Ticker: 1. Mai 2009 Mainz (en)

20.04.2009 12:00 [Ulm] Live ticker against the nazi rally on May 1st in Ulm
Background Article (de)
29.04.2009 01:00 [Ulm] The Administrative Court Augsburg has rescinded the prohibition of the nazi rally in Neu-Ulm on May 1st which was filed by the Nazi Hasselbach from Munich. Thus, the Nazis may march through Ulm from 13 to 17 pm and afterwards through Neu-Ulm
Infoladen Ludwigsburg
30.04.2009 15:34 [Ulm] The Higher Administrative Court Munich decided that the prohibition of the nazi rally by the town Neu-Ulm was not legal. There will be at least 3.500 pigs in Ulm and Neu-Ulm
30.04.2009 15:35 [Ulm] The nazi route in Neu-Ulm will be: Bahnhof Neu-Ulm -> Meininger Allee -> Reuttier Str. -> Bahnhofstr. -> Kantstr. -> Augsburger Str. -> Gracisstr. -> Offenhauser Str. -> Kasernstr. ->Wallstr. -> Bahnhofstr. -> Reuttier Str. -> Meininger Allee
30.04.2009 16:52 [Ulm] The Higher Administrative Court Munich has limited the maximal length of the nazi rally from 16 to 19 pm. There will be a legal demonstration organised by the SPD starting from 16 pm in the Ottostraße in Neu-Ulm
30.04.2009 21:58 [Ulm] 40 Nazis attacked a group of antifascists in Ulm at the theatre. A group of 20-30 militant "Autonomous Nationalists" are moving in Ulm
30.04.2009 22:38 [Ulm] Metal fences have been set up at Ludwig-Erhard-Bridge, Neutorstraße and Olgastraße to protect the nazi route
01.05.2009 05:45 [Ulm] Zinglerstraße towards the train station and the area around the theatre are blocked for traffic
01.05.2009 06:01 [Ulm] The cops set up metal fences on the way from the train station to the theatre
01.05.2009 06:07 [Ulm] 300 people at the blockade at the main train station. The atmosphere is relaxed. BFE (riot cops) have been seen
01.05.2009 06:21 [Ulm] Neutorstraße is also blocked with metal fences. Activists tried to block the access to the railway lines but have been pushed aside by the cops. No arrests
01.05.2009 06:46 [Ulm] At the fences at the train station one person was beaten up by the cops and has been arrested. The atmosphere is becoming more agressive. Cops are filming
01.05.2009 07:02 [Ulm] The blockade at the train station exit near the post office is dissolving
01.05.2009 07:29 [Ulm] It seems like access to the train station is only possible with a valid train ticket. The nazi route is completely closed off by cops. High police presence at the Jewish Center
01.05.2009 07:53 [Ulm] There's a police blockade at corner Keltergasse/Sterngasse (across the street from the theater)
01.05.2009 07:54 [Ulm] Olgastraße near Platzgasse is fenced of with metal fences belonging to the the city. Mounted police is positioned at Karlsplatz
01.05.2009 07:58 [Ulm] According to the police Nazis that want to get off the train in Neu-Ulm are beeing removed. But apparently until now none have arrived there
01.05.2009 08:03 [Ulm] There are around 50-100 people at the blockade at the train station. People are coming and going
01.05.2009 08:10 [Ulm] At the corner Neue Straße/Schillerstraße (big junction at Ehinger Tor) there are many police vans and two prisoner transporters. Many cops move in small groups towards the train station
01.05.2009 08:13 [Ulm] Police is concentrating forces around the nazi route
01.05.2009 08:20 [Ulm] Please come to the blockade at the train station!
01.05.2009 08:21 [Ulm] The police presence at the train station can be explained by the circumstance that 15 minutes ago five Nazis have been attacked there. One Nazi was injured by a bottle
01.05.2009 08:26 [Ulm] The police blockade opposite the theatre at Keltergasse/Sterngasse has been removed, now there are only four cops. This is a possibility to reach the train station
01.05.2009 08:45 [Ulm] The police is finally blocking the trainstation (no acess)and they are trying to kessel the activists
01.05.2009 08:51 [Ulm] The situation at the train station calms down
01.05.2009 08:55 [Ulm] A police boat has been launched next to Maritim Hotel and moves down the Donau river towards Wehr near Thalfingen
01.05.2009 09:03 [Ulm] All back roads between Karlstraße, Olgastraße, Neutorstraße and Keplerstraßen have been closed
01.05.2009 09:16 [Ulm] ID-Checks in subways of the "Ehinger Tor" in direction downtown, Police is with riot cops all around downtown.
