the Anti-Muslim Conference, May 8th to 10th in Cologne
The linksunten ticker (de)
06.05.2009 00:40 [Cologne] Public Prosecution has pressed charges against the confederacy's spokesman concerning appeal for criminal offence. At a cooperation meeting he handed flyers to the officers on enquiry
06.05.2009 10:46 [Cologne] The Administrative Court of Cologne approves Police' ban of the "pro Köln/NRW" demonstration to the Mosque ground in Ehrenfeld after the manifestation on saturday
06.05.2009 18:57 [Cologne] DGB, Green Party and Left-Wing Party solidarise with the left confederacy. Police announce a "red zone" and cracking down
07.05.2009 16:51 [Cologne] The highly secret travel plans of "pro Köln/NRW" to the second Anti-Muslim Conference have been published
Travel plans of "pro Köln/NRW" (de)
07.05.2009 22:40 [Cologne] The press conference of "pro Köln" will take place tomorrow morning in the law firm of Jürgen P. Clouth, St.-Apern-Str. 48-50. Admittance at 10.30 am, begin at 11 am. fon: 0221-25770-49, fax: -43
Photo of Clouth
08.05.2009 07:48 [Cologne] Good Morning from the Info Office! From 9:00 am we are available via phone at 0178-4073314
08.05.2009 09:24 [Leverkusen] "pro Köln" is gathering, about 60 people have arrived. Six 9 person busses, the rest is going to be transported with mini-van taxis
08.05.2009 09:42 [Leverkusen] They have pulled out to Leichlingen
08.05.2009 10:13 [Leichlingen] Lots of undercover cops around, amongst others a silver VW car with the licence plate E-AZ-903
08.05.2009 10:59 [Leichlingen] Both manifestations are under way. 50 people at "pro Köln", 60 at the counter demonstration
08.05.2009 11:44 [Leichlingen] "pro Köln" event finished - cops are gathering in Wiesdorf and are cordoning off the area
08.05.2009 11:55 [Wiesdorf] Police are getting ready for action - first protesters arrive - until now police didn't block roads
08.05.2009 11:59 [Leichlingen] "pro Köln" are on the way to Wiesdorf
08.05.2009 12:52 [Wiesdorf] Around 30 counter demonstrators are at the manifestation of "pro Köln", disturbing it with whistles
08.05.2009 13:02 [Cologne] Police are concentrating forces at Deutz train station
08.05.2009 13:06 [Wiesdorf] The cars of "pro Köln" are parked at Marktplatz
08.05.2009 13:38 [Cologne] The press conference is finished, around 15-20 journalists took part
08.05.2009 13:42 [Cologne] Riot cops at train stations Mülheim, Nippes, Buchforst, Deutz - central train station and Hansaring are still uncontrolled
08.05.2009 14:07 [Wiesdorf] Police are preparing for the departure of "pro Köln", one could disturb this at Marktplatz
08.05.2009 14:09 [Wiesdorf] "pro Köln" is leaving from the right side of the stage
08.05.2009 14:21 [Wiesdorf] Correction: "pro Köln" is still at the manifestation place. It looks like they'll leave soon
08.05.2009 14:32 [Dormagen] In Dormagen first shops are closing and metal fences are being set up
08.05.2009 14:35 [Wiesdorf] The taxis with which some of the participants arrived have just been cancelled by the taxi company
08.05.2009 15:02 [Dormagen] Paul-Wierich-Platz is closed off, around 50 counter demonstrators are already there
08.05.2009 15:24 [Dormagen] "pro Köln" arrived and started to set up the infrastructure
08.05.2009 15:40 [Dormagen] Rally location completely closed off, "pro Köln" is still setting up. It's still possible to enter the rally
08.05.2009 15:44 [Dormagen] Altogether there are around 50 people at the rally, including two groups of Nazis (combined around 20 persons)
08.05.2009 16:20 [Dormagen] Rally still under way, around 200 counter demonstrators make lots of noise with whistles. A tyre of a police surveillance van got stabbed
08.05.2009 16:43 [Dormagen] The counter demonstrators are surrounded by police and can leave one by one without controls. Until now 4 arrests
08.05.2009 17:38 [Cologne] At the starting point of the antinational demonstration at 7pm, the Bahnhofsvorplatz (square in front of the central train station), there are two police clearing tanks, one water cannon and around 30 riot cops
08.05.2009 18:00 [Dormagen] The rally has finished, "pro Köln" is leaving via Nettergasse, Europastraße, B9. Some of their hired cars are from "Uschis Mietwagen"
08.05.2009 18:06 [Münster] The Higher Administrative Court decided today in favour of the police that the main rally tomorrow can't happen at Roncalliplatz. "pro Köln" announced to take the case to the Federal Constitutional Court
08.05.2009 18:30 [Cologne] In half an hour the antinational demonstration will start, until now no police controls. There are still two police clearing tanks, one water cannon and around 30 police vans
