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02.02.2013 17:25 [linksunten] We support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 13th of February 2013 in Dresden with breaking news
08.02.2013 18:22 [DD] The breaking news will be brought to you by Antifaschistischer Informationsdienst Dresden (AID)
09.02.2013 17:06 [DD] The SZ reports that Dresden police will be backed up by 2900 cops on the 13th of February. The will mainly secure the quarters Pirnaische Vorstadt, Johannstadt and Seevorstadt because of widespread demonstrations
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09.02.2013 20:06 [DD] We've found a worthwhile interview of Dresden Nazifrei by Coloradio Dresden. Tune in at http://www.freie-radios.net/53492
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10.02.2013 23:20 [DD] hand in hand, the official song to the humain chain now on air
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10.02.2013 23:23 [DD] The Jungle World has summed up the upcoming actions and events at the 13th of February: jungle-world.com/artikel/2013/06/47087.html
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10.02.2013 23:26 [DD] We'd like to point out the special of the «Keine Ruhe!» campaign. It contains lots of information about the 13th of February in Dresden. I can be found as a banner at linksunten.indymedia.org
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11.02.2013 14:09 [DD] Dresden-Nazifrei has published first action map
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12.02.2013 17:01 [DD] There are more accurate information about the scedule of the "Täterspuren Mahngang". The flyer and the announcement is available at dresden-nazifrei.com
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12.02.2013 17:54 [DD] Dresden Nazifrei published a new action map and a different scenario: check dresden-nazifrei.com
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12.02.2013 20:36 [DD] Besides this one and the ticker from Dresden Nazifrei there will be another ticker which will focuse on the activities of the nacis. It will be provided by Antifa Recherche Team - check: demoticker.org
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12.02.2013 22:51 [DD] Heads up - there is a second telephone number of the legal team: normal: 0351/89960456 new: 0152/23476543
13.02.2013 10:54 [DD] The Nazis are calling to meet up at 5.30 pm at Dresden Central Station. Their rally is to start at 6 pm
13.02.2013 11:00 [DD] Central Station (H10): Police are at the spot with 30 vans, 3 busses, and additional vehicles of the Federal Police
13.02.2013 11:27 [DD] For clarification: In our ticker, following location statements, you will find grid squares in parens. These apply to the action map which can be downloaded at dresden-nazifrei.com
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13.02.2013 11:50 [DD] Güntzplatz/railway station Sachsenallee (M7): Police discharge crowd barriers
13.02.2013 12:10 [DD] All bridges are passable
13.02.2013 12:15 [DD] Central Station (H10): There is a transmission car, protective gratings are placed around the train station, especially at the southern end
13.02.2013 12:25 [DD] Friedrich-List-Platz/Central Station (I10): approx. 300 people are waiting for the start of the "Täterspurenmahngang"
13.02.2013 12:56 [DD] Friedrich-List-Platz (I10): 1000 persons have gathered here and the loudspeaker van has arrived
13.02.2013 13:00 [DD] Railway Station Mitte (G6): 16 fully occupied police vehicles have arrived at the parking lot. Officers are mounting their riot gear
