Ticker: 1. Mai 2009 Ulm (en)

30.04.2009 16:15 [Hannover] The antifascist news site Blick nach Rechts reports that the Nazis will move to Siegen (NRW). The pigs made a deal with the corporate media that there will be no coverage in the run-up. In hard times independent media is required!
Blick nach Rechts (de)
01.05.2009 12:31 [Siegen] The leftist 1. Mai-Demo started. At the "Eiserfelder Bahnhof" are cops. A helicopter with cameras is in the air. Three transportation vans brought police to Siegen
01.05.2009 12:52 [Siegen] At the main trainstation are at least 20 Policevans. In Eiserfeld there are around 20 Nazis. The Eiserfelder Stra├če will be closed completly for two hours. The police is going from house to house and asks people to move their cars
01.05.2009 13:34 [Siegen] At "Eiserfelder Bahnhof" are around 100 Nazis. They have all been controlled by the police. Axel Reitz arrived and makes himself important
Wikipedia to Axel Reitz (german)
01.05.2009 14:28 [Siegen] The demoroute is blocked by the police. Max. 100 Nazis make themselves ready for marching. The route is from Eisfelder station down the Eisfelder street to the market place
01.05.2009 14:42 [Siegen] The Nazis start going after a opening speech, they ve got transparents saying "Freien Nationalisten Siegerland" and "Keine Befreiung ohne Revolution"
01.05.2009 15:07 [Siegen] The Nazis are up to the "Hallenbad", where an interim rally will take place. The Naziaufmarsch consists of four blocks, mainly from the spectrum of Free camaraderie and less "Autonomous Nationalists"
01.05.2009 15:20 [Siegen] A Dutch Nazi agitates against the SPD as the largest "workers' traitor" and refers to the Blutmai 1929. He agitated against "foreign workers" and "Repression in Dortmund, where 200 - 250 Nazis were arrested
01.05.2009 15:47 [Siegen] At the fascist speech at the public swimming hall Axel Reitz fulminates against the "internationale Raubtierhochfinanz" and a flamish Nazi against "Zionists from Vlaams Belang"
01.05.2009 15:53 [Siegen] About 20 activists were chased thorugh a forest with an helicopter. 6 of them got arrested.
01.05.2009 16:22 [Siegen] The almost 100 Nazis are gone back to the station and hold their concluding speeches. At the 1st red May-demo there were about 150 Antifas
01.05.2009 16:57 [Siegen] The fascist demonstration is over. The Nazis leave. According to the police around 120 Nazis took part, witnesses estimate around 100 Nazis