Ticker: 1. Mai 2009 Hannover (en)

20.04.2009 12:00 [Hannover] Live ticker against the nazi rally on May 1st in Hannover
Background Article
27.04.2009 15:30 [Hannover] The Higher Administrative Court Lüneburg has not yet decided about the nazi rally on May 1st. There will be a decision in the next few days
28.04.2009 15:34 [Hannover] The Higher Administrative Court decided that the prohibition of the nazi rally is legal. It is still unclear if the nazi organisers will take the case to the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe. Up to then, nothing is definitely settled
28.04.2009 22:09 [Hannover] The organisers of the nazi rally have taken the case to the Federal Constitutional Court. A final decision whether the rally is allowed is thus delayed. The antifascist mobilisation to Hanover is still adhered
29.04.2009 11:21 [Hannover] Come to Hanover early on May 1st to be able to react rapidly. There are sleeping places available for those who arrive already on April 30th
Link to places to stay overnight
29.04.2009 13:33 [Hannover] New streetmap with a larger cutout and the starting point of the demonstrations organised by the unions from Lister Platz and Linden is now online
Mobilisation Website Hannover
30.04.2009 12:18 [Hannover] The Federal Constitutional Court has not yet decided. However, there are already small groups of Nazis marauding through Hanover
30.04.2009 15:57 [Hannover] The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has rejected the complaint of the Nazis, thus the the nazi rally in Hanover will be prohobited. Be ready, stay flexible, more info will be out soon
30.04.2009 16:15 [Hannover] The antifascist news site Blick nach Rechts reports that the Nazis will move to Siegen (NRW). The pigs made a deal with the corporate media that there will be no coverage in the run-up. In hard times independent media is required!
Blick nach Rechts (de)
30.04.2009 16:20 [Hannover] The Nazis write on their website, that one should either participate in other nazi rallies or act "flexible und creative"
30.04.2009 17:39 [Hannover] Even though the nazi rally is forbidden, Nazis continue to mobilise to Hanover region. Antifascists from Hanover keep up the mobilisation to Hanover
30.04.2009 17:45 [Hannover] The antifascist info phone can be reached from today 10 pm. 0151 - 25 16 13 95 /// 0151 - 25 15 58 01
30.04.2009 23:05 [Hannover] Antifascists from Hanover still mobilise to Hanover. The meeting point is at 9:30 am at the demonstration of the unions at Lister Platz. The Nazis are still mobilising to Hanover region. Thus, use the demo, be mobile and flexible!
30.04.2009 23:48 [Hannover] There are some groups of Nazis in town. Five Nazis were forcefully thrown from the antifascist concert out of the university park. Take care!
30.04.2009 23:57 [Hannover] Rumours that are spreading since 22 pm that a big group of Nazis are moving in in the district of Linden cannot be confirmed
01.05.2009 00:20 [Hannover] 500 people took part in the radical left women-lesbian-transgender demonstration. The demo ended at 23:30 pm. One person was taken in custody by the police
01.05.2009 07:32 [Hannover] Good morning everyone - from now on it gets interesting
01.05.2009 07:34 [Hannover] First Nazi movements in Hanover area. Be flexible, pay attention to the ticker
01.05.2009 08:02 [Hannover] Cops are driving from Königsworther Platz towards Lindenwith water cannons and police clearing tanks
01.05.2009 08:06 [Hannover] 20 Nazis are standing at the train station in Bückeburg
01.05.2009 08:12 [Hannover] Cars with Nazis from Hamburg are moving towards Hanover on highway A7. They are accompanied by police
01.05.2009 08:17 [Hannover] The Nazis that where in Bückeburg got on the train in Minden. The train goes in direction of Düsseldorf. (final destination Siegen?)
01.05.2009 08:41 [Hannover] Two hundred cops are on the way to Freizeitheim Linden. There are cops on every corner from Nordstadt towards Linden. Police controls are taking place
01.05.2009 08:52 [Hannover] A group of a hundred cops arrived at the main bus station: 20 cars, a police clearing tank and a watercannon. There are undercover cops and cops from Staatssschutz (political police) around the Pavillon area.
01.05.2009 08:58 [Hannover] 50 Nazis have been seen in front of Club 88 in Neumünster
01.05.2009 09:02 [Hannover] For more information we still recommend to come to the "Lister Platz", left-radical bloc, from 9:30 am on
01.05.2009 09:06 [Hannover] At the shell gas-station in Ehlershausen Nazis are controlled by the police
01.05.2009 09:16 [Hannover] Around the train station they are controlling in trains and cars
01.05.2009 09:24 [Hannover] Sternmarsch (with marchers converging from different starting points) from Linden so far 500 Participants - Numbers is rising!
