Ticker: Freiburg 10.12.2010 (en)

06.12.2010 23:00 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will support the protests against the German-French summit on the 10.12.2010 with a ticker
Special against the summit
07.12.2010 10:19 [FR] The will be a press conference on the protest against the German-French summit at 2pm in the squatted info shop at Gartenstraße 19
Press release: Linksradikales Bündnis Kontrollverlust
07.12.2010 14:09 [FR] The Stadttheater has cancelled the child play Hänsel und Grether in favour of Angela and Nicolas
07.12.2010 22:25 [FR] The legal team is ready to support beginng on Friday morning. Landline telephone: +49 761 4097251
EA-Blog at IMC linksunten
08.12.2010 18:47 [FR] The christmas market will be partially closed on Friday, partially only accessible through security control. Access to the venue will be prohibited
08.12.2010 21:58 [FR] There will be a network meeting concerning the protests against the German-French summit on Thursday at 7pm at KTS Freiburg
08.12.2010 22:03 [FR] An anti nuclear protest action will take place at Martinstor on Thursday at 6pm
BZ Article
09.12.2010 13:52 [FR] The press house of the Badische Zeitung was attacked with paint and stones in the night before the 9. December
Claim of responsibility
09.12.2010 17:51 [FR] The Stadttheater invites to a reading of Roma biographies on Friday at 11am on the back stage after the children's play Hänsel and Grethel on the main stage was cancelled
Invitation of the Stadttheater
09.12.2010 19:03 [FR] The tenth issue of indy deux rives has been released in german and french
indy deux rives 2010 || 10 - german - francais
09.12.2010 19:50 [FR] RDL interviewed the director of the Stadttheater
Interview [de]
09.12.2010 21:31 [FR] Around 100 environmental acivists did a Flashmob with a ABC-Alarm in the Bermudadreieck. The announced Greenpeace-action took place at 6 pm and projected anti-atom-images on the Martinsstor
Articel for the action [de]
10.12.2010 01:57 The Anti-Aom-Initiative Dreyeckland published a press release including the planned way for the manifestation on saturday, 11.12
PM der AAID, 9. Dezember
10.12.2010 06:44 [FR] Radio Dreyeckland Live-radio starts at 8 am on 102,3 Mhz in the Freiburg area, Studiotelephone - +49 761 31 0 28
10.12.2010 08:21 [FR] Political police is in position at Baslerstraße near KTS
10.12.2010 09:20 [FR] The Bertoldsbrunnen is closed off with iron barriers, special police forces and security checks
10.12.2010 09:24 [FR] Six groups of undercovercops, that are disguised as students, are walking trough town
10.12.2010 09:30 [FR] some of the undercovercops, that are disguised as students, wear white brassards with 'Polizei' written on them
10.12.2010 09:37 [FR] seven punx with bikes, a sound truck and a 'creative caddy' are ready to start from Paula-Modersohn-Platz. join them
10.12.2010 10:12 [FR] The demonstration on bikes just started from Rhino. Four cops on bikes are joining them
10.12.2010 10:14 [FR] The Stadttheater is surrounded by Hamburger Gittern (mobile fences). There is no way through
10.12.2010 10:18 [FR] Stop-and-search operation on mainroad B3 in the area of Müllheim south of Freiburg
10.12.2010 10:29 [FR] Elsässer Straße is closed from Mosswald towards Berliner Straße. A convoy with black cars went in direction of the inner city
10.12.2010 10:34 [FR] The demonstration on bikes with about 20 people was stopped by cops at Basler Tor. Their identities are being checked
10.12.2010 10:39 [FR] According to BZ (local newspaper) Sarkozy just landed at airport Lahr. Possibly the whole meeting will be delayed because of that
10.12.2010 10:42 [FR] The reading of roma biographies, organized by the Freiburg theatre, was banned from the theatre to Goethe-Institut
10.12.2010 10:42 [FR] On the southern side of Münsterplatz they rolled out the red carpet. A helicopter is in the air
10.12.2010 10:52 [FR] At Basler Tor all idendities were checked. The demonstration is still not allowed to go on. More cops are coming
10.12.2010 10:56 [FR] At Martinstor Sambasta is surrounded by riot cops
10.12.2010 10:57 [FR] The Highway A5 direction Freiburg is blocked completely and there are some police cars on the street
10.12.2010 10:58 [FR] One convoy just passed Teningen
10.12.2010 11:00 [FR] Clowns and Samba-band surrounded by police at Martinstor, cops beating people
10.12.2010 11:02 [FR] Military noise at the church place
10.12.2010 11:03 [FR] Seems like the cops want to seize the instruments of the samba-band
10.12.2010 11:05 [FR] According to the press there was a banner on the church place reading 'Madame Merkel and Monsieur Sarkozy, Oligarchy and Patriarchy, arrant as never before'
10.12.2010 11:08 [FR] Samba-band still surrounded by police near Martinstor, clowns are out of sight now, about 50 people with banners on the Kaiser-Joseph street
10.12.2010 11:09 [FR] The tank-dummy is seized at Basler Tor
10.12.2010 11:09 [FR] some samba-people have been filmed by the police, instruments were seized because according to police law it was not possible to say wether this was an assembly
10.12.2010 11:13 [FR] After identity checks first banning orders on the church place
10.12.2010 11:13 [FR] Merkel, Guttenberg, Sarkozy and the ministers are now all at the church, still there seems to be free entry to Münsterplatz through the Kaufhof
