Tod eines 17-jährigen Antifaschisten in der Ukraine


Der 17-jährige Antifaschist Mikhail Norokh ist unweit seines Hauses in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) tot aufgefunden worden. Sein Körper wies zahlreiche Verletzungen auf. Seine FreundInnen ließen die ersten Informationen über seine Ermordung über Avtonom bekannt geben.

Eine Weiterleitung aus der Ukraine.


Anti-fascist murdered in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Fri, 25/11/2011 - 00:19 — Редакция


18th of November 2011, 17-year old anti-fascist Mikhail Norokha was murdered in Dnepropetrovsk of Ukraine. His body was found 8 meters from an abandonded, 16 floor house. He deceased due to multiple fractures and internal bleeding, which resulted from a falling. Although he falled to his back, his nose was broken and he also had scratches in his face. Also, there were remains of pepper gas in his clothes, and his coat was torn, which is additional proof that this was not a suicide. Also, Mikhail had his mobile phone, documents and money left with him - murderers took nothing from him.


Mikhail was assaulted by Nazis oftentimes in the past. He has been stabbed twice during the last couple of years. However, he was never afraid of anyone and he was always standing up for his opinions, in case someone had disagreements. Although he was often in a trouble in vicinity of the local football stadium, he kept supporting his favorite club. 


 Mikhail worked as an assistant of a priest. Currently police is investigating the case. There is no any evidence about the murderers, but anti-fascists of Dnepropetrovsk are certain, that this tragedy was caused by Nazis. We are making everything we can, in order to find out the truth, and to punish theperpetrators. 


Rest in peace, brother


Anti-fascists of Dneproppetrovsk