Nomuosfilm Screening und Diskussion

No Muos Film (IT-2013) Directed by Enzo Rizzo The documentary Nomuosfilm stems from the social, political and cultural urge to tell and document the reasons of the protest and the events that are taking place to stop the radar installation. Inside the Natural Cork Tree Reserve of the town of Niscemi, declared Site of Community Importance, is being built one of the four ground stations of the Mobile User Objective System, a system of satellite communications at very high radio frequencies, operated by the Department of Defense of the United States.
The installation programme is strongly contested by the inhabitants of Niscemi and by many other Sicilians who have formed many committees which together have given birth to the NoMuos movement.

After the film there will be a brief lecture about what is happening in Sicily actually. Since the documentary was realised in 2013 the situation has changed a lot in these three years specially with the imperialist war conducted by Italy and USA in Lybia in summer 2016. The military bases in Sicily are used by US Navy to bomb Lybia with their drones.


The film is shown at B-Lage, Mareschstr. 1, Berlin Neukoelln/Rixdorf .