10.12.2010 11:22 [FR] Persons who got banning orders and wanted to move outside of the areas 'with cobblestone' were taken in custody by the police shortly after
10.12.2010 11:23 [FR] Two samba-people arrested
10.12.2010 11:26 [FR] The stopped critical mass at Basler Tor is allowed to pass in direction city centre without the creative 'tank trailer'
10.12.2010 11:39 [FR] The samba-instruments have been confiscated, "only" identities of the activists are taken, there are cops on horses on the way to the city theatre
10.12.2010 11:59 [FR] According to the press, Merkel and Sarkozy are now in the City Hall
10.12.2010 12:07 [FR] people are being arrested brutally at Martinstor. the biking demonstration got there by now. there are now 150 - 200 demonstraters. the legal team was pushed away from the demonstration. firecracker can be heard
10.12.2010 12:21 [FR] The police has to let you get to the Goethe Institut (between Jos Fritz-Cafe and Konzerthaus) where the reading organized by the Freiburg theatre takes place. The reading had to be replaced on police order
10.12.2010 12:46 [FR] Near Martinstor there are police attacks from time to time, samba equipement is seized "forever", area between city hall and church is closed
10.12.2010 12:55 [FR] Spontaneous demonstration from Martinstor in direction Platz der alten Synagoge - all samba-people were brought to cars in order to check their identities
10.12.2010 12:59 [FR] First military walking from the city hall to Breuninger. The rest may follow soon
10.12.2010 13:02 [FR] Spontaneous demonstration arrived at he library,is blocked from the gathering point of the demonstration and now marches with the DGB-car the Rempartstraße back in direction east
10.12.2010 13:10 [FR] Five Black-Bloc-cops were discovered in the spontaneous demonstration. One is named Klink and lives in Lörrach. You can recognize his 'punk'-hairstyle and Anti-Stuttgart21-Patch
10.12.2010 13:14 [FR] The identities of the clowns were checked in the university and had to undress to their underwear, persons from freiburg seem to have house arrest until evening, persons from out of freiburg are banned from the city. Please contact the legal team
0761 - 409 72 51
10.12.2010 13:17 [FR] Street from the City Hall to the church is free again. According to the press Merkel and Sarkozy are now in the theatre
10.12.2010 13:21 [FR] The spontaneous demonstration and the DGB-car are now at Bertoldsbrunnen and are NOT allowed to pass to the gathering point
10.12.2010 13:25 [FR] 26 persons from Switzerland were checked in Müllheim and it seems their cars are seized. They are now brought back to the border in police cars and should please contact the legal team
EA-Blog auf IMC linksunten
10.12.2010 13:28 [FR] The DGB-car was allowed to pass to the gathering point, the spontaneous demonstration is near Martinstor and is NOT allowed to pass
10.12.2010 13:34 [FR] At the gathering point of the demonstration there are now about 250 people
10.12.2010 13:51 [FR] About 400 people at the theatre. There are speeches. Merkel and Sarkozy left the theatre a few minutes ago
10.12.2010 14:22 [FR] Free Radio RDL collected some voices and impressions from this mornings protests
10.12.2010 14:26 [FR] About 350 persons near the Bertoldbrunnen
10.12.2010 14:32 [FR] Some samba-people are accused of 'attempted assault with music instruments'
10.12.2010 14:32 [FR] The demonstration reached Martinstor with 400 persons, a banner reading Sarkozy's quote to a fisherman 'casse toi pauvre con', meaning 'fuck off poor asshole', was unrolled
10.12.2010 14:38 [FR] Demonstration enters Rempartstrasse behind Martinstor, Slogan 'guerre contre le capital', 'war with capital'
10.12.2010 15:07 [FR] At 5pm food will be provided by a public kitchen at the Grün (Adlerstr.) and at 7pm you can listen one hour RDL radio broadcast
102,3 MHZ
10.12.2010 15:13 [FR] The final rally of the official DGB demonstration was held at Platz der alten Synagoge. One part of the demonstration ended in a snowball fight in Grün
10.12.2010 15:32 [FR] A few people were released from police custody! If you get out please call the legal team
Number of the legal team: 0761 - 409 72 51
10.12.2010 16:19 [FR] Some summit protesters try to give a short summary on air at RDL
mp3 - german
10.12.2010 17:44 [FR] Countless civilian cops, prior checks and a maze of "Hamburg" barriers prevented actions. Creative protest was confiscated, some had to undress in the building of the university and some even got a city ban
10.12.2010 17:51 [FR] 70 people party in the Grün-quarter with Elekto-Crust
10.12.2010 18:51 [FR] RDL (free radio) reviewed the summit and protests between 7pm and 8pm (102.3 Mhz)
10.12.2010 23:25 [FR] Tomorrow at 1pm starts the anti nuclear demonstration at the Freiburg christmas market. RDL covers the event between 12am and 2pm as well as between 5pm and 6pm. You can contact the legal team via +49 / (0)761 / 4097251
Call by AAID
10.12.2010 23:27 [FR] We end the ticker against the German-French summit. Thanks to all those who did not accept the show of force by governmental power. Everyone is free again and our resistance is unbroken!
Governmental show of force: German-French summit