Ticker: Friedrichshafen 03.10.2009 (en)

29.09.2009 12:00 [linksunten] There will be a live ticker on October 3rd 2009 against the Nazi rally in Friedrichshafen
30.09.2009 10:36 [Friedrichshafen] The administrative court Sigmaringen has announced to decide until this afternoon on the legal situation of the Nazi rally
30.09.2009 18:26 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi rally is allowed! The administrative court Sigmaringen has lifted the ban of the Nazi rally a few hours ago. Thus, the state has already backed down at first instance
30.09.2009 18:33 [Friedrichshafen] The fascists call to gather at Meckenbeuren station on Saturday at 12 o'clock as they did in the last years
02.10.2009 13:49 [Friedrichshafen] On October 3rd the legal and info team will be ready to support you from 9am to 7pm. Info team: +49 171 8485169, legal team : +49 160 92370977
Background information (German)
02.10.2009 18:59 [Friedrichshafen] According to eye witnesses, there are already now Hamburger Gitter (metal fences), water cannon tanks and busses at Friedrichshafen main station
02.10.2009 19:31 [Friedrichshafen] The recent preparation at the train station lead to the conclusion that there are going to be time intensive precontrols tomorow so it s important that you arrive early enough to actually be there at 11 am
03.10.2009 08:46 [Friedrichshafen] Some cops and riot police are on the way from Friedrichshafen (FN) to Meckenbeuren. They have vans and two trucks with metal fences with them
03.10.2009 08:47 [Friedrichshafen] The info phone is ready now and can be reached at +49 171-8485169
03.10.2009 08:51 [Friedrichshafen] The route between roundabout and airport is closed off
03.10.2009 08:56 [Friedrichshafen] There are only few riot police at the train station. They're parking their police vans and radio car at the sea side of the station
03.10.2009 09:15 [Friedrichshafen] The legal team can also be reached from now on: +49 160-92370977
03.10.2009 09:18 [Friedrichshafen] There are two police vans at the Buchhornplatz (near Zeppelin museum)
03.10.2009 09:30 [Friedrichshafen] A few cops are on the two sides of the train station, the station itself is completely packed by cops. They start putting up metal fences
03.10.2009 09:53 [Friedrichshafen] Fences have been set up at the train station, federal police is doing checks. At the lake side of the train station a group of a hunded cops with 7-9 cars is positioned, another hundred cops are in the post office at the train station
03.10.2009 10:16 [Friedrichshafen] The underpass at Paulinenstraße is guarded by two coppers. Wagons for police horses as well as police cars are spotted there. Trucks with metal fences are arriving
03.10.2009 10:21 [Friedrichshafen] Metal fences are set up now across Barbarossastraße, the Nazis will probably take this route
03.10.2009 10:30 [Friedrichshafen] Numerous nazi cars have been sighted, take care of yourself!
