Call to Action: No Border Action 27th til 30th of October

Schengenparty crashen!

Schengenparty crashen! 27th of October – 30th of October in Aachen (D)  - Come to the “Schengenparty crashen” Action Days against borders on the last weekend of October!

Europa is shielding itself more and more, borders are closing, the fortress is arming, exploitation and exlusion continue to be merciless. Many of us, especially the ones with protecting passports/papers or white privileges, abandon ourselves to the impuls to just close our eyes in order not to see the rising of right-wing, racist, antisemitic and capitalist violence. We also know the rage, that seeks a ventile. We experience the good feeling of actions, in which the longing for a free and fair world shows itself. It feels good to strike back.


Get out of the feeling of powerlessness – and make the people in favour of this border shit feel uncomfortable! From 27th til 30th of October 2016 in Aachen.

We* are tired of watching silently in rage and grief, how the Fortress Europe is isolating itself and expulsing so many. Practical solidarity is important and humanitarian support is necessary. Yet we will not just keep reacting to evitable emergencies, support the state by massively providing basic need care without payment and play our role in Europe getting comfortable in its racist everyday mode. It is our responsibility to disturb here, and disturb, where it’s hurting.

If they shut down the borders of the Schengen area for people on the run to shield off their deluded ‘idyllic world’ then we threaten the peace of the Schengen area!

We have objectives, we don’t have demands. We don’t want to legitimize the so-called ‘decision makers’ within and outside of the EU/Europe as such. We aim for the borders to open for everyone. Our protest is self-organized, as well as the world that we’re building. Not one single initiative, no matter how powerful, will suddenly create a self-determined life for everybody, but the sum of determined actions keeps this very possibility alive.

Until everybody’s free, no-one will be free!

In Aachen (D) there is room to prepare together for the definite actions, however it won’t be quite the space for networking and analysing. There will be possibilities to start traveling together to the action location and we’ll have sleeping places organised for you. We won’t let each other alone with the economical and emotional consequences of repression. You’re welcome to stay until Sunday to emotionally support and take care of each other (see ” Ⓒ Out-of-Action” – concepts).

About the definite actions we will speak at the very weekend. Especially we will talk about the possible forms of repression. Please prepare yourselves to act decisevly that weekend. It is very welcome if you want to do decentral actions on your own. Still: The more people we are at the big happenings, the less repression each one of us has to fear.



AZ Aachen (Hackländerstraße 5
D-52062 Aachen)

On our blog you can find a longer call to action, which is more detailed about how you can support us, without taking part in the actions directly.






(The public pgp-key you can find on a key server or ask us to send it to you via mail. Please write us how many sleeping places you need.)


* here the so called „we“ means a loose group of political activists who share a relatively high amount of legal security, e.g. because of accidental privileges