Ticker: 1. Mai 2009 Siegen (en)

20.04.2009 12:00 [Mainz] Live ticker against the nazi rally on May 1st in Mainz
Background Article (de)
29.04.2009 15:13 [Mainz] The Nazis are allowed to march through Mainz. The Higher Administrative Court confirms the rescission of the prohibition of the nazi rally
29.04.2009 19:42 [Mainz] The nazi rally only begins at 12 am. The exact route and more info can be found on the mobilisation page
Mobilisation Page Mainz
30.04.2009 11:14 [Mainz] The meeting point for the train form Frankfurt to Mainz was preponed to 9 am. The meeting point is the central station lower platform 103. Be numerous an flexible!
30.04.2009 15:15 [Mainz] The telephone number of the Legal Team for May 1st is 0176 - 66 44 82 69
Strike the match!
30.04.2009 19:06 [Mainz] The antifascist meeting point for the train from Mannheim to Mainz has changed. The new departure time is 8:44 am, platform 1, Mannheim central station
30.04.2009 21:30 [Mainz] There will be two info telephones tomorrow. The number of the antifa info phone is: 0162 – 759 80 43
30.04.2009 21:33 [Mainz] The telephone number of the "Wir stellen uns quer!" info telephone is: 0177 – 97 47 939
30.04.2009 22:28 [Mainz] The new antifascist meeting point for the train from Darmstadt to Mainz is 8:15 am Darmstadt central station
Antifaschistische Linke Darmstadt
01.05.2009 07:13 [Mainz] There is a new number for the Antifa info phone, the old one can't be reached for technical reasons. The new number is 0176 - 78597385
01.05.2009 07:22 [Mainz] Metal fences are being erected around the train station. Not too much police yet, but their number is increasing
01.05.2009 07:50 [Mainz] The manifestation at Münsterplatz already started and can be used as a meeting point
01.05.2009 08:05 [Mainz] First protesters arrived at the manifestation next to the university
01.05.2009 08:28 [Mainz] First police controls in downtown - the train station is still reachable
01.05.2009 08:35 [Mainz] Try to get the coloured info-flyer by Quer-Stellen-Bündnis at the main station or at Münsterplatz
01.05.2009 08:51 [Mainz] Demonstration area of the nazi demo ist still quite accessible
01.05.2009 09:08 [Mainz] 200 people starting at the university with soundsystem
01.05.2009 09:15 [Mainz] Its still possible to leave the train station but probably they will close it down soon
01.05.2009 09:32 [Mainz] the first autonomous nationalists have been seen downtown. More bigger groups are to be expected. Take care who is walking around you.
01.05.2009 09:37 [Mainz] Demo from the Uni is now at the train station
01.05.2009 09:43 [Mainz] Big police kessel at the central train station
01.05.2009 09:47 [Mainz] Big groups of antifascists at the train station, a lot of police. Some first nazis seen in the area. The concentration area is still accessible.
01.05.2009 09:56 [Mainz] Groups of blocaders at different points of the train station. At the starting point police controls.
01.05.2009 10:05 [Mainz] Blocadegroup at Schottstraße, that means on the Naziroute. Further Blocadegroups at Bonifaziusstraße and Kaiser - Willhelm - Ring.
01.05.2009 10:37 [Mainz] spontaneuos and riots in "Neustadt". Several blocades around the train station
01.05.2009 10:44 [Mainz] Arrests in the Neustadt. Kessel at Frauenlobstraße/ corner Boppstraße
01.05.2009 10:56 [Mainz] Further actions and blocades in the "Neustadt". Nazis install their soundsystem at the train station exit towards McDonalds / Bundespolizei.
