Ticker: Bad Nenndorf 04.08.2012 (en)

20.07.2012 23:57 [linksunten] We support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 4th of August 2012 in Bad Nenndorf with breaking news
24.07.2012 18:58 [BadN] There will be information meetings on the 26.07. in several towns organised by the initiative "Kein Naziaufmarsch in Bad Nenndorf": Bielefeld, Göttingen and Magdeburg
30.07.2012 13:44 Mobilisation video for Bad Nenndorf is online at youtube
1000 mal blockiert!
30.07.2012 21:22 [H] Another Nazi rally has been announced for the 4th of August in Hanover. It's still not known if this rally will happen or not
02.08.2012 12:15 [BadN] There might be shuttle buses to transport the Nazis on Saturday
Pressemitteilung der Initiative
02.08.2012 12:24 [BadN] The action map is now online
Action map
03.08.2012 23:49 [BadN] Four people chained to a pyramid block the central meeting point of the Nazis
Bad Nenndorf - Pyramid on the route of the Nazis
04.08.2012 07:07 [BadN] The pyramid at Winklerbad is still there, supporters are at the face. A manifestation around the pyramid has been announced
04.08.2012 07:31 [BadN] Good morning dear demonstrators. We wish you a prosperous day at sunny 23 °C
04.08.2012 07:39 [BadN] All roads to Bad Nenndorf are being observed by the police
04.08.2012 08:56 [BadN] Police has lined up. Entrances to Kurpark are fenced off; there are passages where presumably ID checks are being performed
04.08.2012 08:59 [BadN] Entry is possible from Horster street, one control point in direction of Bahnhof street. The pyramid is still accessible
04.08.2012 09:00 [BadN] The info phone can be reached from 9:00 AM. There are two numbers: 0151-22102006 and 0175-4813617
04.08.2012 09:01 [Gö] Eleven Nazis are changing trains in Göttingen main station to platforms 6/7
04.08.2012 09:15 [BadN] The legal team can be reached via 0521-5600690
04.08.2012 09:29 [BadN] Several hundred people are on their way to Bad Nenndorf to stand firmly against the Nazis
04.08.2012 09:35 [BadN] You can still get to Bahnhof street through Wilhelm street
04.08.2012 09:46 [BadN] The police is observing all train stations around Bad Nenndorf. They sometimes check passports
04.08.2012 09:50 [BadN] Bad Nenndorf main station is only accessable through Born street at the moment
04.08.2012 09:57 [BadN] Police is trying to separate supporters of the blockade from those who are locked on to the pyramide, to investigate the construction and how to remove it
04.08.2012 10:03 [linksunten] Twitter has removed @bnblockieren, the account which is fed by the linksunten ticker, from the search. Fight censorship, tell others about the ticker and the Twitter account @bnblockieren!
04.08.2012 10:21 [BadN] There are now police riding and dog squads and water cannons at the train station
04.08.2012 10:27 [Harste] The cops have stopped a train with counter demonstrators before it arrived Harste. Show solidarity and do not leave Bad Nenndorf train station until they arrive
04.08.2012 10:32 [Haste] The spot where comrades are being held captive on the train is named Haste, not Harste
04.08.2012 10:38 [BadN] The police has asked everybody who is waiting for the comrades in the train at Haste to leave the train station and threatens to evict the platform. The train station is blocked effectively, the Nazis cannot get through
04.08.2012 10:47 [BadN] The train from Haste has finally departed. Persons in Bad Nenndorf had to leave the platform
04.08.2012 10:49 [BadN] Nazis are standing at all train stations around Bad Nenndorf, watching counter demonstrators. Take care!
04.08.2012 10:54 [BadN] The Nazis at the train stations are taking pictures of counter demonstrators. Protect your identity and don't take shit from anybody!
04.08.2012 10:55 [BadN] Around 20 counter demonstrators have been kettled near the rail tracks in Bad Nenndorf and are now being lead off. The rest is being forced to go to the DGB (union) rally, or else police threatens them to take them back to Hanover
04.08.2012 11:00 [BadN] Eight persons have locked themselves to the platform with bike locks around their neck. They are effectively blocking the arrival of the Nazis. Approx. 300 supporters are at the spot. Come over and show solidarity!
04.08.2012 11:11 [Haste] In Haste, too, Antifas are blocking the train station. The train is trapped in the station, the Nazi' arrival is being blocked
04.08.2012 11:12 [BadN] The cops are starting to rabidly disperse the track blockade to allow for the Nazis' arrival. Come to the train station and stop the eviction!
04.08.2012 11:18 [BadN] The cops are now in front of the chained people and try to evacuate. There are still about 100 people on the platform
04.08.2012 11:22 [linksunten] Twitter still censors the search function. Spread the ticker and Twitter account directly to all supporters!