03.10.2009 10:34 [Friedrichshafen] Fascists are gathering in Meckenbeuren. Until now around 15 of them, including Anne-Marie Doberenz
03.10.2009 10:43 [Friedrichshafen] Nazis are gathering at the pedestrian underpass at Löwental train station, a water cannon drove into that direction. More trucks with metal fences are on the way
03.10.2009 10:54 [Friedrichshafen] The route between Löwental train station and roundabout Barbarossastraße is fenced off on both sides with metal fences. A group of cops gathered in the pedestrian underpass Löwental
03.10.2009 11:09 [Friedrichshafen] Around 80 Antifas gathered at Fridolin-Endraß Platz until now
03.10.2009 11:13 [Friedrichshafen] 30 police vans and two water cannon are positioned at Meckenbeuren train station. Lots and lots of police
03.10.2009 11:34 [Friedrichshafen] There are now around 100 Antifas gathering
03.10.2009 11:40 [Friedrichshafen] A TV crew of SWR is on the way from the train station to Fridolin-Endraß-Platz
03.10.2009 11:53 [Friedrichshafen] There are no cops on the platform in Meckenbeuren (only around the station). Thus, an unpleasant situation arose for the journalists as they were threatened by the Nazis. In the meantime, there are around 20 fascists in Meckenbeuren
03.10.2009 11:56 [Friedrichshafen] Because of police barriers and high police presence the following Nazi route seems quite likely: Barbarossastraße, Flugplatzstraße, Ehlerstraße, at the petrol station turning right into Goethestraße
03.10.2009 12:03 [Friedrichshafen] Sequel Nazi route: From Ailinger Straße at the petrol station turning right into Goethestraße, Beethovenstraße, Mühlöschstraße and from there probably back to the station
03.10.2009 12:07 [Friedrichshafen] The legal team announced the first arrest (at a petrol station, reason unknown)
03.10.2009 12:10 [Friedrichshafen] There are 3 Nazis at Keplerstraße corner Mühlöschstraße. 12 mounted police are between the train station and roundabout Riedlerparkstraße. The transporters for the horses are in Dietostraße
03.10.2009 12:20 [Friedrichshafen] A unit of riot police arrived at Ailingerstraße corner Keplerstraße
03.10.2009 12:23 [Friedrichshafen] A group of around 200 Antifas started moving, cops are advancing fast
03.10.2009 12:25 [Friedrichshafen] Around 30 Nazis gathered until now at Meckenbeuren train station. They're not moving towards Friedrichshafen yet
03.10.2009 12:32 [Friedrichshafen] Police are blocking the Antifas at Ehlersstraße corner Goethestraße
03.10.2009 12:34 [Friedrichshafen] The Antifas have been surrounded by police at McDonalds (Ehlerstraße)
03.10.2009 12:38 [Friedrichshafen] Violent attacks by police at the kessel. They are trying to arrest some Antifas
03.10.2009 12:41 [Friedrichshafen] Antifas coming from the station were stopped by mounted police on Löwentaler Straße and had to turn around
03.10.2009 12:42 [Friedrichshafen] The legal team announced three more arrests at the kessel
03.10.2009 12:44 [Friedrichshafen] The police confirmed our assumption concerning the Nazi route
03.10.2009 12:50 [Friedrichshafen] The cops are preparing to arrest those in the kessel at Löwentaler Straße
03.10.2009 13:00 [Friedrichshafen] The cops announced more arrests at the kessels. Antifas are holding on to each other
03.10.2009 13:02 [Friedrichshafen] Around 30 Nazis including families gathered at Bodenseecenter
03.10.2009 13:04 [Friedrichshafen] You can get as close as 5 meters to the Nazi route at Schwabstraße
03.10.2009 13:06 [Friedrichshafen] Correction: the kessel is located at Löwentaler Straße
03.10.2009 13:07 [Friedrichshafen] The legal team confirms 6 arrests, 3 more cases are unconfirmed
03.10.2009 13:09 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazis will march between Bodenseecenter and ZF Werk I
03.10.2009 13:11 [Friedrichshafen] Police prison buses are arriving, the cops want to arrest all those in the kessel
03.10.2009 13:23 [Friedrichshafen] Police announced once again to arrest all Antifas in the kessel. The Nazi demo didn't start yet, since the kessel is too close to their route. Arrests are supposed to start within the next minutes
03.10.2009 13:29 [Friedrichshafen] The cops at the kessel have put on their helmets, arrests will start soon. People at McDonalds are showing their solidarity
03.10.2009 13:32 [Friedrichshafen] Try to delay the clearing of the kessel in order to stop the Nazis from marching!