01.05.2009 09:29 [Hannover] As recent Nazi-Meeting-Points the Club 88 in Neumünster and the area around Bispingen
01.05.2009 09:35 [Hannover] The number of waiting Nazis in froint of the Club 88 in Neumünster is slowly rising.
01.05.2009 09:37 [Hannover] The converging demonstration at the Lister Platz has begun. Up to now 350 people take part
01.05.2009 09:42 [Hannover] The protest march (with marchers converging from different starting points) from Freizeitheim Linden has started
01.05.2009 09:56 [Hannover] bus station: Police left the area
01.05.2009 09:57 [Hannover] At the demo from Lister Platz are 1000 Leute. Few police and a black block at the back of the march
01.05.2009 09:57 [Hannover] Davenstedter Straße / Lindener Hof: two hundred police units, 3 watercannons, 1 police clearing tank
01.05.2009 10:03 [Hannover] The Nazis move in direction Verden / Rotenburg. It s not clear where exaclty they are going.
01.05.2009 10:06 [Hannover] The RE 4414 leaces at 11:21 am from Hannover, Gleis 12, to Verden. arrives: 12:14 Uhr.
01.05.2009 10:11 [Hannover] The RB 24529 to Verden leaves at 11:52 from Bremen, Track 5. Arrival: 12:24 Uhr (10 min after the train from Hannover)
01.05.2009 10:22 [Hannover] With the IC 2115 from Hamburg to Bremen, departure: 10:46 am, arrival: 11:41 am, this way the RB 24529 can be reached.
01.05.2009 10:28 [Hannover] the next regional train from Hamburg is the Metronom 81154 at 12:15 pm from track 13a/b, change to RB 24108 in Rotenburg (Wümme) with 9 min waiting time. Arrival in Verden at 13:32 Uhr.
01.05.2009 10:32 [Hannover] The Nazis have registered a demo in Neumünster. A part of the Hamurger activists are on the way
01.05.2009 10:40 [Hannover] At the parking lot in Verden Walle is the meeting point of the Nazis. Atthe moment there are arround 100 Nazis. Take care of yourself!
01.05.2009 11:01 [Hannover] At the "Klagesmarkt" three people have been arrested
01.05.2009 11:15 [Hannover] The people who wanted to catch the train in 5 minutes in Hannover to Verden, are pushed back by police
01.05.2009 11:22 [Hannover] Faschists registered in Rotenburg a spontaneous demonstration. Police is going that way.
01.05.2009 11:23 [Hannover] In Hannover several 100 antifas are in the train to Verden. The departure of the train is blocked by the police; they are probably going to get evited
01.05.2009 11:36 [Hannover] Six people at Hannover trainstation have been arrested. Dthe police tries to evit the people in the train and to make a kessel Ernst-August-Platz
01.05.2009 11:39 [Hannover] Within one hour 400 antifascists in Hannover and Braunschweig are mobilised to Verden, this provoced the police to repress the people at the train station in Hannover. Well done!
01.05.2009 11:43 [Hannover] In Rotenburg there was a spontaneous demo of Nazis. The Nazis are now on the way to Scheeßel.
01.05.2009 11:47 [Hannover] Right before Soltauthere are police controls in direction north
01.05.2009 11:52 [Hannover] The train Hannover to Verden has left. There are several hundrets leftists and police in the train; the police is guarding the exits. The Railway company says that the train has 40 min. delay
01.05.2009 12:10 [Hannover] Scheeßel trainstation: 200 policemen, 50 people with black clothes
01.05.2009 12:12 [Hannover] The crowed of the Fascho-Mob from Nds. is on their way, they are approx. 20 cars.
01.05.2009 12:14 [Hannover] From Braunschweig there are approx. 50 leftist in their way to Verden.
01.05.2009 12:15 [Hannover] Meeting point for the leftists still remais Verden
01.05.2009 12:20 [Hannover] Itzehoe: Right now around 200 Nazis, who met this morning at Club 88 in Neumünster make now a spontaneous demonstration
01.05.2009 12:37 [Hannover] The Nazis in Scheeßel dissovled themself and going home (apparently). The Nazi-Infophone says that it s not worth calling anymore
01.05.2009 12:41 [Hannover] 100 Cops in Scheeßel, 200 in Verdenat the train station, 100 in Neustadt am Rbge.