08.05.2009 19:07 [Cologne] Police are stopping and searching people at the starting place of the demonstration
08.05.2009 20:21 [Cologne] The demonstration was stopped after a few meters, the police kesseled. Firecrackers have been thrown
08.05.2009 20:26 [Cologne] The demonstrations is still at the corner Domprobst/Marzellenstraße. The police demands to take off the mummery
08.05.2009 20:35 [Cologne] The demonstration continous. After the banners have been unknotted and the mummery has been taken off
08.05.2009 20:38 [Cologne] The demonstration ist now on the height of Tunisstraße
08.05.2009 21:11 [Cologne] At the moment a speech is held at the Friesenplatz. There are around 800 participants. Quite a lot of pedestrians are listening
08.05.2009 21:29 [Cologne] The speech has ended, the demonstration now moves down the Ring in the direction of Rudolfplatz
08.05.2009 21:49 [Cologne] The demonstrations is near Heumarkt
08.05.2009 22:05 [Cologne] The demonstration has been dissolved ahead of time, people are moving masked and in large numbers in direction Neumarkt. The police is overstrained
08.05.2009 22:05 [Cologne] Increased controls started at Galeria Kaufhof and the passages to and from Schildergasse after a spontaneous action took place
08.05.2009 22:27 [Cologne] Kessel in the Breite Straße, near the WDR (broadcasting company)
08.05.2009 23:09 [Cologne] The situation is slightly tense, the night is still young. We are keeping things low but will inform you about important updates
08.05.2009 23:16 [Cologne] Tomorrow: Hingegangen! Come to the entrance points (central train station and Messe) as soon as possibe and think well what to carry with you. The info point will be active from 8 am
09.05.2009 08:07 [Cologne] Good morning from the Infopoint! Hohenzollernbrücke is closed off
09.05.2009 08:14 [Cologne] Car searches are taking place at highways exits close by, groups are being stopped and searched in Deutzer Freiheit area, one can move freely at the Rhine
09.05.2009 08:16 [Cologne] The railway underpass at the tram is closed off, according to police it's possible to enter the trains station via Constantinstraße
09.05.2009 08:23 [Cologne] Another meeting point: rally of VVN, corner Kasemattenstraße/Justinianstraße
09.05.2009 08:28 [Cologne] The Federal Constitutional Court yesterday evening confirmed both bans. This means the speeches definitely take place at Barmer Platz, the demonstration won't happen
09.05.2009 08:45 [Siegburg] Lots of cops and until now around 5 "pro Köln"-people at the train station, small groups of counter demonstrators
09.05.2009 08:55 [Leverkusen] Around 60 to 80 "pro Köln"-people at the meeting point train station Leverkusen-Mitte
09.05.2009 08:58 [Cologne] Of the two passages through the train station Deutz, the eastern one is most easily reached via platforms 9 and 10. Move as fast as possible to the square, some are already there
09.05.2009 09:11 [Leverkusen] Around 200 rightists at the train station, among them 10 people of the militant Vlaams Belang security service
09.05.2009 09:21 [Kerpen] At the train station Horrem there are around 50 "pro Köln" people
09.05.2009 09:24 [Deutz] The train from Leverkusen will arrive in Deutz in a few minutes with around "200 "pro Köln" people"
09.05.2009 09:26 [Deutz] It's still possible to reach the square through the eastern passage of the train station via platforms 9 and 10
09.05.2009 09:31 [Horrem] The train from Kerpen-Horrem just left with 50 "pro Köln" people and very little police
09.05.2009 09:32 [Ehrenfeld] There is a blockade of the railway lines at train station Ehrenfeld with around 50 to 100 people. This is where the train from Horrem will pass through
09.05.2009 09:37 [Deutz] Around 150 counter demonstrators are at the checkpoint, many are already on the square
09.05.2009 09:38 [Deutz] Now it would be the perfect time to go onto the square
09.05.2009 09:41 [Deutz] Right now people can enter the square without controls coming from the eastern entrance to the train station
09.05.2009 09:45 [Deutz] It's advisable to wait expressing your displeasure until the speeches start. Repeatedly people have been turned away for chanting when "pro Köln" people arrived
09.05.2009 09:56 [Ehrenfeld] The blockade of the railway lines at train station Ehrenfeld is being surrounded by plice just now
09.05.2009 10:01 [Ehrenfeld] The train coming from Horrem waits several hundred meters from the train station. In half an hour another train, this time with people of Vlaams Belang, is supposed to arrive. Right now cops are checking the identity of the blockading people