13.02.2013 13:14 [DD] Friedrich-List-Platz (H10): The opening rally of the "Täterspurenmahngang" is still ongoing
13.02.2013 13:15 [DD] Main Station (H10) The southern access routes in diretion to the station ( Fritz-Löffler/Bayrische Straße) are closed for car transit. Pedestrians can still access. Scatered police controls
13.02.2013 13:20 [DD] Hohe Straße and Kaitzer Straße (G10): These roads are blocked for cars
13.02.2013 13:21 [DD] Friedrich-List-Platz (I10): The "Täterspurenmahngang" starts moving
13.02.2013 13:31 [DD] approx. 2100 people take part in the "Täterspurenmahngang"
13.02.2013 13:37 [DD] Fritz-Löffler-Straße (H11): The street is open again in both directions
13.02.2013 13:42 [DD] St. Petersburger Str./Bürgerwiese (K9): "Täterspurenmahngang" is not turning to Bürgerwiese. A intermediate rally will take place here
13.02.2013 13:45 [DD] Police are getting into formation along the railway embankment
13.02.2013 13:58 [DD] Bürgerwiese (K9): The people's kitchen states that food is on the way
13.02.2013 14:00 [DD] Bürgerwiese (K9): The number of participants of the Mahngang has further increased. The intermediate rally is now over and the demo slowly starts moving again
13.02.2013 14:04 [DD] You can listen to the Info Radio at 98.4 MHz and 99.3 MHz (FM). They are already broadcasting
13.02.2013 14:07 [DD] Railway Station (N12): 13 occupied police vehicles ("normal" and larger vans) have been spotted
13.02.2013 14:13 [DD] Mistake: The action radio is not on FM Frequencies until 6 pm. Until then you can listen to the livestream
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13.02.2013 14:15 [DD] Glücksgas Stadion (L10): South of the stadium the police is parking water cannons and a eviction vehicle
13.02.2013 14:19 [DD] Hygienemuseum (L8): The "Täterspürenmahngang" is reaching its second stop, the first speech already started, there is tea
13.02.2013 14:23 [DD] Pirnaischer Platz (K8): approx. 20 police vans, 3 horse carriers, 1 transmission vehicle and a bus for detainees are parked there
13.02.2013 14:24 [DD] Güntzplatz/Station Sachsenallee (M7): Much police present (approx. 50 vehicles) and ambulances, crowd barriers are there but not in use yet
13.02.2013 14:26 [DD] Hygienemuseum (L8): The "Täterspurenmahngang" is starting to move again
13.02.2013 14:52 [DD] Rathenauplatz (L7): Now the next intermediate rally of the "Täterspurenrundgang"
13.02.2013 14:57 [DD] Güntzplatz/Station Sachsenallee(M7): The first crowd barriers have been set up
13.02.2013 15:02 [DD] Gerokstroße/Grundigstraße (N7): closed for car traffic //Carolabrücke (L6): streetcars are out of service, cars and pedestrians still allowed
13.02.2013 15:03 [DD] Central Station/south (H10): Bayrische Straße is blocked off from Fritz-Löffler-Str. with crowd control barriers; approx. 30 police vans are at the spot
13.02.2013 15:24 [DD] Central Station/Wiener Platz (H10): 40-50 antifascists are surrounded by police, police are conducting ID checks. Individuals in the sourroundings are also controlled by police
13.02.2013 15:33 [DD] Railway Station Strehlen (N12): Large police gathering with at least 15 vehicles at the spot
13.02.2013 15:33 [DD] Central Station (H10): Access to tracks 18 and 19 is blocked
13.02.2013 15:48 [DD] Dürerstraße nr Güntzstr. (M7): big black bloc clashes with police, Dürerstraße and Marschnerstraße are closed down by police in direction Güntzplatz
13.02.2013 15:54 [DD] Dürerstraße nr Güntzplatz (M7): situation unclear: several groups of activists as well as police forces are moving in the area
13.02.2013 15:56 [DD] Güntzplatz (M7): The "Täterspurenmahngang" is over. The crowd is dispersing into individual groups