01.05.2009 09:19 [Ulm] At the "Weinhof" they are starting to buiöld up the Soundsystem for the DGB- union Demo. The police is watching them
01.05.2009 09:25 [Ulm] IMPORTANT! All people should move away from the train stations! People are hold by the police and they try to arrest people. people tried to break through with chains but it didn t worked
01.05.2009 09:28 [Ulm] The stone made bridge and the bus station is monitored by the police, In the "Fischerviertel" and in "Weinhof" are ID-controls. Train station is closed down. People are just allowed to leave the train station in little groups with police
01.05.2009 09:29 [Ulm] According to the Legal-team 5 people at the trains station had been arrested. The police is violently and massivly trying to snatch people out of the crowed. The Kessel at the train statio, with a lot of curdish leftist is enforced
01.05.2009 09:37 [Ulm] The policeboat at the "Donau river" stays at the level of town hall
01.05.2009 09:42 [Ulm] Webcam am Neu-Ulmer Bahnhof:
Webcam at the train station in Neu-Ulm
01.05.2009 09:51 [Ulm] Webcam at train station in Ulm
Webcam at train station Ulm
01.05.2009 09:54 [Ulm] The Bus from Freiburg arrived without controlls or other problems in Ulm
01.05.2009 09:57 [Ulm] Webcam at a main access road B10:
Wecam at the B10
01.05.2009 09:59 [Ulm] Drei Nazis got beaten-up at the train-station. In front of the train-station the police gives out restraining orders, People have been pulled ot of the kessel and got searched
01.05.2009 10:03 [Ulm] the police delivers restraining order until 00:00 Uhr they ve got blanc forms for that. Justification: the bloc has been conspicuous and the can t make a difference between bloc and peacefull protesters. People can leave the police just alone
01.05.2009 10:08 [Ulm] On the way to downtown people wit black flags and black clothes are pulled out and get controlled
01.05.2009 10:11 [Ulm] There was an attempt to break through the police rows. The Riots Cops attacs the activists with massive violence
01.05.2009 10:11 [Ulm] The police used pepperspray, Medics are at the sight, helping activists Looks like the police suffered as well. At least one lawyer is on the way to the train station
01.05.2009 10:17 [Ulm] There are further arrests at the train station
01.05.2009 10:18 [Ulm] There are quarrels between Weinhof and Neuerstrasse. Some people got not through to Weinhof, others from Weinhof can t leave. tense situation, police gets reinforcement
01.05.2009 10:25 [Ulm] At Weinhof police is using peperspray and people can reach the demo. The police on horses is now at Karlsplatz, a police helicopter has been spotted
01.05.2009 10:29 [Ulm] Police groups in Weinhof pulled people out
01.05.2009 10:31 [Ulm] The first prisoner transportvan arrived at the Münsterplatz. In the Subway at the trainstation there are 300 people kesselt
01.05.2009 10:34 [Ulm] Approx. 100 Antifas and Unionmembers are at Weinhof in a kessel and are soon going to be deported
01.05.2009 10:45 [Ulm] The entire train from Stuttgart istin a kessel at the train station
01.05.2009 10:47 [Ulm] The Antifa-bloc is in the Sattlergasse at Weinhof is with four rows of USK-Cops kesseled, the DGB-union-Demo starts anyway. Commnuists and Kurds stay and show solidarity
01.05.2009 10:50 [Ulm] The DGB-union Demo from Neu-Ulm just passed the "Herdbrücke" to Ulm. There are three police boats on the Donau
01.05.2009 10:53 [Ulm] At the train station the police give out restraining orders for the entire inner city. The restraining orders do cover as well the place of the DGB-union-rally at the Münsterplatz
01.05.2009 11:00 [Ulm] The police tries to get a set of photograph and fingerprints from all people in the kessel at Weinhof
01.05.2009 11:03 [Ulm] The police uses a lot of pepperspray in Weinhof
01.05.2009 11:07 [Ulm] Groups of up to 40 Nazis are moving freely within Ulm downtown
01.05.2009 11:11 [Ulm] Medics are at the kessel in Weinhof. The police gave restraining orders via megaphoneto the people around the kessel
01.05.2009 11:16 [Ulm] At Goldochsen a water tank has been spotted
01.05.2009 11:21 [Ulm] At Weinhof-Kessel is a water tank
01.05.2009 11:29 [Ulm] At train station is a loud, determined crowed. The apple front with around 70 people going from the trainstation in direction Hirschstrasse. A second police helicopter is in the air
01.05.2009 11:34 [Ulm] The crowd is moving now from Hirschstraße to Weinhof. In theWeinhof-Kessel they are still using pepperspray
01.05.2009 11:38 [Ulm] Black Bloc without police is walking on the "Neuen Straße" to the police station. Up to now, the water canons are calm.
