Aiton(Savoy, France): Prison on fire!

Aiton(Savoy, France): Prison on fire!

Thirty inmates started a fire at the detention center of Aiton, in Savoie, in the middle of the afternoon as comunicated from the prefecture of the department. The security forces finally managed to bring calm and all detainees have returned to their cells.

50 cells out of use. "Regional Response Teams and security (ERIS) (coming from Lyon) resumed the calm and the incident is closed," said the duty sub-prefect. There is only one minor injury but serious damage is regrettable in two sections of the detention center: 50 cells are out of order, said the prosecutor of Albertville, Jean-Pascal Violet, who opened an inquiry for destruction by fire. An expert is underway, notably to control the locks of the cells.  Some of the detainees will be transferred and at least one inmate is placed in custody by ERIS, the union UNSA-UFAP Justice.

Inmates set fire to mattresses. Sunday mid-afternoon, thirty inmates started a fire from an activity room they occupied a floor of the building in "setting fire to mattresses", indicated the prosecutor of Albertville earlier in the day. Up to 52 mens of the fire department were then mobilized to carry out the "smoke pressure" from the building, in front of "the ineffectiveness of the prison system," the prosecutor Jean-Pascal Violet.

The second mutiny in just over a month. The detention center of Aiton "has 200 seats and is not affected by overcrowding," the Department of Justice. September 7, incidents had already occurred in the detention center when nine prisoners refused to return to their cells after the walk. They had broken sink and a phone in the yard, and set fire to papers. There were no injuries. On September 25, in Valencia in Drôme, detainees in the facility had refused to return to their cell for a few hours after having stolen a set of keys to a guard and tried to set fire to mattresses.


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