Screenshot of the Twitter Search
04.08.2012 11:22 [BadN] The Nazis are trying to get to Bad Nenndorf via Hanover and Haste. The blockades at the train stations are still preventing their arrivals
04.08.2012 11:26 [BadN] About 500 people at the DGB manifestation. Die blockade at the train stations are being evicted, the arrival of the Nazis delays
04.08.2012 11:34 [BadN] All suporters of the Bad Nenndorf blockade have been evicted violently. The chained people only have a lawyer with them. The cops accepted harming people to make it possible for the Nazis to arrive!
04.08.2012 11:35 [BadN] The cops pulled about 20 supporters hard over the chained protestors
04.08.2012 11:38 [BadN] Apparently there are a few protestors left with the chained ones. They are being evicted
04.08.2012 11:43 [Haste] The blockade at train station Haste dispersed
04.08.2012 11:44 [BadN] A technical unit of the police has arrived at Bad Nenndorf train station. Instead of evicting the supporters, they check unchaining the locked protestors first. The pyramid is still up, too
04.08.2012 11:50 [Haste] The arrival of about 90 Nazis has been blocked successfully. They are now walking the way from Haste to Bad Nenndorf with cops with them. Organise your self-defense!
04.08.2012 11:58 [BadN] The scene at Bad Nenndorf train station is unchanged. The chained ones and some supporters keep blocking the train. So the arrival of the Nazis by train is blocked for the next time. The cops wonder how to unchain the protestors
04.08.2012 12:18 [BadN] The first Nazis have arrived Bad Nenndorf. They gather at their beginning point. The the blockade of the train station is still there, the arrival by train is impossible
04.08.2012 12:27 [BadN] Please do stay at Bad Nenndorf train station!
04.08.2012 12:30 [BadN] The Nazis are on Haster street ahead of Bad Nenndorf. They are covered by a big amount of cops
04.08.2012 12:36 [BadN] There was a blockade on Nenndorf street for a short time. The about 20 protestors left the blockade by choice
04.08.2012 12:45 [BadN] The Nazis can no longer take the train. A shuttle service organised by the cops cannot operate, because the bus drivers declined to drive the Nazis. Thank you!
04.08.2012 12:56 [BadN] Please stay at and come to Bad Nenndorf train station
04.08.2012 13:06 [BadN] To all of those who are still on their way and not yet at the train station: From West you one can get in direction of the Nazi route/Bahnhofstraße via Horster Straße. It's reasonable to block off the entrance to Bahnhofsstraße there
04.08.2012 13:20 [BadN] The platform has been cleared by the police. Currently many counter-demonstrators are assembled at a rally on the courtyard outside the train station
04.08.2012 13:26 [BadN] The rally in front of the train station can be seen and heard by the Nazis
04.08.2012 13:32 [BadN] There's only little police with the Nazis. Stay together and strong-willed
04.08.2012 13:48 [BadN] People are sitting down on the railway crossing Bornstraße. Come there!
04.08.2012 13:55 [BadN] We need many people to participate in the sit-in blockade on the railway tracks at Rotrehre nr Bornstraße to hamper the Nazis' arrival and departure. Join in!
04.08.2012 14:01 [BadN] The pigs are blocking off the railway crossing to allow the Nazis free movement into town. There are still people sitting on the rail tracks. Whoever can make it should join in
04.08.2012 14:12 [BadN] The Nazis want to walk down Gehrenbreite into town
04.08.2012 14:21 [BadN] The railway crossing Rotrehe is blocked. Because of this, the Nazis are currently standing in Gehrenbreite and cannot go any further
04.08.2012 14:25 [BadN] Dozens of counter-demonstrators want to reach the officially authorized rally of the Jusos (social-democratic youth organisation), but the cops are keeping them back to let the Nazis pass through first
04.08.2012 14:32 [BadN] Currently the Nazis are already 2.5 hours late, and they still haven't reached their starting point
04.08.2012 14:37 [BadN] The police could soon dare try to evict the railway crossing or allow violent Nazis to pass by directly at the sit-in
04.08.2012 14:43 [BadN] The blockade spot at the railway crossing is perfect. It should be uphold as long as possible!
04.08.2012 14:47 [BadN] About 150 people are celebrating in front of Winklerbad around the pyramid, which is still in its place. The police technicians have withdrawn from the site. It appears the Nazis aren't going to get to Winklerbad too soon, but keep up the blockade!
04.08.2012 14:50 [BadN] In Bad Nenndorf some Nazis are still hanging around, inconspicuously, apart from larger groups. Take care of each other and stick together!