01.05.2009 11:09 [Mainz] Kessel at Frauenlobstraße, maybe the people wil lget arrested. So far 80-100 Nazis in the main train station. Nazi-Soundsystem in front of the train Stationbuilding
01.05.2009 11:34 [Mainz] Antifas at the west-side of the train-station. Blocades and kessel around the train station
01.05.2009 11:37 [Mainz] approx. 200 unionmembers at the DGB - house. So far approx. 50 Nazis at the main trainstation, the others are probably at other meeting points
01.05.2009 11:50 [Mainz] Nazis wear open shirts with "Combat 18", "18", "Reds better run" and "Landser". Police is not acting
01.05.2009 12:10 [Mainz] Two blocades at Kaiser-Wlhelm-Ring, one above, one under the subway to the traintracks
01.05.2009 12:22 [Mainz] There are stil lfew Nazis (60-70) around the Soundsystem at the side exit of the trainstation. The Nazis violated a lot of requirements for the demonstration, the police is acting now
01.05.2009 12:27 [Mainz] All around the trainstation are lots of Antifascists. In the Neustadt they are arresting some people. Take care of yourself
01.05.2009 12:48 [Mainz] Still less then 100 Nazis, some of them with "Landser"-Shirts and similar things. Right now nobody can reach the starting point of the Nazi demonstration
01.05.2009 13:20 [Dortmund] 300 Nazis attacked the demonstration of the unions with stones. Some people were injured and the Nazis caused damages. They were kesseled in the Stefanstraße and the Ostenhellweg
Article in "Der Westen" (de)
01.05.2009 13:31 [Mainz] Demonstration is already blocked. There are discussions between the Nazidemonstration applicant and the Police. It´s unclear, that the demonstration would act now or go in another city.
01.05.2009 13:35 [Mainz] It is still not clear if the Nazi demo is going to happen or not
01.05.2009 13:48 [Mainz] The Nazis stand in file at the train station, but they stand. It s till not clear what the police decided with the Nazis
01.05.2009 14:39 [Mainz] According to the Nazi -soundsystem the Nazis are not allowed to demonstrate in Mainz or anywhere in Rheinland Pfalz. Looks like the nazis are going to Saarland now. The blocades must remain until the Nazis are gone!
01.05.2009 14:52 [Mainz] Apparently the Nazis are not going to make a demonstration in Wiesbaden
01.05.2009 14:58 [Mainz] We guess that the Nazis go to the NPD-Event in Völklingen in Saarland. The Nazis are guarded back to the train. There are as well Antifas in the trainstation
01.05.2009 15:03 [Mainz] Antifas on track and 2nd track. The Nazis not quiet departure treat, prevent Nazi gatherings everywhere!
01.05.2009 15:11 [Mainz] The police fights Antifas back. Nazis get into the train, guarded by the police
01.05.2009 15:18 [Mainz] The train with the Nazis left the train station. The loudspeaker car is still at the station
01.05.2009 15:22 [Mainz] Blocades are still held up. The soundsystem is still there. Probably there are still Nazis in the city. Take care of yourself.
01.05.2009 15:28 [Mainz] People willing to go to Völklingen to block the NPD actions there, can take a train leaving the main station at 16 h for the Saarland. There are already 250 people participating in actions of the moderate left.
01.05.2009 15:35 [Mainz] There have been quarrels downtown between Nazis and Antifas. There are now 5 Nazis and they are in trouble with the police
01.05.2009 15:41 [Mainz] Blocades move towards Valenciaplatz (Police Headquarter in Mainz), to cal lfor liberation of their comrades
01.05.2009 15:45 [Mainz] Attention: The train to Völklingen goes at 3:55 pm!
01.05.2009 15:57 [Mainz] There have been at least 40 arrests. Probably have been a lot more arrests in other parts. solidarity demonstrations are on there way to the police hedquarter
01.05.2009 16:09 [Mainz] The police closed down Goethestraße. Calm atmosphere around the solidarity speeches around Barbarossaring (close to the police headquarter). The arrested people will be release soon probably
01.05.2009 16:41 [Mainz] Now most of the persons arrested are free again. People should contact the legal team and write down a thought protocol. On the 19th of may at 20h there will be an evening for legal questions and demonstration reflection in the Haus Mainusch
01.05.2009 17:14 [Mainz] First conclusion: The Nazi demonstration was impeded. They did not march one meter. but keep in mind: Tomorow they want to march in Kaiserslautern and Neustadt/W.
01.05.2009 17:22 [Mainz] The Ticker for Mainz ends here. The Infostructure is not avalable anymore. The Legal Team is available until 10 pm and tomorow from noon on