01.05.2009 11:38 [Ulm] There are as well 3 policemen on horses
01.05.2009 11:39 [Ulm] the crowed reached the kessek and will be kesseld soon probably. There are quarrels between the police and activists
01.05.2009 11:44 [Ulm] The kessel at the trainstation has been dissolved. At the train station are arround 20 Nazis so far
01.05.2009 11:45 [Ulm] In the "Neuen Strasse" is parallel to the first water tank a second one
01.05.2009 11:53 [Ulm] At the train station still people get arrested
01.05.2009 11:57 [Ulm] The crowed, which moved from trainstation to Weinhof, rose a lot and goes back to the trainstation. At the trainstation the cops still use pepperspray
01.05.2009 12:01 [Ulm] At the trainstation still just 20 Nazis
01.05.2009 12:05 [Ulm] The Policecoordination team "is affraid" that, the USK riotcops are moved to Neu-Ulm
01.05.2009 12:07 [Ulm] The atmosphere in the kessel at Weinhof is realtively calm now
01.05.2009 12:12 [Ulm] the crowed in front of the train station gets bigger. Communists and burghers joined them. The police does not look like they would act
01.05.2009 12:15 [Ulm] In the "Olgastraße" are no cops anymore, because they are busy with arresting people. That means that the Naziroute is accessable
01.05.2009 12:18 [Ulm] In downtown people get arrested
01.05.2009 12:23 [Ulm] At the trainstation (exit to the post office) are approx. 100 Nazis, at the square infront of the trainstation are 500-1000 Demonstrators against the Nazis. One hundret meters in front of the nazis the police build roadbarriers
01.05.2009 12:28 [Ulm]: The police is strained in the region around Offenhauserstraße in Neu-Ulm. Cars are towed away. Police is warns residents of this (dangerous) bottleneck of the demonstration
01.05.2009 12:31 [Ulm] Looks like the kessel at Weinhof will be arrested entirely, the atmosphere is tense. There is a lot of police on horses
01.05.2009 12:37 [Ulm] The Legal Team Ulm says that there ahave been 70 arrests so far. Looks like the kessel at Weinhof/Sattlerstrasse with 100-200 people will be arrested
01.05.2009 12:41 [Ulm] Approx. 1.000 - 2.000 people are infront of the train station
01.05.2009 12:44 [Ulm] At the train station are max 100 Nazis. Some Anti-Antifas are running around
01.05.2009 12:50 [Ulm] The Kessel at Weinhof/Sattlergasse stays there and will not be arrested
01.05.2009 12:52 [Ulm] At the corner of Olgastrasse-Neutorstrasse are around 200 demonstrators
01.05.2009 12:53 [Ulm] The people in the Weinhof kessel geting food from solidary comrades
01.05.2009 13:07 [Ulm] At the corner Olgastraße/Neutorstraße a spontaneouse Demo gathered. The police are attaced with stones and Horseshit. In the Sterngasse some police units have been kesseled
01.05.2009 13:20 [Dortmund] 300 Nazis attacked the demonstration of the unions with stones. Some people were injured and the Nazis caused damages. They were kesseled in the Stefanstraße and the Ostenhellweg
Article in "Der Westen" (de)
01.05.2009 13:20 [Ulm] There is a point of the autonomous medics at Wengengasse corner Keltergasse
01.05.2009 13:26 [Ulm] The cops promised the parties and the DGB trade union solemnly that bridges will be accessible for peaceful protests. The black block however will be filtered out
01.05.2009 13:39 [Ulm] At main train station is a water-tank, in the "Sternengasse" are horses, dogs and one water-tank
01.05.2009 13:42 [Ulm] Two water canons move towards the central station
01.05.2009 13:52 [Ulm] One of the kessels close to Weinhof has been disolved. Approx. 150 persons habe been arrested.Watertanks are still there. Approx. 300 people, are at the corner where the Nazis have to turn
01.05.2009 13:55 [Ulm] Kessel at Weinhof: People were removed by the police. NO INFORMATION TO THE POLICE !!!