03.10.2009 13:37 [Friedrichshafen] The cops are randomly announcing bans for the inner city
03.10.2009 13:37 [Friedrichshafen] TO ALL THOSE IN THE KESSEL: Sit down on the ground! Stay peaceful but try to delay everything as much as possible. It shortens the time the Nazis have for demonstrating
03.10.2009 13:48 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi demonstration will probably start in a few minutes
03.10.2009 13:51 [Friedrichshafen] The detention centre is located at Steinbeissstraße in the school
03.10.2009 13:58 [Friedrichshafen] The protestors at Schwabstraße are being dispersed by police
03.10.2009 13:58 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi demonstration reached Ehlerstraße. Present are around 200 Nazis from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
03.10.2009 14:07 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi demonstration is at Ehlerstraße corner Mühlöschstraße, they are doing speeches right now. It's about 400-600 metres from the Antifa kessel
03.10.2009 14:19 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi speeches are finished, the demo is moving through Ehlerstraße. Anti-Antifa photographers are moving through the city, take care of yourselves! Smaller groups of protesters are jeering at the Nazis
03.10.2009 14:25 [Friedrichshafen] The legal team counted 47 arrests until now. That's the record breaking for Friedrichshafen! It will get even more since not everyone in the kessel has been arrested already
03.10.2009 14:27 [Friedrichshafen] There are still 60 Antifas in the kessel. They are still slowly being brought to the detention centre
03.10.2009 14:33 [Friedrichshafen] There are small groups of protesters with banners in Goethestraße. The Nazis are moving into this street just now
03.10.2009 14:35 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazis will probably turn into Beethovenstraße
03.10.2009 14:50 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazis turned into Ailingerstraße towards north-east several minutes ago
03.10.2009 14:53 [Friedrichshafen] After a short break, the Nazis are moving towards Mühlöschstraße
03.10.2009 14:57 [Friedrichshafen] About 150 to 180 Nazis marched through Goethestraße. They are being chased by 80 Antifas
03.10.2009 14:57 [Friedrichshafen] Detention centre (news from one of those arrested): they are sitting inside a baskeball field. Everyone seems to be ok, no provocations by the cops (unlike their behaviour "outside")
03.10.2009 15:08 [Friedrichshafen] According to most recent information, about 150 protesters have been arrested until now
03.10.2009 15:11 [Friedrichshafen] The first Antifas who have been arrested this morning were able to leave the detention centre
03.10.2009 15:20 [Friedrichshafen] Those who have been released should please really definitely contact the legal team: +49 160 92370977
03.10.2009 15:30 [Friedrichshafen] The speeches of the parties and of VVN-BdA are being held without problems at Fridolin-Endraß-Platz
03.10.2009 15:34 [Friedrichshafen] Some of those released are being ordered out of the city
03.10.2009 15:35 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi demonstration continues on Ailinger Straße. Mounted police at the front, behind them cars and police, after those the Nazis
03.10.2009 15:40 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi march turns into Mühlöschstraße, chased by around 70 Antifas
03.10.2009 15:49 [Friedrichshafen] 30 - 50 Nazis are moving on Eugenstraße towards Stadtbahnhof
03.10.2009 15:50 [Friedrichshafen] The trade union demonstration started with around 200 participants
03.10.2009 16:00 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazi rally is near Löwental station
03.10.2009 16:37 [Friedrichshafen] The prisoners are being offered a summary procedure to get released faster. The legal team reccommends to not accept it!
03.10.2009 16:41 [Friedrichshafen] The trade union demonstration has finished, too. There is live music at Adenauerplatz
03.10.2009 16:47 [Friedrichshafen] The Nazis left by train from Löwental. Two thirds got off at Meckenbeuren. The others are waiting in Ravensburg for the buses
03.10.2009 17:14 [Friedrichshafen] There're still small groups of nazis lurking in the streets. Only walk in groups and take care of yourself fellows!
03.10.2009 17:58 [Friedrichshafen] The cops are releasing all prisoners from the detention centre - enjoy your freedom and fight for it!
03.10.2009 18:27 [Friedrichshafen] The ticker is over now. We'd like to thank all comrades and friends who demonstrated together against the Nazis. Legal team and info phone will be available until 7pm