13.02.2013 16:06 [DD] Pillnitzer Str. nr Güntzstraße (M8) 10 vehicles of the Saxony arrest units (BFE) are at the spot
13.02.2013 16:13 [DD] Pillnitzer Straße nr Güntzstraße (M8): 500 persons have set up a blockade
13.02.2013 16:14 [DD] Pillnitzerstraße/Güntzstraße (M8): Der Lautsprecherwagen ist angekommen und die Polizei zieht ihre Kräfte vor Ort zusammen
13.02.2013 16:17 [DD] Fetscherplatz (O8): There are about 120 persons, one big and two small sound trucks, Küfa (people's kitchen) at hand
13.02.2013 16:20 [DD] Pillnitzer Str. nr Güntzstr. (M8): approx. 600-800 activists at the blockade, there is food available. Access from Pillnitzer Str. and Güntzplatz is not possible, but you can get there via Striesener Str. and Straßburger Platz
13.02.2013 16:22 [DD] Ziegelstraße nr Rietzschelstraße (M7): The crossing is blocked by police
13.02.2013 16:39 [DD] Mainstation (H10): the legal team tells us the police kettle at the mainstation has been dissolved
13.02.2013 16:43 [DD] Fetscherplatz (O8): The sound van is at the spot. There is live music
13.02.2013 16:49 [DD] General situation: The Nazis which arrive at main station (H10) have to take trains in directon of Strehlen and Heidenau. Police tries to block off the activists around Güntzplatz (M7) towards south
13.02.2013 16:55 [DD] Trainstations: Its still unclear where the nazis will gather: Mainstation (H10), Strehlen (N12) and maybe Heidenau are the most probable possibilities right now
13.02.2013 17:02 [DD] Güntzstr. between Straßburger Platz and Albertbrücke (M6-8): Police are enforcing ID checks on those who want to pass in direction downtown; at Terrassenufer one could still get through
13.02.2013 17:04 [DD] Strassburger Platz (M9): around 300-400 activists built a blockade; trams and cars are not getting through anymore
13.02.2013 17:07 [DD] Fetscherplatz (O8): There is virtually noone at this event anymore
13.02.2013 17:12 [DD] Railway Station Strehlen (N12) und Station Heidenau: There are 20 Nazis in Strehlen and 250 in Heidenau
13.02.2013 17:21 [DD] Mainstation (H10) There is almost no Police and no Nazis at all at the Central Station
13.02.2013 17:27 [DD] In the area from Fetscherplatz (O8) to Tiergartenstr. (M11): really not a lot of police around
13.02.2013 17:34 [DD] Station Strehlen (N12) Central Station (H10): it will be clear shortly which will be the gathering point for the Nazis: it seems it's possible to get through police lines at Straßburger Platz, and at Güntzplatz as well
13.02.2013 17:40 [DD] Station Strehlen (N12): Many activists approaching the station from Northwest
13.02.2013 17:41 [DD] Station Strehlen (N12): Big busses steered by police officers are arriving, possibly to transport the Nazis. Several hundred cops are at the place
13.02.2013 17:51 [DD] Station Strehlen (N12): Nazis start entering the Busses
13.02.2013 17:55 [DD] Mainstation (H10) Nazis at mainstation are not send to the s-bahn anymore but led out of the building
13.02.2013 17:58 [DD] Mainstation (H10): 100 Nazis from Leipzig arrived. There are now about 200 nazis at mainstation
13.02.2013 17:59 [DD] ATTENTION: It is not yet confirmed that the Nazis at station Strehlen are entering busses
13.02.2013 18:06 [DD] Mainstation (H10) station Strehlen (N12): There are definitely Nazis at both stations - Central Station/south: more than 300, Strehlen: more than 200
13.02.2013 18:18 [DD] Strehlener Straße: about 200 antifascists on Strehlener Straße are moving towards Central Station
13.02.2013 18:19 [DD] Since 6 pm you can listen to ColoRadio by using the frequencies 98,4 & 99,3 MHz in Dresden - tune in!