01.05.2009 14:00 [Ulm] The Nazis are still at the central station
01.05.2009 14:02 [Ulm] The first arrested arrived at the courtyard of the police station Ulm-Mitte. So far 28 people - more to come
01.05.2009 14:05 [Ulm] The 300-500 Nazis are about to start
01.05.2009 14:12 [Ulm] At the police station Ulm-Mitte the cops are chaotic but the atmosphere is calm
01.05.2009 14:17 [Ulm] The Nazis reached the theatre
01.05.2009 14:19 [Ulm] Escalations at the corner Olgastrasse-Neutorstrasse. Watercannons, batons and Pepperspray are used. COME TO THE CORNER
01.05.2009 14:22 [Ulm] The Faschists turned at corner Olgastraße/ Neutorstraße. Antifas attaced the cops who rode into the crwoed with horses. The riot cops reacted with battons. Garbage cans are burning. Watertanks are around
01.05.2009 14:25 [Ulm] The police hid several Nazis around the corner. The number of Nazis rose to 1.000
01.05.2009 14:31 [Ulm] Spontanious demonstration with ca. 100 people at Ensingerstraße (parallel to Neutorstrasse)
01.05.2009 14:38 [Ulm] Die Bullen wollen die restlichen Leute im Kessel Weinhof/Sattelstrasse abtransportieren und dabei filmen, sie drohen mit Gewalt. Die Leute bitten um Unterstützung
01.05.2009 14:39 [Ulm] The first arrested got release in Ulm-Mitte/Neuer Bau
01.05.2009 14:42 [Ulm] At corner Sternstrasse: Escalation between the spontanious demonstration and police. Water cannons were used
01.05.2009 14:48 [Ulm] At kessel Weinhof: Escalation and one person were hurt. Medics are there
01.05.2009 14:51 [Ulm] Police on horses Sterngasse two persons have been overrun by the horses
01.05.2009 14:53 [Ulm] The Police start to control at the Bridges in Ulm
01.05.2009 14:55 [Ulm] The detention camp "Neuer Bau" Ulm Mitte is attaced by bricks
01.05.2009 14:57 [Ulm] At kessel Weinhof/Sattlergasse there is resistance against the transportation to the detention center. The police used battons and pepperspray. Activists broke through the police rows and were able to flee
01.05.2009 14:58 [Ulm] The released people get restraining orders for Ulm. Neu-Ulm (other state) is still open
01.05.2009 15:00 [Ulm] People were bitten by police dogs. The cops refuse to service their policenumber
01.05.2009 15:06 [Ulm] The 800-900 Nazis are back at the train station
01.05.2009 15:08 [Ulm] At Weinhof approx. 20 people have been injured by a police attac. The "Steinerne Brücke", "Neue Straße" and "Neue Mitte" are packed with cops
01.05.2009 15:12 [Ulm] The Nazis entering the main station
01.05.2009 15:23 [Ulm] Stay way from the münster, the police arrest people
01.05.2009 15:28 [Ulm] After many firecrackers, the two water cannons to the front stage shoot into the crowd. (train station)
01.05.2009 15:29 [Ulm] The Herdbrücke to Neu-Ulm is free right now. There are two police vans, who are controlling people with black clothes
01.05.2009 15:37 [Ulm] At Central Station : The police arrest people
01.05.2009 15:41 [Ulm] At kessel Weinhof/Sattlerstrasse intervened a lawyer. The 70 persons who are still in the kessel are not going to be arrested but they are going to controll their IDs. Everybody gets restraining orders for Ulm
01.05.2009 15:45 [Ulm] The street at the train station in Ulm gets cleared by the police, Antifas still resist. There have been further arrests
01.05.2009 15:46 [Ulm] Some of the pepperspray injured from the Sattlerstrasse and Weinhof are brought to the hospital by an ambulance
01.05.2009 15:51 [Ulm] The Nazis be at the station in New Ulm on starting small come back. However, it is advisable not to go to the station, but the demonstration route to the Nazis. By 16:00 found in the Ottostrasse a notified SPD demo instead
01.05.2009 15:55 [Ulm] The water cannons are still on Bahnhofplatz, but shoot no more. The water is offset with tear gas. The demonstrators are surrounded from Riotcops
01.05.2009 15:55 [Ulm] The kessel Sattlergasse/Weinhof has been disolved. The people get photografed and they note their ID. They all get restraining orders until 0.00 am
01.05.2009 16:02 [Ulm] A train with fascists arrived in Neu-Ulm.