04.08.2012 14:54 [BadN] The group of some 200 Nazis has started moving in direction of their starting point, probably via Schillerstraße. They are accompanied by relatively few police forces
04.08.2012 15:01 [BadN] On Bornstraße, counter-demonstrators have been attacked by the police with pepper spray and batons to free the way for the Nazis. Riding squads were also in action
04.08.2012 15:05 [BadN] The Nazis are now walking to the train station for their opening rally. Either come there or go to the pyramide at Winklerbad to block the Nazis' finishing rally
04.08.2012 15:18 [BadN] The blockade at Born street is gone. The people move to the pyramid
04.08.2012 15:38 [BadN] Please contact the legal team in case you witness arrests: 0521-5600690. And please also inform the legal team as soon as people are released again
04.08.2012 15:39 [BadN] The police has closed down the entrys to the pyramid. We suggest to stick to the train station to disturb the opening rally and later the departure of the Nazis
04.08.2012 16:06 [BadN] Several hours after the actual beginning, the Nazis still have not started moving. The blackade tactics of active anti-fascists have lead to this delay. The arrival of the Nazis has already been impeded several times
04.08.2012 16:19 [Hanover] In Hanover, police is preparing for the Nazis returning from Bad Nenndorf. After a frustrating day they shall get another opportunity to start a rally there
04.08.2012 16:21 [Hanover] At the central bus station, strong police forces are present, and Lister Meile is being closed off. Whoever is not in Bad Nenndorf right now should support the comrades in Hanover. In Bad Nenndorf the Nazis are still waiting to start moving
04.08.2012 16:25 [BadN] The Nazis have started their demo after all and have been walking 400m so far. They are about 400 in number
04.08.2012 16:41 [BadN] The Nazis—after having to wait for 4 hours—have already walked half of their route within 20 minutes. Use every opportunity to get active against the Nazis and their march!
04.08.2012 17:01 [BadN] Currently the Nazis are standing in front of Winklerbad and will start moving back shortly
04.08.2012 17:04 [BadN] The pyramid at Winklerbad could not yet be removed by the cops. The fascists are being guided along in low proximity to the activists
04.08.2012 17:13 [BadN] Nazis are attacking leftist activists at Kramerstraße nr Bahnhofstraße! Help our comrades and fight back!
04.08.2012 17:21 [BadN] Attention! It is NOT useful to go the site of the Nazi attack! It is too far away and one can hardly get there. Better gather and organise at the train station
04.08.2012 17:31 [BadN] Again, calmly: We recommond to gather at the train station. We can stick together there and act in a more coordinated manner. The Nazis will come back soon – time to spoil their departure!
04.08.2012 17:52 [BadN] Since not much is going to happen in Bad Nenndorf anymore, it is reasonable to take a train to Hanover before the Nazis do
04.08.2012 18:07 [BadN] Just for once the Nazi journey is delayed. Meanwhile, the first Antifas have arrived in Hanover and are preparing to welcome the Nazis
04.08.2012 18:08 [BadN] The acivists at the pyramid freed themselves. They beared the situation about 24 hours and are receiving medical aid now
04.08.2012 18:25 [Hanover] At Hanover central station, the police has deployed water cannons and heavily armored riot control vehicles
04.08.2012 18:40 [Hanover] The Nazi rally in Hanover has been cancelled. It's unknown who cancelled it
04.08.2012 18:44 [BadN] The Nazis ended their final rally. They are waiting for their trains
04.08.2012 19:20 [Haste] A larger group of Nazis is still standing at the Haste rail station
04.08.2012 19:22 [Hanover] Shortly a train with Nazis will arrive at Hanover central. Take care of each other and actively show the Nazis we don't want them
04.08.2012 19:29 [Hanover] The cops are behaving provocatively at Hanover central to be able to arrest people. Watch out
04.08.2012 19:34 [BadN] The Nazis are taking the train towards Bantorf now
04.08.2012 19:38 [BadN] Correction: departure from Bad Nenndorf is only allowed towards Bantorf
04.08.2012 19:47 [BadN] The Nazis departed from Haste, too, so it's possible to leave Bad Nenndorf in all directions. There are still Nazis at Hanover train station
04.08.2012 19:56 [Hanover] At the end the pigs try a final provocation. About 50 people have been kettled at the ZOB and shall be brought away
04.08.2012 20:04 [Hanover] Larger groups of Nazis seem still to be in Hanover. Take care and only move in larger groups
04.08.2012 20:12 [Hanover] There still seem to be Nazis in Weezen, too. They are accompanied by cops, but be careful
04.08.2012 20:16 [Hanover] Another group of 50-60 Nazis arrived at Hanover central train station and are being held by police near the railway lines. Organize your self defence
04.08.2012 20:25 [Hanover] Around 30 Nazis are in the Metronom train towards Northeim/Göttingen. At the moment with police escort
04.08.2012 20:44 [Hanover] Around 30 Nazis are in the regional train towards Halle
04.08.2012 20:46 [BadN] The info phone says goodbye now. A big thank you to everyone who made this day possible. The blockades were a great success, the resistance in Bad Nenndorf reached a new level
04.08.2012 21:25 [BadN] All in all, there have been 8 temporary arrests today. All accusations are unsustainable and all have been released before the Nazis even left Bad Nenndorf
04.08.2012 21:27 [BadN] The info ticker and the legal team say goodbye. We'd like to thank all those involved and active for the wonderful work today. On all levels, by all means: block Nazi rallies!