Audio – Dezember 2009

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03.12.2009 In Zurich - Christy Moore
05.12.2009 interview zur Situation in Bangladesh
08.12.2009 FRN: Linke Erinnerungsbewegung in Spanien; Radio Z, Nürnberg
13.12.2009 Interview about the attack of the police on the demonstration
13.12.2009 why was the climate demonstration attacked? 12.12
13.12.2009 Claim for Solidarity with the detained activists
13.12.2009 Seeds of Resistance
13.12.2009 Samba Band "let the people free"
13.12.2009 Jürgen von Genf nach Kopenhagen
13.12.2009 Sambaband "Let them go!"
13.12.2009 Alberto Gonzalez 'nuestro clima no es un negocio'
13.12.2009 Alberto Gonzalez (UNARCA/Via Campesina) - agricultura industrial vs soberania alimentaria
13.12.2009 Une femme de Congo [fr]
13.12.2009 All-Cow Action Brigade (ACAB) - fossil fuel fed cow vs cow ungry for climate justice [en]
13.12.2009 Amparo (Philipines) from the Women's World March - What is Climate Justice?
13.12.2009 Kevin from Climate Justice Action about Carbon trading [en]
13.12.2009 Kommentar eines Journalisten über die Befreiungsaktion des Aktionssamba [de]
13.12.2009 Anonymous woman: "Reclaim power, land, resources!" [en]
13.12.2009 Bike Block action for Reclaim Power Dec 16th [en]
13.12.2009 Jürgen Koordinator der Handel-Macht-Klima Karawane aus Genf nach Kopenhagen [de]
13.12.2009 Val from the Philippines (Sea Fish for Justice Network and South East Asian Traditional Fishers Aliance) [en]
13.12.2009 Alexandra de Accion Ecologica (Ecuador) sobre la explotacion de recursos naturales [es]
13.12.2009 Benito Calixto de la "coordinnadora andina de organizaciones indigenas" (Peru) - conflictos sobre extraccion de recursos
14.12.2009 Collage of atmosphere recordings during the Via Campasina Demo, 13.12
14.12.2009 Collage of the spirit on the No Boder Action
14.12.2009 Dave Bleakney , Postal Workers Union talks about Migration and Unemployment
14.12.2009 interview about the background of the demonstration, demand for solidarity instead of borders
14.12.2009 Teatro de la calle - barcos y migracion (frontex) [es]
14.12.2009 Straßenkunstaktion mit Booten [de]
15.12.2009 Interview mit den drei Abiturientinnen
15.12.2009 greenwashing [es]
15.12.2009 Alicia Munoz Toldeo, ANAMURI (Chile) habla de la situacion en Chile y de sus impresiones en Copenhagen
15.12.2009 interview with urban food growers from 'London Growers'
15.12.2009 Sounds of: "Resistance is Ripe: Agriculture Protest"
16.12.2009 Abschlusskommentar nach der Demo [de]
16.12.2009 Interview with one of the Reclaim the Fields Acitivists
16.12.2009 Background Reclaim the fields -> "A new movement is born!"
16.12.2009 Man from Mozambique about Climate Change in his country [pt]
16.12.2009 Speech from a guy from the indonesia [en]
16.12.2009 Interview Martin of the Trauma Support about the raid of Christiania
16.12.2009 Sounds of: "Resistance is Ripe: Agriculture Protest"
16.12.2009 Proposal: Challenge politians who give wrong answers
16.12.2009 Amazing movement! So many cultures!
16.12.2009 We not radical freaks - we are consequent! Build Solidarity!
16.12.2009 Right after the Assembly
16.12.2009 Resumee Reclaim Power [de]
18.12.2009 Was ist eig. mit dem gruenen Block passiert? Jonas klärt auf ...
18.12.2009 People Assembly: Ecuadors proposal - leave the oil in the soil [es/en]
18.12.2009 People Assembly: How does it work? [en]
18.12.2009 People Assembly: Energy Souverignty Worldwide - against dependency of Multinationals [es/en]
18.12.2009 We are still here - ready to continue the struggle [en]
18.12.2009 CJA about police repression [en]
18.12.2009 People Assembly: Result Group II [en]
18.12.2009 People Assembly: Result Group III [en]
18.12.2009 People Assembly: Result Group I [en]
20.12.2009 RDL-Interview zur Repression nach der antifaschistischen Demonstration am 14.11.2009 in Freiburg
27.12.2009 Besuchsbericht bei Mumia.mp3
27.12.2009 Entrevista con Jorge Rulli (Grupo de Reflexion Rural - Argentina)