13.02.2013 18:28 [DD] Around the main station (I10): There are quarrels at the train station: about 500 Activists at the pedestrian underway at Fritz-Löffler Str., stones are thrown
13.02.2013 18:32 [DD] Main Station (I10): more than 500 Nazis are still at Central Station. Several hundred people blockade them. The Nazis twitter that their comrades should come to Pillnitzer Str. (M7)
13.02.2013 18:37 [DD] Pulic transport station Strehen (N12): About 450 nazis left the train and are escorted by the police in direction to the great garden (großer Garten)
13.02.2013 18:43 [DD] Tiergartenstraße (M11): The nazis from Strehlen are walking on the Tiergartenstraße in direction to the city
13.02.2013 18:48 [DD] Pirnaischer Platz (K8): Approx. 2000 people moving from the "Pirnaischen Platz" in direction Central Station
13.02.2013 18:51 [DD] Tiergartenstraße (M11): Nazis are walking on Tiergartenstraße direction Lennéplatz; the blockade attempt on Tiergartenstraße failed
13.02.2013 18:58 [DD] Tiergartenstraße: Nazis are moving in direction Lennéplatz. They are probably near the zoo now
13.02.2013 19:00 [DD] Hauptbahnhof (I10): The situation is getting more stable: Several hundred people are at the east-entrance, in front of them 500-600 antifaschists
13.02.2013 19:05 [DD] Lennéplatz (L10): There were confrontations between the police and antifaschists. The Nazis arrived at Lennéplatz as well
13.02.2013 19:07 [DD] Lennéplatz (L10): Many antifascists arrving (total approx. 200), movement all over the place at Großer Garten
13.02.2013 19:12 [DD] Hauptbahnhof (I10): Everything empty at Central Station, no Nazis at the station, 500 Nazis south of it, but completely surrounded by counter-demonstrators
13.02.2013 19:13 [DD] Lennéplatz (L10): Nazis broke through the blocade and continue walking in direction Parkstraße
13.02.2013 19:20 [DD] Friedrich-List-Platz (I10): 20 fully-seated police vans arrived. Take care: Legal Team: 0351/89960456
13.02.2013 19:21 [DD] Winkelmannstraße (H11): about 50 Nazis are leaving Central Station without police taking care of them
13.02.2013 19:28 [DD] Parkstraße (K10): There is a new attempt for a blockade here at Parkstraße
13.02.2013 19:35 [DD] Near Lennéplatz (L10): The blockade is very strong. Another small blockade is located at Georgplatz (K8)
13.02.2013 19:40 [DD] Parkstraße nr Blüherstraße (K10): Over 1000 persons are continuing to block the Nazis
13.02.2013 19:48 [DD] Central Station (I10): The blockade at underpass Fritz-Löffler-Str. is slowly shrinking. There are still many Nazis standing on Bayrische Straße. Police are gathering forces
13.02.2013 19:50 [DD] Blüherstraße nr Helmut-Schöne-Allee (L9): There is a blockade, approx. 150-200 activists, there will be food in a few minutes
13.02.2013 19:52 [DD] Central Station/underpass (I10): Watch out! Risk of getting kettled here
13.02.2013 19:55 [DD] Budapester Str. nr Schweizer Str. (G10): approx. 60 Nazis are walking with torches accompanied by a police car on the "Budapester Straße" in direction North. Be aware!
13.02.2013 19:59 [DD] Hauptbahnhof (I10): Police are now massively securing the Nazis at Central Station, the blockade is weak and asking for support
13.02.2013 19:59 [DD] Once again: You can reach the legal team at 0351/89960456 and 01522/3476543
13.02.2013 20:01 [DD] ATTENTION false report: The Nazis with torches on Budapester Str. (G9) are moving without police accompanying them. There number is probably around 100
13.02.2013 20:04 [DD] Bürgerwiese (K9): The Nazis who came from railway station Strehlen, have stopped and are trying to protect themselves with black umbrellas against incoming snow balls
13.02.2013 20:07 [DD] Hauptbahnhof (H10): Police are trying to push the blockade towards the north (Wiener Platz)
13.02.2013 20:19 [DD] Parkstraße (K10): a little sit-in blockade has been evicted, but the rest of the blockade ist still in place. It is to be expected the that eviction will continue. Approx. 150-400 Nazis are held there
13.02.2013 20:20 [DD] Underpass Franklinstr. nr Strehlener Str. (K11): There you can pass the embankment of the railway in direction south
13.02.2013 20:25 [DD] Budapester Str./Wielandstr. (G9): The Nazis (probably even approx. 150) stopped moving again, after they had already turned around. Now more police than Nazis at the spot
13.02.2013 20:31 [DD] Gret-Palucca-Str. near Parkstr. (K10): 20 police vans arrived, officers leaft the vans
13.02.2013 20:32 [DD] Bayrische Str. nr Central Station (H10): The escaped 150 Nazis are being escorted to Central Station via Bayrische Str.
