Ticker: Braunschweig 04.06.2011 (en)

25.03.2011 23:09 [linksunten] Indy linksunten will support the protest against the Nazi rally in Braunschweig on the 4th of June 2011 with a ticker
06.04.2011 19:19 [BS] Breaking news will be available on the 4th of June starting at 7am
15.05.2011 17:51 [BS] The city bans the Nazi rally on the 4th of June in Braunschweig
Bericht der Braunschweiger Zeitung
01.06.2011 10:41 [BS] The Higher Administrative Court considers to lift the ban, a decision is still due
Hintergrundartikel auf linksunten
01.06.2011 13:20 [BS] The Higher Administrative Court has allowed a stationary Nazi rally at the main station. It is expected that the Nazis will submit the case to the Federal Constitutional Court
Meldung der Braunschweiger Zeitung
02.06.2011 00:34 [BS] The Nazis take their case to the Federal Administrative Court
02.06.2011 00:43 [BS] The Nazis want to turn their rally into a Nazi rock concert and they plan a rally in a different town afterwards
Hintergrundartikel auf linksunten
02.06.2011 17:44 [BS] The Nazis lost at the Federal Administrative Court. After their stationary rally in Braunschweig they plan another rally a 3pm in Peine
Artikel des NDR
03.06.2011 16:05 [BS] The route the Nazis want to take in Peine became public. The want to march from main station to Kantstraße via Senator-Voges-Straße to Hagenmarkt and back. A counter rally will take place on Marktplatz
Liveticker der Peiner Allgemeinen Zeitung
03.06.2011 23:36 [BS] If you want to participate in the actions against the Nazis you'd better be flexible and have transportation. Detailed information will follow
03.06.2011 23:55 [BS] You should go directly go to Peine if you want to block the Nazi rally there
04.06.2011 07:19 [BS] Good morning and welcome to the ticker
04.06.2011 07:28 [BS] From 8:00-9:30 am there's a free, officially announced breakfast at Konrad-Adenauer-Straße at Bürgerpark, next to the Stadtbad (public swimming pool)
04.06.2011 08:17 [BS] The info phone can be reached under 0157-89552839. The legal team's number is 0178-8658314
04.06.2011 09:09 [BS] Currently there are approx. 12 Nazis at the main station's central entrance. The side entrances are blocked. ID checks are taking place at the central entrace
04.06.2011 09:13 [BS] There are crowd barriers from Telekom (main station) direction Viehwegsgarten
04.06.2011 09:22 [BS] There are police road blocks at Kennedyplatz, Heinrich-Büssing-Ring direction main station. Peaceful police in district Böcklerstraße. The main station is blocked with crowd barriers from all sides
04.06.2011 09:33 [BS] ID checks are carried out everywhere at Braunschweig main station
04.06.2011 09:35 [BS] At autobahn exit ramp Salzdahlumer Straße police controls are taking place
04.06.2011 09:36 [BS] The first Nazis arrived at the main station via motor cars
04.06.2011 09:38 [BS] Cars cannot drive downtown from Salzdahlumer Straße anymore
04.06.2011 09:42 [BS] The Nazis arrive in small groups at the main station
04.06.2011 09:46 [BS] 60 police vans are on the Schützenplatz in Peine, and there are no crowd barriers in the whole town of Peine
04.06.2011 10:21 [BS] There are 1000 counter-demonstrators at the rally of the Federation of German Trade Unions (DGB) at Braunschweig main station, 400 are waiting at the concentration camp memorial site in Schillstraße
04.06.2011 10:42 [BS] Access to the rally at the concentration camp memorial site is only possible via Leonhardplatz and Ottmerstraße
04.06.2011 11:02 [BS] Nazis plan to start with a kick-off rally at 4:30 pm at Peine main station
04.06.2011 11:10 [BS] 100 Nazis just arrived at BS main station, track 1
04.06.2011 11:16 [BS] 300 Nazis just set off from Hannover via train. They will arrive at BS main station at 12 am
04.06.2011 11:24 [BS] Apparently only 50 Nazis arrived with the train that approched a moment ago. Other Nazis, walking, are being directed via Heinrich-Büssing-Ring to the Nazi rally
04.06.2011 11:32 [BS] The DGB (labor union) demonstration has arrived at the KZ memorial
04.06.2011 11:43 [BS] The DGB (labor union) demonstration has moved downton with approx. 2000 people
04.06.2011 11:44 [BS] There are still about 500 people at the DGB rally at the central train station, they have music
04.06.2011 11:49 [BS] There are about 150 Nazis at the rally by now
04.06.2011 11:51 [BS] Several hundred Nazis have been spotted inside the Braunschweig train station and on the tracks. Precise number is unknown
