Call for Antifa-Support in February in Bulgaria


International call for ANTIFA solidarity from Bulgaria
A call for Balkan, European and world solidarity with Bulgarian antifascists and all people suffering from the fascist presence in Bulgaria


Times are harsh everywhere, especially in Eastern Europe, where a strong wave of fascism is exploding. We saw what nationalism could lead to in Ukraine and we would like to suppress this tendency in Bulgaria. Unfortunaly, in a country where 25 years of capitalism have impoverished the population, the European Union has betrayed their hopes and anticommunism is very strong, nationalism becomes a social phenomenon, gaining hegemony on the streets (numerous swastikas could be seen in every Bulgarian town) and currently in the parliament.

Since 2003 Lukovmarsh, a fascist march commemorating a Bulgarian nazi collaborator has become  an annual event. If Ukraine has Bandera, Bulgaria has general Hristo Lukov.  Lukov had very close relations with the Third Reich and has established the fascist organization of the Bulgarian National Legions. As a minister of war he was planning wars and attacks on most of the neighbouring countries.
Lukovmarsh, organized by nationalistic organizations and parties has gained support even by foreign members of Blood and Honour, who came to march in solidarity a few years ago.  Every year activists are trying to pesuade the mayor of Sofia to not allow the march to happen due to its nazi character. Up to now with no success.

Since the war in Syria had started, Bulgaria has experienced a refugee wave, unseen before in the country. Refugees and migrants, represented by the media as a foreign threat have become a reason for dangerous ideologies to become very popular and hatred towards non-Bulgarians to seem justified and logical. This has resulted in a lot of street violence and  a right-wing coalition in the parliament, in which a patriotic party is also taking part. We witnessed hate speech in the parliament, unheard of before.  Roma people were called half-human, Roma women were called bitches and their children were accused of playing with pigs. Doctors were asked not to treat Roma patients.

At this moment, as a marginal fraction of the Bulgarian society, we, the Bulgarian anti-authoritarians, anti-capitalists and anarchists are calling for antifascist solidarity! As enemies of  all repressive ideologies we gain no support even when calling for humanity. Anti-racist demonstrations usually gather no more than 100 people in the capital. This year, with racism gaining both street and state power, we will demand the ban of Lukovmarsh with a counter demonstration on the 14.02 at 12.00, just a few hours before the nazis take the streets at 17.30 h. Anyone, especially from the neighbouring countries, who feels strongly about the cause is invited to join us. Let them never reign again!


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Thanks for your support, but the demonstration will be already on the 13th of February:

We've changed the date.