01.05.2009 12:51 [Hannover] Downtown Hannover is full with civil-cops who start to take pictures
01.05.2009 12:59 [Hannover] The people from Braunschweig arrived in Verden. Rumours say that there will be spontaneous demonstrations in the area
01.05.2009 13:01 [Itzehoe] The Nazis are held by the police in Itzehoe
01.05.2009 13:11 [Hannover] The train from Hannover arrived Verden. Approx. 100-150 Antifaschistsare on the train tracks and held by the police
01.05.2009 13:20 [Dortmund] 300 Nazis attacked the demonstration of the unions with stones. Some people were injured and the Nazis caused damages. They were kesseled in the Stefanstraße and the Ostenhellweg
Article in "Der Westen" (de)
01.05.2009 13:20 [Hannover] 400 - 500 Antifas in Verden are protesting in the streets
01.05.2009 13:26 [Hannover] The Antifaschists in Verden are going to make a spontaneouse demonstrationen the Lönsweg (behind the trainstation).
01.05.2009 13:29 [Hannover] On part of the demo in Verden broke through the police rows and the other part is beeing held. Three to four persons have been arrested
01.05.2009 13:31 [Hannover] 70 partly mummed Antifaschists going in Hannover from the train station towards Kröpke (downtown).
01.05.2009 13:33 [Hannover] The two splitted demos in Verden are together again. The police lost control. Demo is moving towards Brunnenweg / north
01.05.2009 13:34 [Hannover] The spontaneouse demo in Hannover splitted into little groups, they are playing the cat-and-mouse game with the police
01.05.2009 13:38 [Hannover] the police is gathering forces downtown after the spontaneouse demonstration. Horses and dogs are with the police
01.05.2009 13:38 [Hannover] In Itzehoe Nazis are still held and controlled by the police
01.05.2009 13:44 [Hannover] At least one person has been arrested in Hannover downtown
01.05.2009 13:45 [Hannover] Downtown little groups of mainly young people are kesseled by the police. Three persons have been pulled out because of pyrotechnic articles
01.05.2009 13:49 [Hannover] Centralstation Hannover is completly blocked by the Police. Riotcops are already there.
01.05.2009 13:53 [Hannover] In Verden actually 600 antifascists moving in a non official Demonstation, ca. 400 in the block, 200 behind. Few Police
01.05.2009 14:02 [Hannover] Ernst-August-Platz: 200 more cops have arrived. Second order to dissolve. Restraining orders and ID controls are announced
01.05.2009 14:06 [Hannover] The police is contrilling at motorway junction A352 (A7-A2), at Pferdeturm and in Vahrenwald. Some cars are waved down
01.05.2009 14:08 [Hannover] Infopoint at Pavillon Hannover is closed, the people go to the "Kuhle Wampe-Fest"at Faustwiese
01.05.2009 14:14 [Hannover] Centralstation is now more quiet. Police is retreating, horseunits, too. WATCH OUT!!!
01.05.2009 14:30 [Hannover] 2 People were controlled by the police, who crossed the railway. 200 Antifascists at the platform. Not through with the car to Trainstation Verden
01.05.2009 14:51 [Hannover] In Verden approx. 400 people are under attac by the police and get forced in the train. The police claims, that bottles have been thrown upon them
01.05.2009 14:52 [Hannover] The train in Verden is not allowed to leave. Massive pepper spray attacs in the train
01.05.2009 14:54 [Hannover] In Scheeßel Fascists attaced the DGB (union) demonstration
01.05.2009 14:55 [Verden] Riot cops ot the plattform (train station), Calls for Medics get louder
01.05.2009 15:07 [Hannover] The train in Verden left. The injured persons in the train are fine - accoding to the circumstances. 30-50 Antifaschists are still in the train station Verden
01.05.2009 15:12 [Hannover] At the trainstation Hannover and Wunstorf the police is gathering and it looks like they are waiting for the train from Verden. The train is going to arrive with a delay of 20 min at around 4 pm in Hannover
01.05.2009 15:30 [Hannover] Since the police is waiting for the Antifaschists from Verden at the train station in Hannover the comrades would be be happy for support
01.05.2009 15:33 [Hannover] At 15:00 from Pinneberg start about 30 Nazis with the train and a further 70 with cars on the road towards Hamburg
01.05.2009 15:36 [Hannover] 70 Cops still waiting in Hannover/Centralstation and waiting on plattform 9 for the oncoming train from Verden. Further Police around the Station
01.05.2009 15:41 [Hannover] 200 armoured cops stand in Wunstorf at the trainstation; The train station in Hannover is closed; the police is waiting for the train from Verden, support is requested!
