Ticker: Berlin 16.02.2013 (en)

11.02.2013 22:32 [linksunten] We support the antifascist protests against the European Police Congress on the 16th of February 2013 in Berlin with breaking news
12.02.2013 22:29 [B] During the upcoming days you'll find all relevant information about the police congress in Berlin in this ticker
13.02.2013 12:38 [B] Report on the down-and-dirty German economic and foreign policy – e.g. the „spy software“ by Siemens, official sponsor of the police congress
German weapons, German money… (de)
13.02.2013 13:19 [B] Today the ticker belongs to the comrades from Dresden – in solidarity and blast the Nazi pigs away... We will serve breaking news from tomorrow on!
14.02.2013 15:04 [B] Well! Yesterday, the Nazi rally in DD has been blocked – today there has been a massive turmoil against a forced eviction in B – and on Saturday, we'll sabotage the pig convention
14.02.2013 15:48 [B] There is a new call for action against the european police congress from NEA
NEA call for action (de)
14.02.2013 23:00 [B] Our breaking news will be translated to English. The call for action has been translated to English as well
call for action
15.02.2013 01:25 [B] An interview with Mathias Monroe about police cooperation in Europe, the police congress and protests against it can be found at freie-radios.net
Interview (de)
15.02.2013 18:23 [B] Please do not take pictures or footage of actions or demonstrators on Saturday. Camover will take place on Saturday
House searches of journalists (de)
15.02.2013 19:36 [B] By no means we intend to attack the journalists who have been targeted by house searches lately!!! We are focusing on mobile phone cameras in wrong hands
15.02.2013 21:39 [B] The cops have prepared themselves for tomorrow: the BCC is surround by gratings (Hamburger Gitter)
15.02.2013 23:24 [B] There are no reports in the media in the run-up to the police congress. But enough about police brutality. We'll see you in Kreuzberg tomorrow!
Chief of police calls punch consequent (de)
16.02.2013 01:04 [B] We've been 600 two years ago then 1500 last year against the pig congress. But who's loving the police today?
16.02.2013 12:42 [B] On the 19th/20th of February cops from whole Europe will gather in Berlin. We'll meet today! Mariannenplatz Kreuzberg 8pm! Be on time and come in large groups!
16.02.2013 13:45 [B] Don't forget the anti-racist rally on the 19th of February at 4:30pm in front of the BCC (Alexanderplatz) against the european police congress
„No nation, no border!“ (de)
16.02.2013 13:53 [B] Racism and european anti-migration politics are aspects of the police congress. There is an interesting article on the situation in Serbia on linksunten
Serbia: The new accommodation policy for asylum seekers and the racist counter-mobilisation in Vračević
16.02.2013 18:21 [B] Short update: there is a police van and a police dog transporter at subway station Warschauerstraße. Some unmarked police vans roam around Kreuzberg
16.02.2013 19:08 [B] Police is checking people at Ostbahnhof
16.02.2013 19:14 [B] The Mariannenplatz is open and clear. There are 20-30 police vans and water cannon tanks at Hermannplatz
16.02.2013 19:30 [B] There was a big fight at the "Kotti" but it had nothing to do with the demonstration
16.02.2013 20:09 [B] Around 700-1000 people gathered at the Mariannenplatz and are about to start the demo
16.02.2013 20:11 [B] The Demo is now moving in direction Görlitzer Bahnhof, where the police is trying to block off Skalitzerstraße
16.02.2013 20:16 [B] The Demo has been attaced by the police and is moving through Skalitzerstraße in direction to Kotti
16.02.2013 20:16 [B] Am Kotti wartet ein Wasserwerfer
16.02.2013 20:17 [B] There is a battle at Skalitzer corner Mariannenstraße
16.02.2013 20:18 [B] The water cannon at "Kotti" drives through Skalitzerstraße in direction to Heinrichplatz
16.02.2013 20:25 [B] There is a kettle at the Mariannenplatz. Wrangel nr Mariannenstraße and all the bridges in 36 are closed down
16.02.2013 20:26 [B] There is a big barricade at Engeldammstr. corner Adalbertstr. Eviction tank in Skalitzerstr
