Ort: Foni – 2017

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23.05.2017 Gambia: Police accuse ex-Jammeh soldiers of killing, dumping bodies in wells
02.06.2017 Gambia: “The Nine ‘Junglers’ Arrested Are With The Military Police, They Are Serving Members Of The Military” Police PRO
05.06.2017 Gambia: One dead, six injured in Kanilai demo
05.06.2017 Gambia: Interior Minister Accuses Foni Protesters Of Provocation
05.06.2017 Gambia: Foni Residents Deny Carrying Arms At Kanilai Protest
05.06.2017 Gambia: President Barrow Refuses To Condemn Shooting Of Foni Protesters
05.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai protest ‘will not be accepted’: Prexy Barrow
05.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai In Flames; As Senegalese Soldiers Reportedly Shot At Two Demonstrators
05.06.2017 Gambia: A Furious Gambian Interior Minister Claims That The Kanilai Protesters Were Not Only Violent, But They Were Armed With Traditional Weapons;
05.06.2017 Gambia: One person dead in Kanilai protest
05.06.2017 Gambia’s opposition GDC condemns demonstrator’s killing
05.06.2017 Gambia: Arrest toll in ex-ruler’s home village rises to 22
06.06.2017 Gambia’s Opposition Calls For Investigation Into Shooting Of Unarmed Foni Protesters
06.06.2017 Gambia: Injured Foni Protester Dies
06.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai Alkalo Never Evaded Arrest; As Alkalo’s Son Debunks Mai Fatty’s Claims;
08.06.2017 Gambia: ARRESTS IN FONI Following Friday’s demo
08.06.2017 Gambia: Hon. Amul Nyassi appeals for peace in Kanilai
08.06.2017 Gambia Charges Foni Protesters With Unlawful Assembly
08.06.2017 Gambia: Politics Of Revenge Does Not Promote Peace
12.06.2017 Gambia: Normalcy will not return to Kanilai unless all are safe to return and no curfew is imposed
12.06.2017 Gambia: Illegal Curfew in Kanilai
12.06.2017 Gambia: ‘‘I Would Rather Face The Law, Than Hide’’ – Kanilai Alkalo Told Foroyaa
12.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai situation calm Haruna Jatta laid to rest
12.06.2017 Gambia: Court Grants Kanilia Protesters Bail
12.06.2017 Gambia: Halifa Sallah Breaks Silence On Foni Protest, Pertinent Issues
12.06.2017 Gambia: No Curfew In Kanilai, Says Interior Minister Mai Fatty
13.06.2017 Gambia: Let’s Rebuild Foni!
15.06.2017 Gambia: Kanila Women Gardeners Call for Gov't Intervention
28.06.2017 Gambia: Truth and Reconciliation draft bill is ready - Director of Press, More updates from OP
28.06.2017 Gambia: Bail To Soldier Held For Taking Part In Kanilai Protest
17.07.2017 Gambia: Kailai trial suffers setback
17.07.2017 Gambia: Minister of Interior Expresses Regret over Kanilai Incident
17.07.2017 Gambia: Intense Arguments in Kanilai 13 Trial
18.07.2017 Gambia: Foni Hosts National Reconciliation and Reunification Meeting
18.07.2017 Gambia: Foni Is Not The Problem!
14.08.2017 Gambia: State to Take Over Kanilai Protesters’ Case
14.08.2017 Gambia: Ending Impunity