Ticker: Dresden 13.02.2014 (en)

02.02.2014 00:30 [linksunten] Indymedia linksunten will support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 13th of February 2014 in Dresden with breaking news
10.02.2014 23:01 [DD] Disturb fascist actions on 12.02! Registration for the 13.2 remains!
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12.02.2014 10:42 [DD] Dresden Nazifrei announces possible scenarios for Thursday
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12.02.2014 14:35 [DD] According to various sources Nazis plan a manifestation today (50-80 participants expected, 18-23h). Most likeliest place is Theaterplatz
DNN newspaper articel (german)
12.02.2014 14:45 [DD] URA and Dresden Nazifrei mobilize to take part in the Warm-Up-Event as counter-protest against the Nazis today at 17:30h, Theaterplatz. Ausländerrat, DGB and AG 13.Februar announced counter-manifestations nearby as well
12.02.2014 18:11 [DD] Today curt decides that nazis don't get a demonstration at the Frauenkirche. As alternative they get offered a demonstration in the city center between 12:00 and 15:00 o'clock. Here is the evaluation of Dresden Nazifrei
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12.02.2014 18:21 [DD] We give no further information for the actions today, check demoticker.org. Good luck. We are online in time tomorrow
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13.02.2014 12:47 [DD] Good morning. We are online now. You can reach the Legal Team at 0351 89960456, the medics at 01577 0669654 and the Info Phone at 0351 41884999. Take care
13.02.2014 12:50 [DD] After the Nazi rally on February 12th, the Nazis claim not to be planning any other activities today. They want to participate in the human chain and other activities of remembrance
13.02.2014 12:58 [DD] Schedule for today: 14:30 start of the "Täterspuren Mahngang" from DDNF at Schützenplatz; 15:00 "remebrence" of the city council at Heidefriedhof; 16:30 Stura-rally at Münchner Platz; at 17:00 human chain; 18:00 fusion of protest
13.02.2014 13:20 [DD] Strong police presence in the historic town and at the train stations of this side of the Elbe. The railroads are accessible. At Heidefriedhof there are already 40 police cars
13.02.2014 14:24 [DD] (C6) There are police controls on the way from Railway Station Mitte to Schützenplatz (start of "Täterspuren Mahngang")
13.02.2014 14:52 [DD] There is very high police presence at Heidefriedhof. A few Nazis are at the funeral party, many are members of the NPD (Nazi party) fraction
13.02.2014 15:03 [DD] (C6) There are a lot of police controls and controls of backpacks on the way to the "Täterspuren Mahngang". Access via "Am Schießhaus" or Ritzenbergstraße is still possible
13.02.2014 15:11 [DD] ART says that there are 300 people at the commemoration at Heidefriedhof, including 80 Nazis
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13.02.2014 15:17 [DD] The "Täterspurenmahngang" is starting with about 1000 people in direction Wettiner Platz
13.02.2014 15:35 [DD] (C6) At the train station "Mitte" police units from Leipzig are detaining people. The number of the Legal Team: 0351 89960456. Take care
13.02.2014 15:44 [DD] ART says that the activity at Heidefriedhof is finished
13.02.2014 16:00 [DD] Groups of Nazis were seen in downtown, especially at the Area "Postplatz". Stay together
13.02.2014 16:07 [DD] (B10) "Täterspurenmahngang" has stopped at the World Trade Center for an intermediate rally
13.02.2014 16:09 [DD] (B21) The Stura demonstration is forming at Münchner Platz. The sound truck is ready, the first people are coming together. The police presence is low
13.02.2014 16:43 [DD] (I9) Meanwhile there are 50 people at Neumarkt at the "silent remembrance"
13.02.2014 16:46 [DD] (H9) At Altmarktgalerie people were kettled (the police sais it's just a kind of "district conversion") and partially detained. A lawyer is there
13.02.2014 16:53 [DD] (B21) For the Stura demonstration meanwhile 200 people have assambled at Wiener Platz
13.02.2014 17:02 [DD] (D20) The Stura demonstration is moving on and is abreast of Nürnberger Platz
13.02.2014 17:06 [DD] (F12) At Reitbahnstraße 150 people have been kettled. A lawyer is on the way
13.02.2014 17:14 [DD] (F9) About 300 antifascists have assemblied in front of the Schauspielhaus. Police is also there. The atmosphere is relexed
13.02.2014 17:17 [DD] (F12) At Reitbahnstraße meanwhile a rally was registered
13.02.2014 17:19 [DD] The concerned citizens are beginning to prepare for holding hands with Nazis
13.02.2014 17:36 [DD] (F15) The StuRa demonstration and "Täterspurenmahngang" have merged at Bayrische Straße, now a rally is starting
13.02.2014 17:51 [DD] The people that came out of the imprisonment or an identity verification of the police please contact the Legal Team
13.02.2014 17:53 [DD] Small Groups of Nazis are consistently seen. They propably want to the human chain. The Number for the Legal team: 0351/89960456, the sanis: 01577/0669654
13.02.2014 17:57 [DD] (I11) StuRa-demonstration and "Täterspurenmahngang" walking together on St. Petersburgerstraße with direction Georgplatz
13.02.2014 18:02 [DD] (H9) Approx. 500 Antifas starting a rally on Wilsdrufferstraße, they can see the silent remembrance at Neumarkt
13.02.2014 18:04 [DD] Coloradio is streaming now at 98,4 and 99,3 MHz FM for today's action
13.02.2014 18:20 [DD] The human chain is over and the Nazis are celebrating on their hompage that mayor Helma Orosz wasn't disturbed by their attendance
13.02.2014 18:21 [DD] (F9) The Stura demonstration has arrived at "Postplatz"
13.02.2014 18:28 [DD] (I8) The kitchen for all is distributing soup at Neumarkt
13.02.2014 18:46 [DD] A spontaneous demonstration shall start now from Dr.-Külz-Ring with direction central station
13.02.2014 19:06 [DD] Nazis are spreading false information about their location via Twitter. They are neither at Bayrischen Straße, nor at Lennéplatz
13.02.2014 19:10 [DD] We ask people who were injured by the police and those who were released from custody to write down a recollection of events. Those who were injured should request a medical certificate by a doctor. You can find advice here:
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13.02.2014 19:39 [DD] There are still several hundred antifascists at Prager Straße, otherwise it seems to be quite silent. We are going to stay online for a while, in case something happens
13.02.2014 19:48 [DD] The medics didn't have to treat greater injuries until now. Big thank you to the medics
13.02.2014 20:40 [DD] The demonstration at Pragerstraße is also finished by this time
13.02.2014 21:02 [DD] Nazi scouts passed at the FAU strike picket in front of the "Trotzdem" at Alaunstraße, the people are asking for support. You can have a leisure-time beer there, too
13.02.2014 21:05 [DD] There are still groups of Nazis in the city, please don't go home alone, go in larger groups instead
13.02.2014 21:08 [DD] The Legal Team reported one in custody and several kettled. You can still reach the Legal Team at: 0351 89960456. Thanks to the Legal Team
13.02.2014 21:16 [DD] We're packing it up now and say goodbye. A small analysis will follow tomorrow. It is possible that there are still Nazis in front of the Frauenkirche or will appear elsewhere. Take care. Thanks to all participants
14.02.2014 16:20 [DD] Within the last days we thought about
Resümee zum 12./13. Februar 2014 aus Sicht des AID