01.05.2009 15:45 [Hannover] In the train station Hannover we need many people to have wittneses to prevent violent repression from the police
01.05.2009 15:47 [Hannover] Dogs- and horses policeunites are gathered at the main trainstation
01.05.2009 15:49 [Hannover] Track 9 in Hannover is broached, the cops cover their face
01.05.2009 15:59 [Hannover] The cops in the train put on their helmets.
01.05.2009 16:01 [Hannover] There are rumors that the Nazis arrived at the station had. THIS IS WRONG! They were Antifas from Verden (spontaneous demonstration), and now have an urgent support at Hanover Hbf need!
01.05.2009 16:02 [Hannover] The train from Verden with Antifas goes straight into the mainstation
01.05.2009 16:05 [Hannover] Several prisoners transporter accumulate behind the mainstation
01.05.2009 16:06 [Hannover] the people from the train go through the tunnel for suppliers from the back of the station in direction to the court / detention center headed. Firt arrests in the station
01.05.2009 16:12 [Hannover] Several 100 Antifaschists are hold in the suppliers subway on the train station. they are confronted with police and dogs
01.05.2009 16:17 [Hannover] At the station: The exit "Suite Hotel" is full of antifas. The cops arrest people
01.05.2009 16:26 [Hannover] The Punks in front of the station get restraining orders
01.05.2009 16:29 [Hannover] There are injured by the police operation in the Verden Antifas at Hanover Hbf. Some ambulances are on the spot, but there are still Demosanis needed!
01.05.2009 16:34 [Hannover] About 150 Punks at the train station are surrounded by police, who wants to take their identites. The Cops are there with dogs and cameras.
01.05.2009 16:35 [Hannover] Since half an hour there are about 30 nazis in the streets of Friedland near Göttingen. Antifascist are also there.
01.05.2009 16:40 [Hannover] The 150-200 remaining comrades, who come from Verden in the train to Hannover, they ve kesseled at the north side of the trai nstation and must gave out their ID
01.05.2009 17:01 [Hannover] In front of the train station in Hannover are approx. 70 Personen in a kessel. there are two rows of police, inbetween the activist are filmed by the police, afterwards not. A lot of spectators around
01.05.2009 17:03 [Hannover] Behind the station / ZOB in Hannover ca. 50 Antifas in a kessel. The cops called to the under age people that they have to get out
01.05.2009 17:08 [Hannover] At the "Kessel" behind the train station, people arrived for support. Bottles are thrown at cops and horses / The cops beat up people.
01.05.2009 17:10 [Hannover] The "Kessel" behind the train station is divided in groups of 20 persons.
01.05.2009 17:11 [Hannover] Several 100 solidary activists get attaced by battons and horses. Several people got injured, one person was uncounsciouse and got brought to the hospital. They take the muzzles from the dogs
01.05.2009 17:16 [Hannover] The people were in front of train station with the attack in all directions pushed away. There are still about 20 people in the kessel, the situation has calmed down
01.05.2009 17:19 [Hannover] Hinter dem Bahnhof hat sich die Lage beruhigt. Leute werden einzeln aus dem Kessel gelassen. Es sind ca. 50 Supporter_innen da
01.05.2009 17:23 [Hannover] The people in the kessel at the bus station need food and water. If you can bring it to them. If anybody is in contact with the VoKü tell them!
01.05.2009 17:33 [Hannover] The 30 Nazis in Friedland are in the detention center of Göttingen. In Friedland there was a antifaschist countermarch
01.05.2009 17:35 [Hannover] The kessel at the bus station needs more supporters
01.05.2009 17:45 [Hannover] In the kessel at the central bus station are still 170-200 activists. There have been several ID checks but no arrests. We need more people there but apparently it's difficult to get close
01.05.2009 17:56 [Hannover] According to rumour people get released at the back of the train station (all with restraining order)
01.05.2009 19:19 [Hannover] Vokü with food arrived at the kessel behind the central train station. The atmosphere is relatively good. There are around 80 people in the kessel
01.05.2009 19:50 [Hannover] There are still around 40 people in the kessel
01.05.2009 20:03 [Hannover] There are still 15 persons in the kessel behind the main station
01.05.2009 20:10 [Hannover] Finally the kessel behind the central train station ended! The last persons have been carried out of the kessel. The atmosphere is good :-)
01.05.2009 20:33 [Hannover] It is calm at the central station and elsewhere. We'd like to thank you all for coming! Please move in groups tonight, we wish you a pleasant evening, take care!