09.05.2009 10:04 [Deutz] The people at the checkpoint are regarded as an assembly, cops threatened with evacuation. Single persons keeping quiet can still enter the square
09.05.2009 10:13 [Deutz] According to law it's possible to interpret it as an assembly, but you can insist on visiting the rally
09.05.2009 10:16 [Deutz] First disturbance actions happened just now at the square
09.05.2009 10:21 [Deutz] It's indispensable to disperse across the whole square. Best thing would be to move towards the centre of the square, towards the chairs
09.05.2009 10:24 [Deutz] A lawyer arrived at the entrance to train station and is negotiating with the police
09.05.2009 10:31 [Deutz] The rally with around 350 rightists just started. There is a sit-in blockade at the square
09.05.2009 10:34 [Deutz] The train from Aachen with 30 rightists arrived
09.05.2009 10:37 [Deutz] At platforms 1 and 2 a sit-in blockade is being established
09.05.2009 10:39 [Deutz] Cops and "pro Köln" security people are beating people on the square
09.05.2009 10:43 [Deutz] The sit-in blockade in front of platforms 1 and 2 is still obstructing the arrival of the rightists from Aachen
09.05.2009 10:46 [Deutz] One of "pro Köln" tried to break through the blockade but failed
09.05.2009 10:51 [Deutz] The rightists from Aachen are led to the forecourt. It seems that they shall be brought to the square from outside after having surrounded the place
09.05.2009 10:54 [Heumarkt] The rally of the DGB (German trade union association) with about 1,000 participants now passes the Deutzer Brücke in direction Deutz
09.05.2009 10:59 [Deutz] The group from Aachen is led via Auenweg which is the underpass at the LVR glass tower
09.05.2009 11:04 [Deutz] Rightists from "Pro Köln" have been spotted at teh Leichlinger Straße (at the ICE platform, west of the Barmer square) and at the Kölnarena
09.05.2009 11:10 [Deutz] There is the threat of ID controls at the square, massive perturbances at the verge
09.05.2009 11:15 [Deutz] At the moment 2,000 people participate at the demonstration of the DGB. It has been stopped for a short time at the height of Deutzer Freiheit but now moves on to the LVR glass tower
09.05.2009 11:22 [Deutz] The rightists from Aachen have been led to the square
09.05.2009 11:44 [Deutz] The rally still gets disturbed a lot
09.05.2009 11:48 [Deutz] The people at the rally urgently need soft drinks
09.05.2009 11:49 [Deutz] You can reach the square without controls from the north by using Auenweg and Osthallenstraße
09.05.2009 11:57 [Deutz] You can still get to the rally using platform 11 and 12
09.05.2009 11:58 [Deutz] The police has orders to let only rightists enter the square
09.05.2009 12:10 [Deutz] There are half a dozen Nazis in the kiosk in Siegesstraße
09.05.2009 12:12 [Deutz] The sit-in blockade at the DKP-rally (communist party) at Messeingang Ost/Pfälzischer Ring is threatened with eviction
09.05.2009 12:13 [Deutz] There are now around 200 counter demonstrators at the rally, more are waiting at the checkpoints
09.05.2009 12:19 [Deutz] It's still possible to reach the rally coming from north via Auenweg and Osthallenstraße (with controls)
09.05.2009 12:26 [Deutz] Manfred Rouhs has been photographed while beating a young woman. Charges has been filed against him
09.05.2009 12:31 [Deutz] "pro Köln" just dissolved the rally
09.05.2009 12:42 [Deutz] Several groups are trying to block the departure at the train station (eastern tunnel, the one that leads to the tube) at platforms 9 and 10
09.05.2009 12:53 [Deutz] "pro Köln" will take the S6 to Leverkusen at 1.10 pm from platform 9
09.05.2009 13:01 [Deutz] Platforms 9, 10, 11 and 12 are being cleared, platform 9 by a violent police operation. Single groups of counter demonstrators try to get to the train stations Mülheim and Leverkusen
09.05.2009 13:06 [Deutz] "pro Köln" is on the way to the platform
09.05.2009 13:07 [Infopoint] Particularly kind regards to the countless officers with mobile phones. You're our most devoted fans, we got a gift for you...
09.05.2009 13:23 [Deutz] The train to Leverkusen departed
09.05.2009 13:25 [Deutz] Several people have been arrested between train station Deutz and Siegesstraße/Kasemattenstraße
09.05.2009 13:50 [Leverkusen] The 200 "pro-Köln" people dispersed at the train station, Vlaams Belang is already on the way home with buses
09.05.2009 19:28 [Cologne] According to the Legal Team, 12 have been arrested throughout the day
09.05.2009 19:29 [Cologne] Thanks a lot for being on the streets of Cologne, Leverkusen, Dormagen and Leichlingen yesterday and today. Tomorrow, the Congress will possibly continue in Bergheim at 12 pm, the info phone will be available from 10 am