Ticker: Chemnitz 05.03.2013 (en)

22.02.2013 00:59 [linksunten] We support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 5th of March 2013 in Chemnitz with breaking news
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03.03.2013 18:23 [C] Welcome to the ticker! The info number for March 5 is: +49 1578 / 1954 307
03.03.2013 18:34 [C] The legal team can be reached via +49 341 / 211 93 13 on March 5
leagal team information
03.03.2013 19:16 [C] An action map with all important information has been published
Action map
05.03.2013 15:03 [C] The info phone is active from now on. The number is +49 1578 1954 307
05.03.2013 15:11 [C] Today we won't serve the news by SMS, please check the ticker for information
05.03.2013 15:27 [C] The area around the Weltecho is already heavily fortified. The hill at the Weltecho (river, Annaberger Straße, Bahnhofsstraße) is already strongly fenced off
05.03.2013 15:28 [C] It is not possible anymore to go from Dittestraße to Vetterstraße: blocked off with crowd barriers
05.03.2013 15:31 [C] Fraunhofer Straße is blocked off until Lutherstraße by police and with crowd barriers
05.03.2013 15:34 [C] Crossing Dittestraße/Reichenhainer Straße is blocked off with police vehicles and crowd barriers. The barriers are already chained together
05.03.2013 15:41 [C] The police are conducting controls at the student council's demo
05.03.2013 15:54 [C] There is a bourgeois rally at Tietz with approx. 15 people
05.03.2013 15:57 [C] Approx. 150 people are currently attending the counter-demonstration at the central railway station
05.03.2013 16:01 [C] The weather is nice! Go out on the streets and to the central station or the student council's demonstration
05.03.2013 16:05 [C] At the central station, the demo has grown to 250 people by this time
05.03.2013 16:09 [C] The area around Südbahnhof (southern railway station) is completely closed off by police. Nobody is allowed to pass through
05.03.2013 16:12 [C] The counter-demo at the central station and the student council's demo are both still standing at their respective meeting spots
05.03.2013 16:14 [C] The outbound lane of Reitbahnstraße is blocked off for traffic. Gustav-Freytag-Straße is also blocked off outbound
05.03.2013 16:16 [C] At the central station, arriving participants are now checked more frequently
05.03.2013 16:21 [C] Am Südbahnhof sind die ersten Nazis, circa 5, eingetroffen. Die Polizei ist dort mit einer Hundestaffel auf den Gleisen
05.03.2013 16:30 [C] The kick-off rally of Chemnitz Nazifrei is starting at the central station
05.03.2013 16:35 [C] There are currently approx. 500 participants at the counter-demonstration at the central station
05.03.2013 16:38 [C] Watch out! In the area around the central public transport station (Zentralhaltestelle) Nazi groups are stolling occasionally
05.03.2013 16:40 [C] Police are starting to detain and take pictures of people at the central station
05.03.2013 16:44 [C] Access to the student council's demo is currently only possible via Bernsdorfer Straße
05.03.2013 16:46 [C] Approx. 200-300 people are at the students' demonstration right now
05.03.2013 16:50 [C] If you happen to observe arrests, please inform the legal team! The number is +49341-2119313
05.03.2013 17:02 [C] Meanwhile around 400 people are at the student council's demo. The police are still massively conducting controls
05.03.2013 17:07 [C] Presumably undercover police are around in both demonstrations. Watch ou
05.03.2013 17:12 [C] Up to now, 10 Nazis are at Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 17:24 [C] The student council's demo has just started moving
05.03.2013 17:32 [C] Currently around 30 Nazis are at Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 17:43 [C] The counter-demonstration from the central station has started moving with 1,500 people
05.03.2013 17:48 [C] 40 Nazis are at Südbahnhof (southern railway station). The loudspeaker van is currently being set up
05.03.2013 17:53 [C] The student council's demonstration is currently holding an intermediate rally at Reichenhainer Straße nr Lutherstraße
05.03.2013 17:57 [C] There are about 100 Nazis at Südbahnhof (southern railway station) right now
05.03.2013 18:02 [C] The demomonstation that started at the central railway station is currently at Tietz. Speeches are being given there
05.03.2013 18:07 [C] People are moving from the rally at Tietz via Reitbahnstraße in direction to the Nazi route (direction Bernsbachplatz)