01.05.2009 16:10 [Ulm] In Neu-Ulm the "Amtsgericht" is arounded by Riotcops. A lot of Riotcops are in the streets. BEWARE!!!
01.05.2009 16:11 [Ulm] Reminder: the Nazi-Route in Neu-Ulm: Bahnhof Neu-Ulm, Meininger Allee, Reuttier Straße, Bahnhofstr., Kantstr., Augsburger Straße, Gracisstr., Offenhauser Straße, Kasernstraße, Wallstr., Bahnhofstr., Reuttier Straße, Meininger Allee, Bahnhof
01.05.2009 16:15 [Ulm] Approx. 100 people are allowed to leave the police department with an oral restraining order
01.05.2009 16:18 [Ulm] The SPD-demo in Neu-Ulm is on the Donaustr. Maxplatz to go, where an intermediate speech in front of the former police building / Finanzamt place. Then Maximilianstr, Kasernenstr, Friedenstr, Ottostr, where the final speech will take place
01.05.2009 16:24 [Ulm] The 110-120 persons in the detention center all had to cover their faces to get photographed by the police. All of them received written restraining orders. The cynical reason for their arrest is that they are blamed for attacks on curdish people.
01.05.2009 16:36 [Ulm] The bridges to Neu Ulm will be set up grids and strengthened controls. A water cannon is just about the Gänstorbrücke (The Maritime Hotel) in New Ulm driven. Those who are start to the other side, must hurry up
01.05.2009 16:45 [Ulm] The water cannon is on the way to Augsburger Tor in Neu-Ulm
01.05.2009 16:46 [Ulm] In Neu-Ulm the fascists are gathering at the train station right now, there seem to be a lot of burgher around the station.
01.05.2009 16:52 [Ulm] At the train station in Neu-Ulm are few Antifas
01.05.2009 17:02 [Ulm] At the moment there are more than 1000 Nazis near the Bahnhofsstraße in Neu-Ulm
01.05.2009 17:12 [Ulm] Near the Ottostrasse, where the SPD demo is happening, more and more police controls are taking place
01.05.2009 17:18 [Ulm] Riotcops arrest people who already are on the way back to the Bus. The pretext given is that people supposedly on video engaging in crime had been detected
01.05.2009 17:22 [Ulm] Nazis are now in the Augsburgerstraße in Neu-Ulm in the direction of Augsburg on the gate. There are relatively few cops on the spot, however, a water cannon
01.05.2009 17:31 [Ulm]The Nazis are in Neu-Ulm in the Kasernenstraße going towards Petrusplatz. Individual Nazis are leaving the route and to to the train station. There are a lot of Anti-Antifas around
01.05.2009 17:39 [Ulm] It's no problem to reach the nazi route, but there is not a lot of police around. So take care and just attack in big groups
01.05.2009 17:40 [Ulm] The innercity highway between Ulm and Neu-Ulm is free and can be used without controls
01.05.2009 17:48 [Ulm] Because of a house party with Bob Marley music the police reinforced their troops in Neu-Ulm and they put helmets on
01.05.2009 18:02 [Ulm] The Nazis are at the moment in Neu-Ulm in the Bahnhofstraße corner Reuttierstr. holding their speeches
01.05.2009 18:23 [Ulm] Cars with civillian police are driving around Ulm. Number plates: UL ZC 56 and Ml XI 152. Additionally a fascist car HDH DJ 88
01.05.2009 18:24 [Ulm] The fascist leave
01.05.2009 19:07 [Ulm] Around 50 people are surrounded by cops at the underground passage at the train station, at least one person has been injured
01.05.2009 19:55 [Ulm] Those in the underground passage are still surrounded by the cops but will probably be freed after the last Nazis disappeared
02.05.2009 00:30 [Ulm] The last prisoners in Neu-Ulm and Ulm have been released around 00:30 am