16.02.2013 20:27 [B] There is a huge fire at Oranienstraße corner Neue Jakobstraße
16.02.2013 20:33 [B] the the police split the demo. There are small groups everywhere. Plan C is following in reaction
16.02.2013 20:46 [B] plan C, now! : the police destroys our demonstration we can't gather nor make a bigger spontanious demonstration – in this case everybody should follow the decentral actionconcept
16.02.2013 20:48 [B] A police van and a water cannon are relaxing at Görlitzer Park
16.02.2013 20:56 [B] The Kreuzberg-Heli is in action. All bridges are closed for people who look suspicious
16.02.2013 20:59 [B] At Eisenbahnstraße the windwos of a bank have been smashed
16.02.2013 21:04 [B] The bank was not in Eisenbahnstraße, but at Annenstraße nr Heinrich-Hein. There were 2 people arrested and handcuffed
16.02.2013 21:17 [B] As far as we know there have been 7 people arrested. But there have been many sending-offs
16.02.2013 21:18 [B] At O'platz there are 4 police big vans and one small, but they look relaxed
16.02.2013 21:22 [B]There is a WaWe 10.000 (a modern water cannon) is in Wienerstraße corner Skalitzerstraße
16.02.2013 21:29 [B] A group of hundred (police unit) inclusive operation controllers are driving across Schillingbrücke direction Friedrichshain
16.02.2013 21:32 [B] There was a fire-attack on a police car in front of Rollerbergwache (police station) in Neukölln
16.02.2013 21:41 [B] 21:33 was a spontanious demonstration with 100+ people, starting Heinrichplatz, but was smashed in the meantime
16.02.2013 21:46 [B] Short summary: there have been attacks at a Wisack-car, Telekom-car, the federal printer (Bundesdruckerei) and the building of the senate in the Oranienstraße
16.02.2013 21:51 [B] The Sparkasse at Lausitzerplatz has no window glass anymore
16.02.2013 22:07 [B] 300 to 400 people let off steam on various shops in Krossenerstraße
16.02.2013 22:20 [B] Apparently there was one arrest at "Kotti", a total of 6 persons was reported to the EA, the exact numbers of arrests or people took in custody is unknown
16.02.2013 22:45 [B] Police is systematically searching for people in Friedrichshain. Look out for each other!
16.02.2013 23:20 [B] The Berliner Morgenpost reports with picture of burning wheels and of the demonstration
Brennende Reifen auf der Oranienstraße
16.02.2013 23:48 [B] More than 1000 people took part in the demonstration against the European Police Congress. The demonstration was heavily attacked and blasted, so plan C started and decentral actions began
16.02.2013 23:33 [B] the police is patrolling everywhere in Friedrichshain, look out for each other and don't get caught!
16.02.2013 23:40 [B] at "Görli" there were police vans attacked and the windows smashed
16.02.2013 23:55 [B] In the Petersburgerstraße are at least 2 water cannons (one of them the WaWe 10.000) and an equipment van
17.02.2013 00:09 [B] The EA asks for calls of people who have been arrested. They should report the EA their name and birthdate when they are set free again
17.02.2013 00:19 [B] This unmarked van attracted attention: B-PI 483, red VW T4, cruises around the Rigaer Straße
17.02.2013 00:27 [B] People have been threatened at AO Hostel at Köpenickerstraße at 8:30pm with a gun. An uninvolved woman has been held in order to hand her over to the police
17.02.2013 00:48 [B] "Thank you all, you were awesome!" ;-) We are done for today and there will be a summary and figures tomorrow
17.02.2013 18:20 [B] A preliminary analysis of the demonstration against the Police Congress on Feb 16
Erste Auswertung (German)
17.02.2013 18:24 [B] Important hints and help in case you got arrested yesterday can be found on the legal team's website. Please do not forget to give them notice once you are released again
EA Hinweise (German)
17.02.2013 21:48 [B] The police congress has not yet begun and therefore is not over, yet! On the 19th of February there is an anti-racist rally at 4:30pm in front of the BCC at Alexanderplatz against the European Police Congress