05.03.2013 18:12 [C] At Reitbahnstraße nr Anenstraße, an attempt to break through police lines was stopped with the use of pepper spray. There are negotiations with the police going on. If you're close, you should come there
05.03.2013 18:20 [C] The demonstration from the central station is currently moving on the Nazi route (Reitbahnstraße to - presumably - Clara-Zetkin-Straße). Also, access to Reitbahnstraße is possible via Clara-Zetkin-Straße
05.03.2013 18:26 [C] Currently, 200 Nazis are at Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 18:29 [C] The student council's demonstration is currently dispersing. Ritterstraße or Turnstraße from direction Zschopauer Straße might be wort a try
05.03.2013 18:40 [C] Until now, no speeches nor police requirements have been read out at the Nazi meeting point at Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 18:43 [C] 80 participants of the student council's demonstration have been at the barriers at Bernsdorfer nr Lutherstraße. The people are walking via Zschopauer Straße and have already passed Lutherstraße
05.03.2013 18:49 [C] Now 250 Nazis are at Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 18:51 [C] The blockade of Reitbahnstraße nr Clara-Zetkin-Straße is further shortening the Nazi route and is now moving in direction Bernsbachplatz
05.03.2013 18:55 [C] People from the student council's demo are moving from Zschopauer Straße across Turnstraße in direction Bernsdorfer Straße. Police is stationed there, but no crowd barriers
05.03.2013 19:00 [C] You're doing great! Keep on going
05.03.2013 19:04 [C] At Turnerstraße some people were able to break through. More people to support would be helpful
05.03.2013 19:08 [C] About 500 people are now moving on Bernsdorfer Straße between Thurnstraße and Lutherstraße
05.03.2013 19:13 [C] All those nearby can go to Bernsdorfer Straße nr Turnstraße
05.03.2013 19:15 [C] Everything looking great so far! Keep up the blockade on Bernsdorfer Straße and at Bernsbachplatz
05.03.2013 19:19 [C] The Nazi march is forming with 250 people, directed outside of town. Keep up the blockades
05.03.2013 19:27 [C] The Nazis are currently reading out the police requirements and want to start moving. All those nearby should support the blockade at Turnstraße
05.03.2013 19:36 [C] The cops are planning to lead the Nazis from Südbahnhof (southern railway station) via Reichenhainer Straße to Lutherstraße and back again
05.03.2013 19:40 [C] Once again the number of our legal team: +49 - 341-2119313
05.03.2013 19:47 [C] The Nazis are starting to move now. If the route announced by the police remains unchanged, it might be just long enough to walk those German dogs: about 400 meters
05.03.2013 19:50 [C] Both blockades are important! It's best to stay where you are
05.03.2013 20:09 [C] The Nazi march will soon arrive at Reichenhainer Straße nr Lutherstraße
05.03.2013 20:16 [C] Watch out! Heavy police movement on Altenchemnitzer Straße. There's a high risk of them trying to surround people
05.03.2013 20:28 [C] The police are kettling at Turnstraße nr Reichenhainer Straße. There are reports of arrests. The legal team can be reached via +49-341-2119313
05.03.2013 20:31 [C] Keep up the blockade at Bernsdorfer Straße nr Turnstraße
05.03.2013 20:35 [C] The 250 Nazis are still on Reichenhainer Straße nr Lutherstraße and holding their intermediate rally
05.03.2013 20:39 [C] The Nazis are still trying to negotiate a route with the cops. Go and support the blockade at Bernsdorfer Straße nr Turnstraße
05.03.2013 20:41 [C] Police are escalating the situation at Reichenhainer Straße
05.03.2013 20:47 [C] The Nazis had to end their march at Reichenhainer Straße nr Lutherstraße and are returning towards Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 20:52 [C] Even though the cops handed out area bans for the entire city of Chemnitz to the Nazis, they are calling for decentralized action. Take care!
05.03.2013 20:57 [C] A few Nazi groups were released around Südbahnhof, some of them moving towards the blockades
05.03.2013 21:34 [C] There are still around 30 Nazis on the platforms at Südbahnhof (southern railway station)
05.03.2013 21:42 [C] Small groups of Nazis are still in and around Hauptbahnhof (central station)
05.03.2013 21:48 [C] In case you were arrested, please call the legal team after being released. The number is +49 - 341-2119313
05.03.2013 21:51 [C] The info team calls it a day. Thanks to all of you! It was magnificent!