13.02.2013 20:34 [DD] Blockade Parkstr. (K10): Police forces are now taking action against the blockade with 1000 persons, probably to clear the way for the return journey of the Nazis
13.02.2013 20:35 [DD] Parkstr. nr Gret-Palucca-Str. (K10): Arrival of another 200 demonstrators at the blockade
13.02.2013 20:38 [DD] Main Station (I10): There are approx. 500 activists blockading south of Central Station, they are in good mood
13.02.2013 20:41 [DD] Lennéplatz (K10): Nazis have been walking with lit torches from Parkstr. in direction Lennéplatz, where they are holding a rally right now
13.02.2013 20:49 [DD] Lenneṕlatz (K10): The manifestation of the Nazis is surrounded by police and antifa-activists
13.02.2013 21:15 [DD] Neumarkt nr Frauenkirche (K7): at the "Frauenkirche" will be an event at 9:30 pm featuring group singing and cuddle toy ceremony in memory of the disolvement of the boyband Take That 1996
13.02.2013 21:19 [DD] Main station (I10): The Nazis at the Main Station are now all inside the station but still not in the trains. When and to where they leave is still unknown to us
13.02.2013 21:25 [DD] Overview 1: At the Lennéplatz (blockade in place) and at the main station (blockade in front of the station) are bis gatherings of Nazis
13.02.2013 21:27 [DD] Overview 2: So far it is not clear how the police wil ldeal with the situation and when we can expect the Nazis to leave. At both blockades antifas are leaving the blockades
13.02.2013 21:29 [DD] Main station (H10): The Antifa Researchteam reports, that the first Nazis are leavin voluntarily - see demoticker.org
13.02.2013 21:30 [DD] There are reports which claim that the nazievents are planed until 11 pm - This means, that they might still march later in the night
13.02.2013 21:34 [DD] Frauenkirche (K7): About 20 Police Vans arrived, nevertheless we will commemorate the victims of the disolvement of Take That
13.02.2013 21:52 [DD] Frauenkirche (K7): The action-radio just covered that some mourning and remembrance songs singing Take That survivor were hardpressed by the police
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13.02.2013 21:56 [DD] Main station (I10): The presence of the police in front of the station grows. An eviction seems possible
13.02.2013 22:00 [DD] Lenneplatz (K10): The number of Nazis present is estimated at 100. Their attempt to break out failed miserably
13.02.2013 22:16 [DD] Frauenkirche (K7): The legal team reports, that 30-40 activists are kettled and the police is acting quite rutheless
13.02.2013 22:06 [DD] Main station (I10): Police says: They won t evict but secure the evacuation of about 30 Nazis who walked at St. Petersburger Str. in direction to the Main Station. They are near the town hall with lots of police
13.02.2013 22:12 [DD] Lenneplatz (K10): It is reported that people in the blockades permitt the retreat of the Nazis
13.02.2013 22:15 [DD] Main station (I10): The police has devided the antifa-activists north and south of the station with a police chain
13.02.2013 22:19 [DD] Frauenkirche (K7): The ketled Take That Fans are being filmed for identification and their personal details are gathered by the police
13.02.2013 22:26 [DD] Lenneṕlatz (K10): Nazis walking in the police kettle from the Lennéplatz in direction to the main station
13.02.2013 22:38 [DD] Lenneṕlatz (K10): Nazis are walking from the Lennéplatz along the Tiergartenstr. Probably some of them are leaving from Strehlen station and others from the Main Station
13.02.2013 22:59 [DD] St.Petersburger-Str. (I9): Unconfirmed reports state that a sound system and 30-40 activists started a spontaneouse manifestacion to the "Bürgerwiese"
13.02.2013 23:30 [DD] The public relation person of "Dresden Nazifrei" draws a resumee in an interview with coloRadio: http://www.freie-radios.net/53679
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13.02.2013 23:37 [DD] The legal team reports: There are five confirmed detainees and five which have not been confirmed yet. The kettle at the Frauenkrichen (20 Pers) was resolved after ID-check
13.02.2013 23:37 [DD] The legal team thanks you for your support and we thank the legal team
13.02.2013 23:42 [DD] The antifaschistische Informationsdienst Dresden says good-bye with linksunten.indymedia.org/node/78766 We'll be back with breaking news if necessary
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14.02.2013 00:00 [linksunten] The breaking news team says thank you for your activism and multifaceted antifascist actions. We hope to see you again next weekend!
Breaking news about the demonstration against the European Police Congress