04.06.2011 12:10 [BS] There are 450 Nazis at the rally by now
04.06.2011 12:27 [BS] Those wanting to block the Peine Nazi rally should go there now. It's possible to take the train but likely to be searched by police
04.06.2011 12:30 [BS] In front of Nexus you can find a small car shuttle service. The number of seats is unknown
04.06.2011 12:32 [BS] At least 100 antifascists arrived at Peine central train station. Police are gathering, too
04.06.2011 12:38 [BS] The Nazi rally at Braunschweig central train station starts now
04.06.2011 12:47 [BS] The rally of Bündnis gegen Rechts has ended by now
04.06.2011 12:51 [BS] The roads to Peine are open, no controls on the way. The destination should be the northern side of Peine central train station
04.06.2011 12:53 [BS] Nazis are announcing the march in Peine at their rally at the central train station
04.06.2011 12:58 [BS] All cars with spare seats should come to Nexus (Frankfurter Straße)
04.06.2011 13:00 [BS] The Nazi rally at BS central train station can best disturbed best coming from Ackerstr. to the square in front of the train station
04.06.2011 13:02 [BS] Several Nazis have been chased away at Nexus. Take care!
04.06.2011 13:13 [BS] Preliminary results: 4000-5000 protesters in the inner city, several hundred at the central train station BS. About 450 Nazis at their rally
04.06.2011 13:45 [BS] 30-40 protesters are gathering at track 1 in Peine, blockading
04.06.2011 13:51 [BS] 100 (and counting) counter-protesters are blocking track 1 in Peine. Only few police around. Here we go!
04.06.2011 13:58 [BS] Police are gathering at Peine main station
04.06.2011 14:14 [BS] Go ahead and support the blockade at track 1 at Peine central train station!
04.06.2011 14:21 [BS] Police allowed several Nazi groups to leave the rally and go towards the inner city
04.06.2011 14:25 [BS] At the moment, the cops don't let any trains go towards Peine
04.06.2011 14:29 [BS] The train to Peine left just now. The next train to paine leaves at 3:20pm on track 5
04.06.2011 14:46 [BS] Cops are starting to set up metal fences at main station Peine
04.06.2011 14:47 [BS] The train from Braunschweig to Peine arrived with at least 300 antifascists
04.06.2011 14:49 [BS] The Nazis want to take the train at 3:20pm to Peine
04.06.2011 14:54 [BS] Several small groups of Nazis and undercover cops are moving around Peine, there have been minor confrontations already
04.06.2011 15:11 [BS] Move to Peine station. The Nazi rally can be blocked!
04.06.2011 15:17 [BS] The Nazis get ready for departure
04.06.2011 15:23 [BS] Everyone should try to block the train station. Otherwise try to block the junction Kleine Schützenstraße, Werderstraße, Goethestraße, Kantstraße and Richard-Langenheine-Straße
04.06.2011 15:29 [BS] Right now a legal spontaneous rally is taking place at Schützenplatz
04.06.2011 15:37 [BS] The Nazi train leaves Braunschweig just now
04.06.2011 15:39 [BS] The train's last three two-storied wagons are full of Nazis
04.06.2011 15:51 [BS] No cops or Nazis any more at the central train station BS. The next train to Peine leaves at 4:20pm
04.06.2011 16:02 [BS] The Nazis arrived at Peine central train station
04.06.2011 16:06 [BS] The Nazis started marching on the regular route. Right now they're at Glockenstraße
04.06.2011 16:10 [BS] The approved demonstration route reads: Glockenstraße, Schützenstraße, Richard-Langenheine-Straße, Kantstraße, Senator-Voges-Straße. Block it!
04.06.2011 16:12 [BS] Hans-Marburger-Straße is still accessible
04.06.2011 16:16 [BS] Duttenstedter Straße is still accessible. The Nazis are still standing at Glockenstraße/Peine main station
04.06.2011 16:26 [BS] The blockade attempt on Kantstraße was not successful
04.06.2011 16:27 [BS] The Nazis still have not started marching. Keep trying to get on their route
04.06.2011 16:35 [BS] The next blockade spot is: Crossing Kantstraße/corner Senator-Voges-Straße. Activists are approching from all directions
04.06.2011 16:37 [BS] An alternative approch would be blocking Hagenmarkt, preferably coming from Marktstraße
04.06.2011 16:39 [BS] The Nazis are most likely still waiting for their loudspeaker van (white truck with logo "Eurocargo", licence plate H-DL-1693)
04.06.2011 16:46 [BS] 40-50 people are held in a police kettle at Stadtpark. Cops are using pepperspray and dogs
04.06.2011 16:48 [BS] Individual Nazi groups are trolling the streets. Watch out!
04.06.2011 16:55 [BS] The Nazis' loudspeaker van has just arrived
04.06.2011 16:56 [BS] An unannounced demonstration of 200 people is taking place at Silberkamp/corner Röerstraße
04.06.2011 17:05 [BS] Police forcs are being withdrawn from Hagenmarkt. That's the current location of the Nazis' loudspeaker van
04.06.2011 17:08 [BS] The Nazi rally at Peine main station has started
04.06.2011 17:11 [BS] The Nazis just started marching
04.06.2011 17:16 [BS] There is a spontaneous demonstration from Schwarzer Weg direction Kantstraße. The Nazis are now at the crossing Kantstraße/ichard-Langenheine-Straße
04.06.2011 17:31 [BS] The Nazis are now at Hagenmarkt
04.06.2011 17:38 [BS] Several hundred antifascists are at Freiligrathstraße/Duttenstedter Straße crossroads
04.06.2011 17:42 [BS] It's quite easy to approach the Nazis from Goethestraße
04.06.2011 17:53 [BS] Preliminary results: 600 Nazis are holding a rally at Hagenmarkt in Peine. About 400 counter-demonstrators are still trying to block the march route of the Nazis and disrupt the Nazi rally
04.06.2011 18:03 [BS] 50-90 people are kettled by police in a backyard at Alb-Sergel-Straße
04.06.2011 18:19 [BS] The Nazis are on their way back
04.06.2011 18:21 [BS] There's a direct connection to the Nazi route through the mall facing Peine main station and the supermarket NahKauf
04.06.2011 18:22 [BS] 80-90 Nazis have already arrived at Peine main station
04.06.2011 18:25 [BS] About 100 Nazis, who have arrived at Peine mains tation, have already boarded their train but not yet departed
04.06.2011 18:28 [BS] 500 Nazis are standing at corner Hagenstraße/Werderstraße
04.06.2011 18:33 [BS] The train to Braunschweig has already departed
04.06.2011 18:35 [BS] The group of 500 Nazis just arrived at Peine central train station
04.06.2011 18:42 [BS] There were at least 6 arrests, some of those arrested are at the police station Hans-Marburger-Straße. Don't leave the prisoners alone
04.06.2011 18:49 [BS] At least 50 Nazis are inside Braunschweig central train station
04.06.2011 18:51 [BS] The police kettel at a Peine backyard near Albert-Sergel-Straße is still in place. The protesters are being videotaped and have their IDs checked
04.06.2011 18:55 [BS] A train with an unknown number of Nazis left from Peine to Hannover
04.06.2011 19:02 [BS] There are still about 70-80 Nazis at Peine central train station
04.06.2011 19:06 [BS] The remaining Nazis and cops at track 1, Peine central train station, are planning to take the train at 7:17pm to Braunschweig
04.06.2011 19:16 [BS] The cops are still holding several smaller groups of protesters in the inner city
04.06.2011 19:31 [BS] The last train with Nazis is on the way to Braunschweig
04.06.2011 19:37 [BS] An unknown number of prisoners is still being held at police station Schäferstraße
04.06.2011 19:46 [BS] The train from Peine arrived at Braunschweig. Be aware of Nazis at the train station
04.06.2011 19:58 [BS] Large groups of Nazis are roaming around Braunschweig central train station yelling slogans. Some small groups are leaving towards the inner city
04.06.2011 20:08 [BS] All prisoners at police station Schäferstraße in Peine have been released
04.06.2011 20:12 [BS] All prisoners have been released by now
04.06.2011 20:28 [BS] 7 Nazis are still at Braunschweig central train station, waiting for their train to Magdeburg. 16 others are lingering at the tracks waiting for their trains to Stendal and Wolfenbüttel
04.06.2011 21:13 [BS] The last Nazis are currently leaving Braunschweig main station
04.06.2011 21:19 [BS] The info office is now ceasing this ticker. Both the legal team and info phone can still be reached
04.06.2011 21:24 [BS] We'd like to thank you for your commitment and your resilience! The info office says goodbye!